The abode of fairies and immortals had another two days’ rest, and ordered the small fire to collect the scattered repairs. Some filial piety appeared outside the abode of fairies and immortals and generously sent out two Zhu Jidan again, which made the scattered repairs outside the abode of fairies and immortals overjoyed and their enthusiasm was high. They were not called Sun Haowannian.

Meeting each other is not their fate, but it is their fate to meet Sun Hao here.
Liu Hua’s disciples all think that Sun Hao is not normal recently, either because he has brain problems or his eyes are blind, but Sun Hao’s eyesight is not white.
During this period, the value of things selected by a small fire is far beyond Sun Hao’s distribution of Zhujidan. Not to mention his scattered practitioners, Sun Hao has already collected three or two pieces of Zhujidan refining materials. After refining these refining materials, the Zhujidan obtained will far exceed the number distributed by Sun Hao.
If you think about it, you can understand the scattered practitioners. Which one of Zhuji has not prepared some refined materials for Zhuji Dan? But for one thing, they are not alchemists, and for another, they are always short of a few herbs. Sun Haoxian just gathers them to refine them and helps them refine them.
This is not a matter for Sun Haogen, but a matter of several furnaces and several hours.
Of course, Sun Hao’s move is a great merit for Sanxiu.
At this time, Sun Hao in the heart of Sanxiu is simply the great man who gave birth to the Buddha, and it is also a golden treasure house. Unconsciously, most Sanxiu got their dream and lifelong pursuit of Zhujidan from Sun Hao.
Even Liu Hua’s impression of Sun Hao has changed a lot. Although this teacher younger brother is very second-sai-jo, he doesn’t regard Tsukiji Dan as "dry food", but he is very kind to junior monks and never oppresses others. It’s also a second-sai-jo with good virtue. I just don’t know where he has so many Tsukiji Dan. When jelly beans?
Of course, she didn’t know that Sun Hao threw out so many Zhu Jidan. Actually, it was just a matter of changing hands. Even the number of Zhu Jidan in Sun Hao’s hand increased a lot.
Even Sun Hao himself sometimes laments that the alchemist is really a good business to make money. Is it such a good thing that he has made a fortune and earned Lingshi?
Shuiyushan stayed here for three or four days to show himself. After brushing, it was another evening. Sun Hao once again fled out of the water unnoticed and went to the battlefield again to harvest blood evil spirits.
This time, Sun Hao missed it a little, and there was no royal sword flying in that direction, but like a field mouse quietly escaping from the ground into the battlefield unconsciously.
This time, Sun Hao was slightly different from this action. At one time, Sun Hao made carpet progress and cleaned up the past one by one.
This time, Sun Hao first found a magic practice area, made clear the law of magic practice in this area, and then laid out some arrays in different places and simulated his own action plan in his mind before taking action.
Like a sly rat and a sly hunter, it took Sun Hao three days to clean up this area with a total of 43 elite brothers.
Even in this area, Brother dzogchen, who led the team to build the base, failed to send out a distress signal when he died. After learning to stop killing, Sun Hao’s actual combat power was once again raised. Before the war, Sun Hao’s eyes were red and fierce, and his murderous look was awe-inspiring. Magic repair often lost heart without fighting, and Sun Hao lost his combat power. His strong means hit quickly and collapsed, making it difficult to send out a distress signal.
After cleaning up this area, Sun Hao felt that his body and blood had reached the limit again, so he stopped moving forward and secretly returned to his abode of fairies and immortals to start a new round of condensation.
Sun Hao, of course, didn’t know that it was his words that once again caused an uproar between the two sides to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and nineteen The battlefield ghost three
Qingyun Zhan Zhou Yun Luo Cha and two other monks, then Qi Qi, made the meritorious military service list.
Behind them, the monk who attended the meritorious military service list and bowed respectfully and said, "I don’t know that this brother is a human being, but I have checked all the lists of Qingyun’s younger brothers, and I don’t know that this brother will be a person."
Sun Hao’s ranking on the list of meritorious military service has rushed into three hundred after a strike.
Tens of thousands of monks in Tsukiji rank in thousands, which means that Tsukiji dzogchen ranks in 300 and rushes into 300 in such a short time, so there is no doubt that it should be the focus of Qingyun Gate’s attention and training.
If this person is not Qingyun’s younger brother’s horse income, if it is the core of ordinary brother’s horse promotion or true.
