At the same time, all the mysterious fluctuations of the ancient Chengxian Road in Xianfu World are revealed.

Knock! An ancient coffin of a dusty god slowly opened to reveal a tall and straight figure with high spirits. He was full of majestic spirit, just like a statue of the king of the earth, which made the whole ancient land rumble.
A door on the border of the Eastern Wilderness slowly opens. A man in a hat, purple clothes and black robes stepped out. His hands were folded, beads hung barefoot, and there were faint lotus marks everywhere he passed, which seemed illusory.
"Where are you going?"
Behind him, I feel sentient and ask questions. I don’t know that this is also a magic and a Buddha. It’s terrible to come to the East Desert. Suddenly, I left the West Desert, which made her more and more incomprehensible.
"It’s time to announce my return after a long silence. It will be lonely if the world forgets me."
After Papman chuckled, a round of round light rose in Ran Ran, and the Buddha country was even more surrounded by a small screamo temple. He was as dazzling and mysterious as a Taoist monk
And his marching direction is that if there is a sage standing in the sky overlooking the east and the north, you will find that this straight road has a ancestral king sitting in one place.
The king of men is hidden in the world and the devil is gone with the world!
Feeling sentient, the whole person is stupefied, as if he had realized something, and as if he had never seen through anything, he followed silently.
Beidou Five Fields entered a magnificent era all day, and no one knew that Li Yuzhen had left the fairy lotus, swaying the divine light, and he once again appeared familiar chaos.
There are many rotating lotus leaves with various colors of glow above the head, and there are thousands of them at first glance. When the leaves shake, they resonate like the ups and downs of the world and the constant sand.
The lotus leaves on the broad side of the feet shine like the lines of the universe, and the luster is different.
"The strong ancestors are heavenly kings and sages, and now I have the talent to stir up the situation."
Li Yu took a deep breath and felt the chaos around him, which made the body glow and nourish.
At the moment, he suddenly gave birth to a mysterious induction and looked at the gray mist as if there was a new one that was about to break out.
The first time there was such a throb, it covered the sky, and now there is a faint feeling. Is it that another outside me will appear?
"Does The six great divisions in the wheel of karma have it?"
His mind was inexplicably associated with what he saw and felt in particular, and his eyes became deeper and deeper.
The fog is heavy and unaffected by the eyes. There seems to be an ancient figure sitting around chanting and living in the gray fog.
Aside, the lotus leaf ancestors are sitting in a dish, and the generals are wearing bright clothes and hanging in the sky. What the city has taught is pure Terran law, and these years have also set foot on the level of heavenly palace.
There are many ways to see, but you don’t have to go the same way.
"Two bodies belong to one million, and I will take photos of the heavens!"
Li Yu’s long songs seem to have realized something, and he sat in front of his ancestors. His double body is relatively mysterious. It is like two buddhas preaching about the law, magnanimity, compassion, good and evil, and realizing the truth.
At the end of the day, the two bodies got up at the same time and paced in all directions, seven steps in the southeast and northwest, a total of forty-nine steps, and stopped the different flowers from shining with the trace.
In an instant, the two bodies are returned to the true respect, and the wave of the Tao is shocking, and if the sea surges and spreads in all directions, it will be the only one in the world.
So powerful! So powerful!
Li Yu exudes immortal brilliance, and all kinds of visions rise behind him, reciting ancient scripture, Gao Shengshen.
At this moment, he set foot on the peak, overlooking the vast universe, and people could not help but prostrate themselves.
From Tianzhu to Tianqiao to Tiangong, it is the mind to create a hundred heavenly palaces, and the gods are in charge of the birth of the gods, and the spirituality echoes the heavens and the earth.
In the chaotic practice years, the ancestral realm has already reached the first stage of perfection in the Heavenly Palace. In my mind, the ups and downs of a hundred ancient temples are as mysterious as the ancient temple view.
There is also a way to recite the scriptures to make the atmosphere resound.
After a hundred heavenly palaces, the highest heaven and earth must be obtained. Heaven and earth are three chains: the highest heaven and earth, heaven and earth, and heaven and earth.
"Thirty-six days, seventy-two days, and the number of earthworms is exactly the same as that of my Tianzhu."
Li Yu’s eyebrows shone brightly, and the heavenly palace fluctuated and echoed to the stars, and the highest heaven and the earth were connected to attract the stars to enter the country.
Boom! His strength is comparable to that of a heavenly king, prompting him to break through the shackles. Naturally, he easily completed the transformation, making every heavenly palace full of turbid air.
Tianzhu resonates with the same clear and turbid air, which is the original appearance of heaven and earth, and gradually transforms into the embryonic form of the world with the interweaving of the source and the god.
A hundred heavenly palaces is a hundred realms. Although it is illusory, if it is real, that day will be more horrible.
In the first step of the Heavenly Palace, the shackles broke through, and without any pause, they set foot on the second step of being honored as the overlord.
For the practice of the Heavenly Palace, this situation is a manifestation of the cultivation of life, and the gods of the Heavenly Palace can also be divided into two parts, while the triple shackles of action are pregnant, spiritual, ever-changing and virtual and real.
One is to divide the soul into one hundred points; The second is to let the law be arbitrary in form; Third, the flesh and blood are born from the virtual reality.
Li Yu realized the mystery of this method and the method of covering the sky proved that Liang saw another world.
In his mind, the Yuan God roared that one golden rune after another appeared in the inscription, and the heavenly palace shone brilliantly, and even with the hazy method, the immortal fairy was released. If the gods came, all beings needed to worship.
In this process, the thunder and lightning tore apart the chaos, and every mountain was like hanging a galaxy to the extreme.