Qu Wu’s eyes also flashed a desire.

"Husband, am I right?" Xia Ji glanced at Qu Wu.
Qu Wu suddenly reacted with a tingle and suddenly laughed. "How can she be as beautiful as her wife?"
Xia Ji was satisfied. "What are you going to do with her?"
Qu Wu looked into Song Fengyi’s eyes and flashed a trace of light. "Although she can’t compete with the lady, after all, there are few beautiful women and Princess Song. If you take her to the State of Jin, you can make good friends with all the ministers of the State of Jin!"
"Oh, Qu Wu, you are so bold. Now you want to treat me like this?" Da ji gave me a disdainful smile
“!” Curse the witch and drink a lot
Suddenly, 20 genera rushed towards the mountain peak to capture da ji.
Da ji smiled coldly and reached out with a wave of his hand.
Da ji behind virtual suddenly appeared nine huge tail virtual shadow.
The tail soars into the sky like nine huge columns, and waves of strong winds ripple in the wind.
"What?" Xia Ji face a change.
"How is that possible?" Qu Wu is also a facial expression.
How can the then period have such power? The nine huge tails give off breath, which makes Qu Wu feel palpitation.
Only to see da ji agent hand grasp to virtual second tail tail.
Giant tail was taken by da ji.
Looking at twenty soldiers rushed to.
Da ji eyes a cold hand giant tail flung a jilt.
Twenty soldiers were suddenly thrown out by this huge tail.
"ah!" "poof!" ……
Twenty soldiers flew half-way at the same time and vomited blood.
Bu fell to the mountain and went to the forest to twitch for a while, and then Bu died.
"Why!" Xia Ji face crazy change.
"Hum!" Da ji a cold hum step empty hands fox tail again to the carriage.
"Bold!" When Qu Wu was angry, he reached out and caught him.
Great power, even if Qu Wu is crashing, flew out and crashed into a mountain not far away.
The mountain burst in the middle.
Fox tail instantaneous rejection
The earth crashed and the carriage, together with all the guards, was rocked to the sky.
Everyone was shocked and vomited blood and fell
A mountain forest in the distance