This aroused the anger of crocodiles. Some crocodiles with successful practice wanted to swallow all the people in Chaozhou.

Lingqing and others immediately stepped in to stop them.
Warn them that there are people who shouldn’t die, and tell them not to be reckless.
However, Chaozhou crocodiles are used to it, and they are willing to listen and take the initiative.
Lingqing and others will naturally stop leaving their hands. Of course, the immortals will not kill them, but will suppress them one by one.
And I don’t take part in the struggle between ordinary people and crocodiles.
People are not just talking about it.
What can an ordinary crocodile do even if it is three or four feet long?
Strong crossbows and poisonous arrows have been killed.
The clever grandson was killed by a mortal, and the clever grandson was stopped by a fairy. The crocodile god immediately sat still.
Where also regard Lv Dongbin said immediately rushed out of the crocodile god GongFei half high drink a way "Tie Guai Li Han Zhong from!
You insult people too much! "
See crocodile god came out and they gathered in a Tie Guai Li s way "crocodile god where is this?
I’m just waiting to stop your grandchildren from killing evil in vain. It’s better to save them than to say that we bullied you. "
Crocodile Shinto: "You instigated those mortals to kill my grandson and turned black and white here?
I have a gold certificate from the Jade Emperor, and I am the Lord of Chaozhou.
This Chaozhou is my territory. How dare you come to my territory to run wild? "
At this moment, Han Yu looked at the Chaozhou people who had been stunned and came out. "You said that you were the chief of Chaozhou sealed by the Jade Emperor and the secretariat of Chaozhou sealed by the Heaven."
You take care of your grandson, I take care of myself, and all the people, don’t you still want to be in heaven? "
Crocodile god smell speech haha laughed "you just a mortal also deserve and I say what in charge of Chaozhou?
After I kill you, I will go to Van Palace and ask him who the emperor, the old son Chaozhou, is in charge! "
Say, "Sacrifice the tail cutter in your hand and chop it at Han Yu!
Chapter one hundred and fifty Charms receive gold coupons
Han Zhong shook a treasure fan and stopped the tail cutter. "Crocodile God! Han’s adult is not a damn person. If you dare to kill him, don’t blame us for playing you in front of the Jade Emperor. "
Crocodile god took back the tail cutter and pointed to Han Zhong’s departure. "He doesn’t deserve to die, then I think you deserve to die!
Today, I will kill you and avenge my tragic grandchildren! "
Let’s kill Han Zhongli with a knife.
Although Han Zhong-li was elevated, where was the opponent of Crocodile God?
Tie Guai Li and Zhang Guolao looked at two people have to meet to three people together crocodile god fight together.
Lan Caihe saw that he couldn’t insert his hand and asked, "What shall we do?"
Lingqing said, "You and Sister-in-law protect the peony. I already feel that the third brother is nearby."
"good!" Fairy girl and Lan Caihe should answer at the same time and then keep Bai Mudan side one by one.
Lingqing said to Han Xiang again, "Xiang, you go to influence the crocodiles."
I gave it to us. "
"good!" Han Xiang said and played the purple bamboo flute and handed his mind to Fang to kill the human crocodile.
While Lingqing stopped those crocodiles who had acquired spiritual wisdom and practiced successfully from harming the people.
Bai Mudan, Xiangu and Lan Caihe sat in Gankun Lotus and looked around and asked, "Will Dong Bin really come?"
Sister-in-law holds Xuan Nv Kendo. "Since Daoqing said he was coming, he must have come."
You have to be careful, or I promise he won’t hurt you without this lotus stand. "
Lan Caihe asked, "Sister Xian, can you and I beat Dong Bin together?"
Sister-in-law shook her head and said, "We are both not good at fighting."
But Dong Bin’s strength is that Li Xiong and Zhong Lixiong generally estimate that we can’t fight. "
Lan Caihe looked at the stop crocodile Lingqing and asked, "What about that? Can he beat it? "
Sister-in-law hesitated and shook her head again. "This …… I have never seen a clear hand."
But want to temporarily stop Dong Bin or no problem "
Then she looked at Bai Mudan. "It still depends on you then.
If you can cut Dong Bin’s magic, then we won’t fight Dong Bin. "
Bai Mudan clenched his palm and thought of Lingqing’s confession and nodded heavily before he left. "Well, I know!"
Although there are many crocodile gods and grandchildren, there are not many successful practices, not to mention the cultivation of him.
Even if you really achieve something, there are only a few fairy strengths.
It is a pair of brothers named Crocodile Poor and Crocodile Fierce who make a pair of alligator mouth scissors respectively.
Double scissors can not only cut everything, but also twist people into twists.
However, when they met, it was Lingqing, who released the dragon’s sea sword into a sword of light.
When two people offered sacrifices to crocodiles, they cut their mouths and fell to Jianguang Qinglong, and they were crushed by strong shock wave.
If you want to strangle, you can’t hold the surging shock wave.
Ling Qing single make this sword will be surrounded by two people stuck.
At the same time, he was trapped by the silver wire in his hand, and his magical powers were lost to Han Xiang.