Six figures with horrible breath are sitting in the palace, and they all exude the emperor’s coercion. All around them are trembling and twisted!

"It’s interesting that Terran Mystery Palace has taken such a move."
The speaker has a vertical eye between his eyebrows, which is the emperor of the Eye of Heaven.
The blood emperor sneered, "Terran ants are already afraid of what they want to call, and we will pay attention to it."
"It doesn’t hurt to let these young people go and see."
Jade Emperor smiled slightly. "The Terran bodhi old zu can’t take root, and no one can threaten them. This matter can be handled by them."
"What’s more, several super clans of Terran have taken the initiative to find us to choose ministers, hehe."
Another emperor who was burning with golden flame nodded slightly. "We should deal with Terran as soon as possible, and then we have to join hands to deal with the dragon! Can’t let the dragon grow up! "
"Don’t worry, it’s only been a few years, and the dragon phoenix is still far from it!"
Ten days after the news of Xuanji Palace went out, the six fierce families agreed that they would arrive at Xuanji Palace!
Followed by big demon domain also promised to come.
The sky is sensational!
Almost all the clansmen and powerful races in the wild mainland are gathered in this conference. It must be a pre-event!
pingyang town
In the first room, I closed my mind and felt something. I opened my eyes from the darkness and my body moved from the bed and pushed the door out.
It didn’t take long for Pingyang Town to appear a graceful and beautiful image.
This woman is extremely beautiful, slender and standing at attention, looking at Fang Wudao Zun with a complicated look.
It was from the dimly discernible peak that this woman came to Yuluosha!
Wudaozun light asked
Jade raksha told the news of the ten thousand people’s congress again
Wu Daozun should be a casually.
Jade Russian clenched fist slightly "wild arms Terran you have compromised! The pattern of famine after the ten thousand people’s congress will definitely change, and the terran will fall back to the end of the ten thousand people! "
"Even if you take another Uber enemy, you can’t stop the bodhi old zu from stopping the emperor."
"You can’t save the Terran by yourself!"
Wu Daozun remained unmoved and asked, "Where is it?"
"So I can give you a chance"
Yuluosha said, "I don’t need you to be a vassal. I want you to join the Luo Cha clan. I can make a decision so that the Luo Cha clan won’t hurt your life or even you!"
Wu Daozun laughed derisively. "You don’t have to guard the dimly discernible peak when you go home, but you must remember not to leak my news."
No one will stare at the dimly discernible peak and let the jade raksha dimly discernible peak guard it.
Say that finish this sentence budaozun turned back to the room.
Jade raksha clenched his fists and looked angry.
It’s not that she hasn’t tried to challenge Wu Daozun over the years.
But every time she makes a breakthrough, her fighting power rises and she challenges again, she will be suppressed and miserable!
Twenty years ago, she broke through the boundary and became a half-ancestor.
Confident to challenge Wu Daozun, but still suppressed by emotion!
I feel a little complicated about Wudao Zun Jade Raksha.
Deep in her heart, she couldn’t hate budo Zun.
Her first reaction when she learned that the six fierce clans were attacking all the major clans was to protect Wudao Zun for her own identity.
"Kindness is a donkey’s liver and lungs!"
Yuluosha swore angrily, "I want to see how you came to beg me after the national assembly!"
Chapter one thousand five hundred and thirty-four In the north styles again
"All nations conference …"
Back to the room, Wu Daozun whispered a word.
"Can the Gongren survive this crisis?"
Tao Yao also realized that Terran had reached a very difficult situation.
I don’t know.
Wu Daozun shook his head slightly. "But it’s time to go to Beistyles."
If there is a big clan in this conference, the theory of confrontation between the six fierce clans is far from strength or momentum.
This time, the remaining three fierce families must also make a statement!
There’s something to say about the dragon. After all, there’s a dragon phoenix.
At this time, Long Huang has also got the news.
The only thing he has to do is get the support of Kun and barbarians!
As far as I know about the barbarian budo Zun
But for the Kun people, he made a move more than 100 years ago.
This move is unpredictable.
You know, it’s not an ordinary blood, it’s not an ordinary monster, it’s a taboo!
Each of the three taboos is an advocate of war determination.
If Kun Peng doesn’t recognize him as a master when he grows up, he won’t get support if he goes to Bei Ai.