Because of these things, Sun Hao feels much better to have some observation targets in his heart. If he really repeats a training exercise, even Sun Hao will feel particularly annoyed.

In the same process, after three or four years of training, Sun Hao sighed and sighed, and Mikhail ran back to Sumeru Tower to travel. Sun Hao was delighted to find that everything comes to him who waits, Yin crossbowmen finally had new changes after repeated training.
Crossbowmen, who is covered with green light, gradually produces a light golden color, and his body seems to be covered with brass.
Brass female armor, this is the symbol of transformation of female crossbowmen into strong crossbowmen.
After a strong crossbow soldier appeared, he practiced for a full year. Sun Hao took a long breath of relief and finally became his own nine thousand Yin crossbowmen. Finally, he was completely transformed into a strong crossbow soldier.
Looking at the rows of crossbows standing neatly in front of him, Sun Hao, a strong crossbow soldier with brass color, was filled with pride.
In the heyday of the generation of soul ancestors, only 100 thousand crossbows were accumulated.
That’s his accumulated success for many years.
But after more than five years, I have trained my first strong crossbow soldiers from the strange ancient city wall of Lichiyue Cave!
I don’t know if the ancestors will envy and hate when they see their strong crossbow soldiers!
Proud, Sun Hao waved and greeted the team to evacuate from around the ancient city wall.
Sun Hao, who is far away from the ancient city, said to Xia Chuan, "Ogawa went out and led some half-dead creatures to try the power of my new army."
Xia Chuan said it was a good idea to send a team of scouts. In less than an hour, the scouts quickly returned and a large number of half-dead creatures attacked Sun Hao’s troops in all directions.
Sun Hao’s god knows how to move a strong crossbow, and a circular array is formed around Sun Hao’s team. All the soldiers are ready to go with their strong crossbows.
Sun Hao ordered a strong crossbow soldier to launch an arrow with a crossbow.
Over the years, strong crossbows have been shooting arrows at ancient city walls, and every time the city walls are sputtered away, people don’t think this kind of arrow will be so powerful.
But now for half-dead creatures,
The effect of the strong crossbow terrorist attack made Xiaoyu Feitian can’t help but open his mouth and shout "Depend on the pervert!"
Strong crossbows break the breath
But the range, penetration and lethality are terrible.
The half-dead creatures that attacked everyone fell to the ground one by one a few miles away.
In less than half an hour, everyone was surrounded by a circle of dead creatures who were shot and killed.
Strong crossbow soldiers shoot faster, so that more half-dead creatures are left around the team without being decomposed by Yin Qi.
This half-hour combat effect is fully equivalent to Sun Hao’s effect several times before he sent a strong crossbow.
The key is that the half-dead creatures are still two miles away from everyone recently.
Xiaoyu Feitian found that his special arms were unemployed and had nothing to do.
I can watch those creatures who are not half dead being shot in the distance without a chance!
After the war, Sun Hao, a gathering soul technique, suddenly floated a large number of ordinary ghost soldiers on the ground.
The result of this battle is quite good. Since World War I, it has accumulated more than 6,000 ghosts.
These are all soldiers!
Two days later, Sun Hao organized a team to kill another wave of ghosts, and the total number of ghosts reached eleven thousand.
There are more than 10 thousand ghosts at the bottom of your hand
Sun Hao stopped wandering and turned around and went back to the ancient city ruins.
Seeing Sun Hao’s trend and trying to figure out Sun Hao’s intention, Xiaoyu Feitian couldn’t help but ask, "Boss, dear boss, you’re not going to train again, are you?"
Sun Hao naturally said, "Yes, are you very good to see the strong crossbow soldiers?" I have mastered good training skills. This time, in three years, the ten thousand ghosts can be trained into a group of powerful crossbow soldiers … "
Xiaoyu Feitian said with a little dumbfounded, "Master, you didn’t call me and Xia Chuan to the Red Moon Cave, and let’s play soy sauce! You have trained this abnormal arms, and Chuanchuan and I will have nothing to do! "
Xia Chuan also said at this time, "Yes, Master, we have no chance to fight after the soldiers are finished with you. Why don’t you give us some more ghosts and keep 5 thousand staff for us to practice in this red moon cave?"
Miha came out, "I want it, I want it, I want to try the ghost warrior effect."
It’s not difficult for Sun Hao to nod his head and say, "OK, Xia Chuan, then you can bring some half-dead creatures. I’ll help you accumulate some ghost soldiers before you go to training."
It took a month for Sun Hao to gather souls again and give many ghost soldiers to Xia Chuan, Xiaoyu Feitian and Miha, and expand their ordinary ghost troops to around 20 thousand, which turned around and killed the ancient city.
Before he left, Sun Hao specifically told him, "When the three of you have different opinions on the first floor of the Red Moon Cave, Xia Chuan will take the lead; I’ll give you three each with two thousand strong crossbows. You don’t meet special circumstances at ordinary times, which can help you reduce the pressure … "
Miha’s escape is unreliable at first glance.
Xiaoyu Feitian is too bold, or let Xia Chuan master reassure Sun Hao more.