Mu Jia Ding is not prosperous. Mu Hu has two daughters, one is his later wife, and Zhao Yaqin was not his own daughter before he married Mu Jia.

During the day, Mu Hu usually works as a director in the company, while Mu Hongdou and Luo Qing Xue both learn to leave Luo Qingxue’s mother Zhao Yaqin alone in the villa.
Although there are security guards and some servants in the villa, it is not very cold and cheerless, but Zhao Yaqin, a particularly young woman, really feels at home. During the day, she often asks some people to play cards to accompany her to kill time.
However, Zhao Yaqin usually ends the game before six o’clock in the afternoon because she knows that her husband Mu Hu Luo Qing Xue Mu Hong Dou doesn’t like those mothers-in-law and women playing cards at home.
As soon as Zhao Yaqin sent off those card friends, she came back from school in Luo Qing Xue and Mu Hongdou.
"What’s wrong with this girl recently? She seems to be good with that girl with red beans."
Zhao Yaqin felt a little relieved about her daughters Luo Qingxue and Mu Hongdou’s sudden improvement. You know, these two girls used to be very unpleasant to each other, but recently they robbed men.
"Girl listen to you about Zhouyi this boy is good now how are you getting on? Is that red bean girl still fighting for a man with you? "
Luo Qingxue just went upstairs to her room and her mother, Zhao Yaqin, chased her in and asked Zhao Yaqin, "It’s very well maintained if she doesn’t work for a day, and her dress is also a youthful route. It really looks like a girl in her twenties, but she’s a little mother-in-law like an aunt."
"Mom, are you bored? Don’t you want to marry me off early?" Luo Qingxue was dissatisfied with the tunnel.
"You this wench is you say you like Zhouyi, but your mother loves you." Zhao Yaqin said, "Besides, I’m not afraid that red bean girl will take your man away and want to give you advice."
"My thing is that I will solve it myself. I will go."
Luo Qing Xue walked into the room and stopped taking care of Zhao Yaqin.
"Why is this girl like this? Is she lovelorn?"
Zhao Yaqin, the mother of Luo Qing Xueji, wondered where she knew that her baby daughter and Mu Hongdou had reached a compromise to prepare for two women and a lady in the future.
Soon it’s time for dinner, and Muhu is back from the company. Although Zhao Yaqin Luo Qing Xuemu Red Bean is not so good, Muhong Bean usually doesn’t stay with Zhao Yaqin’s mother and daughter, but it’s against the rules for Mujia that the whole family must eat together when eating.
"Dad, you’re back just in time. I have an important message to tell you." Mu Hu said that Zhouyi would say something so serious as soon as she sat on the dining table and longed for red beans. She always assured Zhouyi words.
"Girl, what information can you have for dinner?" Muhu took a look at Mu Hongdou.
"Dad, I’m not joking with you. This information was told to me by Zhouyi." Mu Hongdou said seriously. "If you don’t believe me, you can also ask Sister Qing Xue."
"Zhouyi is the guy who sent you home?"
After listening to it, Muhu asked him that he was really impressed with Zhouyi. That time Muhongdou was sent back by Zhouyi late, and he was full of alcohol. At that time, Muhu said that he would not go out drinking with no three, no four people after Muhongdou. As a result, he was pushed back by Zhouyi and then walked away. However, when Muhu learned the truth, he scratched his eyes and felt that Zhouyi had his style.
"Well" MuHongDou nodded his head.
"Zhouyi Zhouyi has come to our home, husband. You have seen him. Why didn’t I arrive?"
At the sight of Mu Hongdou nodding, Zhao Yaqin became nervous and said, "Red bean Zhouyi is my daughter. You can’t rob her."
"Mom, what are you talking about? We need to get down to business now."
Luo Qing took a snow-white look at his mother and said, "Father Zhou Yi said that the West Lake gang Yan Shaogu and Tian Ma Tuan Yan Shaoqiu are likely to make some moves in our Venus Tuan recently, so please be careful."
"My sister said yes, and Zhouyi also said that the West Lake gang not only colluded with Wei Zhang, the deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, but also invited two powerful people named’ bronze corpse’ Liu Tong and’ iron corpse’ Xiao Guanyu," Mu Hongdou added.
"Copper Corpse Liu Tong and Iron Corpse Xiao Guanyu were also invited by the West Lake Gang. I said that it is no wonder that the West Lake Gang and Tianma Group have been so arrogant recently."
MuHu a drag on air conditioning way
Muhu Venus Group and Yan Shaoqiu Tianma Group have always been sworn enemies. Yan Shaoqiu’s background is naturally the West Lake Gang, and Muhu’s background is that he has some friendship with Grandpa Su Mengyao. Venus Group can compete with Tianma Group in an invincible position, but now that the two fugitives, Liu Tong and Xiao Guanyu, appear, Muhu knows that Yan Shaoqiu and Yan Shaogu are going to play hard, which can not be ignored by Muhu.
"How did Zhouyi know this situation?" Muhucai asked after half a ring.
"Dad, when I was drunk, I was drinking with Zhouyi Bar, and then I met Yan Shaoqiu and wanted to strike up a conversation with me. Later, Zhouyi saved me, and Zhou Yishen and Wei Zhang were enemies. Wei Zhang and Yan Shaoqiu colluded with Zhouyi and became their sworn enemies."
Mu Hongdou said, "Zhou Yi is preparing to deal with the West Lake Gang and Wei Zhang. Zhou Yi said that these guys will be severely suppressed to make them stand in Hangzhou and Zhejiang."
"The people who come to my daughter are just different. It’s really a young hero. If Zhou Yi can really defeat Yan Shaogu and Yan Shaoqiu, these two little kings, I will agree with you and Zhou Yi!"
Muhu burst out laughing after hearing Muhongdou’s words.
"Husband clear snow also likes Zhouyi! You want a bowl of water to be even! "
Zhao Yaqin discontentedly cried out.
"Ya Qin, don’t interfere. You are a stepmother and you have to think about the happiness of red beans. My red beans and Zhouyi are really a good match."
Mu Hu said discontentedly after hearing Zhao Yaqin yelling.
Zhao Yaqin is Mu Hu’s second wife, that is, Mu Hongdou’s stepmother Zhao Yaqin and Mu Hongdou have always been unhappy. Mu Hu and Zhao Yaqin deliberately said this to avoid letting Red Bean be satisfied.
"Husband, what are you talking about? I said it was true. When I came back from a trip to Qingxue, I told me that he liked a boy. This boy is Zhouyi Institute. You can’t just agree with Red Bean and Zhouyi." Zhao Yaqin said urgently, "If you don’t believe you, ask Qingxue."
"Qing Xue, do you also like Zhouyi?"
Mu Hu asked Luo Qing Xuedao after listening to Zhao Yaqin’s words
Luo Qingxue didn’t feel very embarrassed, but nodded firmly.
"Zhouyi is Zhou Fuguier. Although I met Zhouyi once, he is young and mature, but he is not lacking in momentum. He will succeed in the future, but you two girls like him. That will be difficult." Muhu frowned and said that his two daughters liked Zhouyi, which really puzzled him.