The monk changed color with horror.

If Duan Da’s death can be blamed on his carelessness and underestimation.
Then Jiang Yu’s death is enough to prove Su Mo’s strength!
It’s not a simple coincidence that a three-vein foundation killed two six-vein foundations in succession.
Half-China, Soviet Union and Mexico felt the changes in the situation, slowly turned around and swept the battlefield with cold eyes.
"Daxia Dynasty, you really want to die!"
Taking his word, Su Mo has dragged a huge scarlet blood quenching knife and flapped his wings to attack and directly entered the camp of the Summer Palace!
The crowd exploded and boiled instantly!
Su Mo killed two six-pulse foundations in a row, and the momentum was overwhelming, and the murder was almost in essence, emitting a strong blood gas. Who dares to shake it hard?
Those deep eyes dare to look at each other!
A monk in Daxia rode a flying sword and dodged in the middle, but he was not hit by Su Mo and fell on the spot without coming out.
Almost blink Sue ink has come to the front of Guo Yi.
The blood quenching knife fell from the sky, and the huge blade seemed to tear the virtual force like a landslide!
Guo Yi looks pale, waving his hands and hurriedly manipulating the blade of the trident sword frame.
When the sword crosses the trident sword, clamp the blood quenching knife!
Guo Yi’s eyes are bright and crazy, and the six spiritual veins are flashing to the best of their abilities. The abdomen has a dull pain.
"I don’t have to be afraid to wring this blood quenching knife and fly this Sumo!"
Guo Yi, it seems that Su Mo’s outbreak of such terrorist power is definitely the main reason for this perfect spirit.
"Get your hands off me!"
Guo Yi drinks a lot.
"Withdraw your hand?"
Su Mo laughed coldly, and the blood was rolling, and the five lines of the blade were flashing. Zhan Ran’s divine blood mountain soared like a blood day!
Bang bang!
The suppression of the blood quenching knife of the trident sword may collapse at any time, and the light of the blade is flickering.
Su Mo roared, one arm capacity and one reamer body trembled.
The trident sword let out a moan, and cracks appeared on the body and cracked on the spot!
Guo Yi scared the daylights out of him, and his eyes fell back quickly, and a monk was on Monday.
Jun Hao saw this scene, and the pupil also contracted by one.
It was a mistake!
Su Mo’s terror has gone far beyond his expectation!
This man will not die, and they will be defeated this time!
Even if we can get out of here, it will hurt our strength. His forces compete for treasures in the ancient battlefield.
Su Mo is strong, but Jun Hao seems to have weaknesses if he is a person.
If we can find him, we can kill him with one blow!
Jun Hao narrowed his eyes and glanced at Su Xiaoning’s eyes flashing next to him.
Chapter three hundred and forty-seven Violent death!
Jun Hao hid in the crowd and made several gestures in the direction of Daxia Dynasty, finally pointing to Su Xiaoning beside him.
In the Great Summer Dynasty, there were ten friars in armor who looked at each other and nodded secretly.
Five of the ten people were scattered in the mixed crowd, wearing light armor to control the flying sword and release the spirit to attract the attention of others.
The other five monks are wearing heavy armor, almost armed to the teeth, and the weight of armor is one thousand pounds!
On the ground, these five people have a look at each other, and they are divided into several different directions with sharp knives in their hands, and they are quietly approaching Su Xiaoning.
The half-Sino-Soviet ink wheel’s blood quenching knife broke into the crowd greatly, and in a blink of an eye, it cut the monk in front of it and fought our way out.