At three o’clock in the afternoon, on time, Lin Jin and Lynne walked out of this old community. Fortunately, although this urban area is a little shabby, there just happens to be a subway around Lynne to lead the way. In less than three minutes, they quickly bought tickets in the subway and then waited.

It’s the first time for Lin Jin to take the subway in Xiamen or in his hometown. There is no subway or a subway is being built. Lin Jin is very curious about this rapid mode of transportation. Of course, he is even more curious about this epic creature that only has a subway.
Well, it is said that * * * is even more terrible than the bus wolf!
However, it may be because of the weekend and it is not the rush hour. There are not many people in the subway, and they can find seats soon after getting on the bus. There is no such scene as Lin Jin understands.
The car is much more comfortable than the bus, and I don’t feel too much shock. Lin Jin sticks her head to the side glass and closes her eyes, feeling a slight shake in her head, and unconsciously recalls that the black cat introduced him to those "blind date objects"
I don’t know if I’m too idle. Lin Jin actually began to imagine which man is more suitable for me if I really want to get married and find a boyfriend in the future. After thinking for a long time, I finally thought of Xia and Liu Shengqi.
These two guys are cold outside, but they are only limited to their live broadcast partners. When they get along with each other, it is not too long, and they are not too close to each other. Therefore, they pass directly to Liu Shengji. Although this guy is a little annoyed and a little fat, he has known a little about Liu Shengji’s living habits in the past three days, and his personality is also good …
Huh? What do I want to do with this kind of thing? It’s impossible to get married anyway
Thinking about an hour’s journey, I quickly went over and found a bike-sharing side bike on the side of the road and looked at the surrounding scenery with alacrity.
Lin Jin didn’t go to bike-sharing, so he simply took Lin Chen’s train without a wave of deposit.
Sitting on the side is not very stable and the ground is not very flat. Lin Jin almost fell off the frame with one hand, so he hurried to encircle Lynne’s waist with the other hand.
"Just sit tight for ten minutes." Lynne quickly looked down and grabbed his white waist and palm, feeling a little itchy.
It’s a pity that Lin Jin isn’t sitting with her hands holding me together, or if she brakes suddenly …
Lin Chen’s head is full of regrets about the plots in those novels.
The location of the sea restaurant is still on the edge of a huge building. According to Lynne, this building is really an aquarium, and the sea restaurant can directly see the underwater world when it rubs against the aquarium.
There is only a reinforced glass distance between this restaurant and the aquarium.
Let’s eat. Lin Jin saw the innermost underwater world of the restaurant at a glance. This seafood restaurant has a whole wall adjacent to the water world, and you can clearly see the fish, turtles and even sharks swimming slowly in the water.
I chose the position closest to the transparent glass, ordered a set meal for two, and ordered a little more of his things, and the price was close to 400. Lynne had a headache and his whole face twitched.
"It’s so expensive" sighed Lin Jin, who was curious to look around at the price. It’s only after four o’clock and it’s not time for dinner, but the restaurant has been occupied by most people, obviously because the environment here is highly respected by many people.
The whole restaurant is mainly decorated with some coral pirate flags. In the center of the restaurant is a round table with a black piano. At this time, a westerner in western clothes is playing slowly.
The music is not as harsh as a restaurant, and the lights are dim, which makes Lin Jin’s first impression of the environment here very good.
"Come on, I’m going to invite girls over for dinner when I graduate." Lynne’s face was full of loss with peanuts in her chopsticks. "But I don’t know why I suddenly lost interest in that girl."
"Maybe it’s because of maturity?" Lin Jin casually said, "Maybe you like to be more beautiful?"
"The latter?" Lynne one leng looked up at Lin Jin’s side face "but I don’t like her very much, although she is really beautiful."
"Well, then I don’t understand." After a curious wait-and-see, Lin Jin turned his head only to find that Lynne was actually looking at his face and shouted, "Look at Mao and see if there are any beautiful girls around to chat up."
Okay, but the problem is, aren’t you the most beautiful one in the whole restaurant? Although not a sister
Chapter 34 339 Transformed
Lin Jin and Lynne are fed and full.
At that time, Lin Jin didn’t feel full. However, after the meal, he ate, drank and casually looked around the streets of Guangdong and returned to the neighborhood at about 7 o’clock.
Then they began to eat again, from the special roof barbecue to the street grilled squid fried cold noodles to some Cantonese snacks. Anyway, Lin Jin’s belly was full when Lynne wallet was in place.
Lynne ran to the classmate’s house to ask for today’s test paper, while Lin Jin lay in bed with a full stomach.
Good support … I’ll gain at least ten pounds after eating today.
