Because Zhou Sunday not only expressed his position but also issued a severe warning to the real fire refining workshop!

If it’s true, the fire refining workshop will offend Mo Ling again, not others, but now it’s big Sunday!
Even some monks who are still in the dark here have reacted at this time. Last night, the person behind the assassination was this real fire refining workshop!
What a fiasco.
Elder Zhang sighed for a long time, as if he were getting old instantly. Many people turned and walked into the real fire refining workshop, and their backs were lonely.
For a moment, Elder Zhang regretted it.
Maybe he shouldn’t have chosen to assassinate Mo Ling in the first place.
It’s still noon, and the real fire refining workshop opens early.
Everyone dispersed in succession, but the discussion on this matter continued unabated.
"The king is also a notice posted at the door of others, so he chose to say it."
"You know what? The real fire refining workshop represents the five major doors of the real fire door. It’s not necessary to give a face even on a big Sunday if it’s different from falling out with the real fire door. "
One of the monks said with a smile, "This notice is interesting. There is not a word in the real fire refining workshop, but you can see what it means if you are stupid."
"Yes, the king just said that Mr. Mo in the city will have my protection in the future …"
"After today, I’m afraid no one in this city will dare to beat Mr. Mo to pay attention to the fact that the Moling Refiner Workshop will also become an unshakable one in the city!"
Chapter two hundred and seventy-one Micro-private visit
Mo ling Lian qi Fang
Su Mo walked out of the room and squinted at the sleepy eyes of the midday sun hanging high in the sky.
Su Mo’s body shook to a series of scratching and crunching, as if it were fried beans, and his bones and muscles were screaming and his blood was like the tide!
Su Mo’s mouth spit out a long line of white gas, which was as solid as a sword and shot a few meters away before it gradually melted away.
According to the myth of people’s flow, immortals can fly swords and take the enemy’s head thousands of miles away!
This scene just happened is very similar to flying swords. If people who don’t know how to practice, they will be scared to death.
Actually, this white gas is not a flying sword.
It is because Su Mo’s zang-fu organs became stronger after practicing the dirty articles that the strange landscape of exhaling like a sword came into being.
Of course, this white gas has no lethality, let alone not taking the enemy’s head thousands of miles away.
Last night, I experienced an assassination and spent a lot of time refining an extremely clever device. Su Mo spent a sleepless night.
I had a rest for a whole afternoon today, and I just woke up. My arm injury healed and my spirit recovered as before.
Su Mo just sat on the stone bench in the courtyard and was pushed.
Read march mouth eating a string of Sugar-Coated Berry flicker in eyebrow eye grinned seems to have met something interesting.
"Gong, you are awake!"
Read march see Sue ink eyes sparkling call a.
Su Mo nodded and smiled and asked, "What happened to you?"
"Hee hee can’t hide anything from the public"
Read march ran to sit there with a smile.
In the past two years, Nianqi has changed a lot, not only reflecting the realm of cultivation
When Nianqi just moved in two years ago, Su Mo could feel that this little girl was still very wary of him.
As time goes by, this kind of alert becomes less and less.
Nianqi has gradually become more lively and lively.
Nianqi said mysteriously, "Guess what I just saw in Yongxingfang?"
"What happened last night?" Sue ink eyebrows slightly asks.
Read march staring eyes nodding will day notice said out.
"You didn’t see the look of the elder in the real fire refining workshop. Hum, it’s really Japanese."
Sue ink eyes flashed with a stunned color.
He also didn’t expect big Sunday would say at this time.
"Now the monks in the city are talking about it. They all say that Mr. Ink in the city can walk sideways in the future …"
It’s funny to read Qi and learn from other people’s rude words.
Sue ink smiled.
When! When! When!
Just then there was a knock at the door.
Su Mo looked at each other with some confusion.
It’s the middle of this month, and if you want to customize the polar organ, you can wait until the beginning of the month. How can anyone come at this time?
Nianqi ran to the gate.