Feng Yin unhurried and chuckled. His figure moved with the wind and fluttered like catkins to avoid Su Mo’s big mixed palm.
This palm power falls!
Su Mo’s look was composed, and he shot again before he missed the trot, heading for the wind to kill him.
The wind’s invisibility swings again and again to avoid Su Mo’s killing.
In just a few breaths, Su Mo shot more than ten times in a row, and every time he fell, he didn’t even touch the clothes hidden in the wind!
This scene is very similar to Liu Square!
Even if the opponent changed to Su Mo, it didn’t change the situation and took advantage.
"How strong!"
"I didn’t expect the posture of" like a shadow in the wind "of the wind view to be so powerful that even the Soviet Union and Mexico have repeatedly contributed to their melee."
"If I had known this, I would have joined the imperial wind view in the Xianzong general election. With this posture, my auxiliary combat power will at least double!"
There was a commotion in the crowd.
"Can the temple be invincible by this posture?"
Xu Xiaotian looked worried.
"It’s not that simple"
Xie whole look dignified shook his head. "I’ve seen a shadow with the wind, and it’s far from being so terrible that the wind is hidden."
"It should be assisted by other means that Feng Yin can exert such power on this posture."
Qingshi battlefield
The Soviet-Mexican offensive became more and more fierce, but the wind was hidden and chic, and the wind became more enjoyable.
"You can beat me in melee?"
The wind is smiling and mocking. With the help of the posture of "shadow in the wind", Su Mo keeps wandering around from elegance.
He has a cold light looming, that is, he has just hit Liuping hard, and that cold light may strike back at any time.
"Does he understand?"
Sue ink look the same suddenly said
The wind is hidden and light, while showing surprise.
He didn’t expect Su Mo to see through his means so quickly.
He can avoid Su Mo’s war many times. In addition to fighting with the patriarchal clan posture, he is like a shadow in the wind. More importantly, he has the great magical power of’ He Xin Tong’!
His mind is the secret method of Buddhist avatar, and as the name implies, he can know what the other person is thinking
But the wind hides his mind and understands far more than others. With his mind, he can perceive the trajectory of Su Mo’s attack every time according to various subtle changes such as Su Mo’s eyes.
So as to avoid the Soviet-Mexican war with the help of posture!
Through the ages, monks who can transport "He Xin Tong" to battles are extremely rare.
This requires unimaginable understanding and superhuman first-class reaction ability.
"It’s hard for you to practice his mind to this point."
Su Mo said simply that he didn’t seem to worry.
Su Mo closed his eyes in this fierce battle.
This move caused an uproar in the crowd!
"Is Su Mo going to fight with the help of gods?"
"No, it’s like killing yourself!"
You know, for monks, even with their eyes closed, they can of course explore everything around them with their gods.
In many places, God knows more than the eyes see.
But god’s knowledge is not direct enough
In the battle, the line of sight is the most direct, and all the information can be fed back to itself at the first time to make a reaction judgment.
If you close your eyes and fight with God’s knowledge, you will be a step behind everywhere.
"Can you hide from me by closing your eyes?"
Feng Yin laughed, "Su Mo, you are so naive!"
In fact, Su Mo not only closed his eyes but banned the five senses of his body!
His eyes, ears, smell, touch, five senses, all reaction changes will be informed by’ He Xin Tong’ and benefited by the wind!
Chapter two thousand two hundred and fifty-one Reverse the situation
He knew that Su Mo, who had buried dragons in the wild mainland, felt this mysterious magic for the first time.
At that time, Xuanzang monk could know what was on his mind before Su Mo answered.
However, the profound sorrow monk’s understanding of this magical power is far from NO FENG フウカ.
It is enough to shock the world that he can understand this state of mind and the perfect integration of fighting is almost perfect!
I have never heard of a few Tianjiao Uber who can do this.
It is mainly because of his reincarnation experience that the real wind can make him understand this level.
He died once!
The soul with the imprint of God’s knowledge goes by in an unknown way, and I don’t know when to turn around. There seems to be some flashes of light and I feel a little enlightenment.
With this hint of enlightenment, he returned from reincarnation.
From the beginning of his practice, he didn’t restore his past life memory, but he was born with the mysterious ability of his mind!
It didn’t take long for his talent to integrate this ability into the battle.
The wind concealed the gods’ knowledge and moved to detect the change of Su Mo’s body and smiled more. "Closed five senses?" You can hide from his heart by closing the five senses? "