Chen Dragon Emperor frowned and shook his head. "This is too strange. It is difficult for fierce people to understand four peerless magical powers. How can three statues emerge in succession in the Millennium?"

Hailong Huang shook his head and said, "The emperor of these three fierce families was beheaded by Ren Huang, but it stimulated the three fierce families."
This reason is of course far-fetched.
Chen Dragon Emperor always thinks there is something strange in this, but he can’t think of it at the moment.
Emperor Hailong said, "Although today’s barren continent is a common ethnic group, it is in a delicate state of balance due to the checks and balances of major forces."
Ren Huang Town killed four fierce emperors in ancient times, and only the Sun Fire Emperor and the Ghost Witch Emperor were seriously injured, and today’s situation has emerged.
"Now that the Sun Fire Emperor and the Ghost Witch Emperor have recovered from their injuries, three top emperors and five fierce families have been born. If they join hands again, this balance will be broken!"
Hailong Huang Ning said
If the original is seriously injured, the Sun Fire Emperor and the Ghost Wu Emperor and the Dragon Emperor can subdue them.
Now, with thousands of years left, Shou Yuan Chenlong Emperor has no chance of winning the five top emperors!
Chen Dragon Emperor said coldly, "The wild weapons have sealed the emperor, and we barbarians, Kun clan and Terran clan will have to pay a heavy price if we join hands with each other to fight to the death!" If I fight for my life, the ghost witch emperor and others have to be afraid! "
"What if you die now?"
Dragon emperor suddenly turned to the dragon emperor gave a strange smile.
Chapter one thousand six hundred and ninety-five Dragon pain
When Hailong Huang was talking, she suddenly swung her crutches at Chenlong Huang’s top of the skull and smashed the past!
Zulong broke out!
The distance between them is too close.
In the face of this near-fatal blow, the dragon emperor will take precautions, and when he realizes it, this crutch has hit him hard on the head!
A loud noise!
Dragon Emperor Chen’s head is covered with silver and dragon blood splashes.
Chen Long Huang burst into an angry roar, shaking the world all over the ancestral land, and even the whole dragon skeleton valley could be heard clearly!
Long Huang was really shocked.
He ignored the avatar and suddenly opened his eyes to see a scene not far away. He couldn’t help but look angry!
See dragon emperor crutches deeply smashed into the dragon emperor’s head.
Chen Dragon Emperor’s crown fell deeply into a big pit, which almost smashed his faucet to pieces!
Physical injury is nothing to the emperor.
But this turn to hit the dragon emperor yuan god was almost shattered!
There are 9,000 years left in Shou Yuan, the dragon emperor, which seems to be a long time, but for those who have 400,000 Shou Yuan dragon emperors, the oil is exhausted.
Don’t say that the dragon emperor is already dying, even if he is the peak yuan god, he will not live if he is hit so hard!
The dragon emperor’s hand is extremely decisive, and there is no hesitation to burst into power to directly destroy the few vitality left by the dragon emperor Chen!
Chen Dragon Emperor tried his last strength to catch his backhand at Hailonghuang’s face, and his arm soared in the past. His palm conjured up a ferocious huge African claw and wanted to kill Hailonghuang!
But Hailong Huang reacted faster.
After she made moves, she jumped to her body and suddenly withdrew from the dragon emperor’s dying blow. She grinned and wrinkled together and smiled grimly.
Boom Boom Boom
Three loud noises broke out in succession in Zulong land!
I closed three dragon emperors and came here at a rapid pace.