He took a breath in the air bed and refused to move. His mouth didn’t hold up during this afternoon and night, which caused him to be full and almost unable to move.
"It’s so uncomfortable …" It’s the first time that Lin Jin has eaten so much and patted two puffs. Lin Jin has the illusion that he is pregnant.
Lying in bed, promoting digestion, Lin Jin stared blankly at the ceiling and felt a slight pain in her stomach, groaning constantly.
Then he fell asleep in pain.
I can vaguely feel the cold around me in my sleep, and I can also feel slight pain. Because I was too full before going to bed, Lin Jin didn’t think much about it. Although the pain and cold made him sleep very uncomfortable, I didn’t know that although he woke up because of discomfort, he couldn’t open his eyes and then went to sleep again for a moment.
He sleeps very uncomfortable, not only cold and painful, but also always has some strange dreams, some of which are family and friends, some of which are chased by a group of huge black cats with high floors, and some of which are his own high-rise buildings.
This feeling of Lin Jin seems like torture.
I don’t know how long it took Lin Jin to wake up again. If I remember correctly, this is at least the fifth time he woke up.
Although there was no hope, Lin Jin tried to open his eyes, but this time he found himself easily seeing everything around him.
Well, no wonder Leng was kicked out by me.
Lin Jin yawned and kicked her into the corner. She was wrapped up again and wanted to go back to sleep, but she felt some swelling in her bladder.
Reluctant to get out of bed, Lin Jin wears slippers and walks towards health step by step.
I don’t know why the bloating has stopped hurting, but my body hurts strangely. Maybe it’s because I didn’t put water in before going to bed for too long.
He felt a little dizzy in his head and patted his forehead with his palm. He turned on the sanitary light and looked up, but he saw a female ghost with long black hair in the mirror opposite him.
Lie in the trough!
I feel that my heart is slow, but my confused head is finally awake with fear. I carefully look at the mirror again and find that the female ghost with long hair in the mirror seems to be himself …
Does that mean I have long hair?
Lin Jin stretched out his hand and touched his head. His long hair was very supple, but it was a little messy because he didn’t take care of it.
"Long hair and waist?" Talking to himself, I looked at myself in the mirror. The long hair he grew that night actually reached his waist. If I pulled it again, I could touch my hips.
Say that I have become a woman?
Overnight’s crazy hair made Lin Jin immediately realize that he might have become a woman. He was very calm and pulled off his pants and looked at his once-long length, but now it has become depth.
Well, it turned into a woman.
He nodded very calmly and began to strip off his clothes department.
The chest seems to be a little bigger, but the legs are a little thinner, and the waist is a little slimmer. In front of the naked mirror, Lin Jin feels that her figure is no different from those tall models.
It’s just too short and there is no mermaid line.
After becoming a woman, it seems to be no different from yesterday. Lin Jin frowned and looked at her naked body and felt that she seemed to be missing something urgent.
Well, it really matters. This organ is just a tool for Lin Jin to hold water now …
It is dangerous to say that Lin Jin’s thoughts are really influenced by black cats.
After a little research on how to relax after sitting and draining water, whether a woman needs paper to wipe her urine or not, Lin Jin returned to bed blushing for less than half an hour.
Although a little unaccustomed, Lin Jin quickly adapted to her changed gender. Speaking of it, if she met a black cat for the first time six months ago, she would probably collapse directly, but now she is as calm as if nothing had happened.
However, sleeping with long hair is a little uncomfortable, and I accidentally got crushed by myself. If I don’t pay attention to moving all over again, my hair will be pulled and my scalp will hurt.
But fortunately, it may be a false mother who has been a woman for too long, and Lin Jin will not have too much emotion about becoming a woman. At most, she is just curious.
Well, during the day, Lin Jin was still uneasy, but she was very calm after she became a woman.
Psychologically strong, Lin Jin can’t sleep. Although she just slept very hard, she didn’t feel sleepy after just curious about her female body. She was lying in bed with her mobile phone.
The blushing black cat came out from the edge of the mobile phone screen with a flush on its face. As soon as it saw Lin Jin, its eyes lit up instantly, and it said, "It’s not a shame that the boss has become a woman, but it’s not surprising, surprised or scared at all."
"If you try to be treated as a girl every day, how will you react if you really become a girl one day?" Lin Jin rolled his eyes. Besides, his psychology was subtly influenced by a black cat and gradually drifted away in the feminine direction. There would be too much surprise before that. That’s the problem. Okay.
"So! You have completed the main line one! That is to become a woman! Of course, some of you like it now, and you can call it a goddess in your eyes, but it is not enough! " The black cat looked at Lin Jin with a complaint and went on to say happily to Lin Jin, "Say you should try your best to move towards the goddess now!" "
"Then what?"