You know, the points on the meritorious military service list can rush so quickly and show a soaring momentum. Which one is not a arrogant generation, just like the battlefield, showing this momentum? There is one person on both sides of the Taoist and Demon, and that is the five elements of the Magic Sect, the title and the killing of the Devil lu shan.
At present, there is such a enchanting younger brother in Qingyun Gate that no one knows who this person is! Isn’t this funny?
According to the truth, this brother should be easy to check. It is easy to find out who is this brother if he has entered the battlefield and has no registration information.
However, it is strange that the deacon brother of Qingyun Gate is busy, but he just can’t find out who this brother is.
According to Yu Sunhao’s data, the countdown among the 200 battlefield scores and tens of thousands of brothers is being executed, and Ganguling duty has been registered.
A few then or these preconditions monks just didn’t think it was Sun Hao’s grade information, but he didn’t do it himself at all. It was the deacon brother of Caiyunfeng who gave it to you at will according to Yunziyan’s instructions.
That is to say, Sun Hao’s information has been registered in the meritorious military service list, but others have not been present, and the identity nameplate has not been directly docked with the meritorious military service list.
As a result, it has become this situation. A Sun Hao’s battlefield score of more than 200 is aboveboard at the bottom of the meritorious military service list, while a display shows that no one has claimed the meritorious military service. He has quickly rushed into the top 300 of Qingyun Gate’s meritorious military service list and let Qingyun Gate and others find it.
Compared with Qingyun Gate, it’s confusing to be excited about the five elements of magic clan, which is fear.
Sun Hao left for three days before a magic repair came here to explore. The result was incredible. The magic repair was horrified to find that this area of Fiona Fang had become a dead zone for hundreds of miles.
News express
The monks nearby are all creepy.
It wasn’t long before the elite magic repair was destroyed by the regiment, but the mass destruction event appeared again. Compared with this time, the mass destruction was more thorough and less revealing. Even if it was not far from here, the magic repair didn’t notice the abnormality and didn’t feel the battle.
This is how the enemy is unknown.
The unknown is the greatest fear.
Don’t you think that you are better than those brothers whose silence has been erased? Can you not be afraid?
Once by accident, twice is probably inevitable.
Qigai can also guess that there is an evil spirit in Ganguling battlefield, a ghostly evil spirit that kills and repairs demons.
All the magic repairs have lost their sense of security at the moment.
All the magic practitioners felt the fierce fear of this ghostly battlefield.
A strange and cold breath began to spread in Ganguling, unwilling to wait for death. The magic monks took urgent action and built higher and stronger magic monks. They also began to note that the battlefield power gradually tilted to this side, and Shan Yu was coming.
Nearly 100 elite brothers of Magic Road were killed inexplicably, which is no small matter. I thought that there was such a record when Lushan first came to the battlefield.
Does Qingyun Gate also have a battlefield where gods are killed like demons?
The best way for Magic Road to face such danger is to cut the gordian knot quickly and kill it forcefully at the first time to stifle the danger.
Sun Hao knows nothing about this change, even if he knows it, he will not rest assured.
Nothing is abnormal in Yushan. It is still a call for a small fire faction to send Zhu Jidan. What shows that he has been on duty honestly?
Of course, practice has become a habit to stop killing, and blood evil spirit is condensed all the time.
It is very quick to enter the country after the introduction of stopping killing. For Sun Hao, this secret technique is just the introduction. It is more difficult to "kill the whole life", but it is much simpler to understand the two types of killing and not killing.
It is estimated that it won’t be long before Sun Hao can thoroughly understand these two secret methods and put them into actual combat.
Blood evil spirit also entered the country quickly. After this condensation, the second button God Gang has almost finished the condensation. Sun Hao has refined the third button, and the blood crystal has opened the condensation of the God Gang in the abdomen.
This time, Sun Hao felt that the amount of blood evil spirit needed was increasing exponentially with the progress of condensation. I’m afraid I still have a busy job to finish the condensation myself.
After a short rest for two days and full brushing, Sun Hao once again used the soil evasion technique to touch the battlefield ahead.
This time Sun Hao changed another direction.
Once again, Sun Hao and Huo Ran found that the atmosphere of the battlefield had changed greatly.
Before the bar, most of the magic repairs are small teams, ranging from five to six people to ten people at most. This will be good, and the magic repairs have begun to hold a group.