Su Mo’s eyes lit up.
The memory fragments that flashed in his mind suddenly stopped and passed slowly.
It was a secret room in Fenglei Temple. An elderly man with a dignified look handed a slightly yellow ancient book to Taoist Fenglei.
Ancient books impressively write three big characters-Qinglei tactic!
"Remember that this" Blue Thunder Tactics "is not a complete achievement method, and it needs the fusion of" Purple Tactics "to synthesize a" Taixu Refined God ""
"There is a Yuan God hermetic name in" Too False to Refine God ".Thunder and anger are extremely strong! In ancient times, the thunder and anger of the alien strong people did not count! "
The elders of fenglei temple coagulation said
Picture continues
"I’ll put this" Blue Thunder Tactics "back in its original place after you write it down," said the old man in Fenglei Hall.
In the picture, when Taoist Feng Lei browsed "Blue Thunder Tactics", Su Mo remembered the inside!
This feeling is wonderful.
This is a top achievement by absorbing another person’s memory!
If Su Mo didn’t even dare to think about it before, it was beyond his cognition!
Su Mo wants to continue browsing Taoist Feng Lei’s memory after reciting "Blue Thunder Tactics" to see if there are some powerful techniques and occult techniques to absorb.
But he suddenly felt a blur in front of him.
Then the magic gas in the palm ball broke one after another.
Soul search has been terminated!
Fortunately, he quickly browsed and found such an important clip as "Blue Thunder Tactics"
Otherwise, if you look at the past a little bit, the soul search may have ended before you finish reading the teenage memory of Taoist fenglei.
Road flyover fenglei’s eyes are wandering in the light ball, and he is already a little delirious.
Su Mo’s eyes have no pity on the palm capacity, and directly crush the Taoist priest Feng Lei Yuan Shen.
If he falls into the hands of Taoist fenglei, I’m afraid the field will be even more miserable than this!
Road flyover fenglei meteorite!
The dust has settled in the war.
Three robbers and four brothers with titles outside the territory attacked Su Mo, but the army was annihilated and was killed by Bu Zhen!
Many monks looked at the messy battlefield and looked complicated.
"Alas, I really didn’t expect this World War I to end like this."
"It’s really a demon of the ages. It’s hard to imagine how high this man’s fighting power can reach if he is outside!"
"It’s not necessarily a good thing for the fix-true world to have such a bold mind."
"Ha ha, how can the six super clans suffer such a big loss? They will be killed when they grow up by the Taoist priests!"
"agree! If it weren’t for the penetration of the powerful force method in this land, I’m afraid I would have been unable to sit still! "