Eternal … A snap of your fingers.

Chapter one thousand three hundred and ninety Shihao, you smell like milk.
In the past nine years, the sea has been rough for nine days and ten places, but it is not very calm.
In recent years, several major events have taken place. The first one is a newly emerged celestial pride in the ancient ruins. He was defeated in the decisive battle, and the six champions were forced to split.
The world was shocked to find out that Qin Hao, a famous young man from the Old Mountain, had accomplished a stunning feat when he was only thirteen years old, which made many people admire the wise Christians in the Old Mountain.
It’s not true that Laoshan’s family knows their own affairs. Qin Hao is powerful and their teaching doesn’t seem to matter. He was brought up by a senior who lived in Laoshan for a few days since he was a child.
The elder who lives in the old mountain is naturally Kaka’s classmate. She still dared to do Lu Chen’s confession and accidentally found that she didn’t seem to be punished by any world force.
So Kaka got bold and went crazy to develop a plan for Zhengtai.
First, she told the Shiling couple when they were pregnant with Qin Hao that Shi Hao had not fallen. On the contrary, Shi Cun not only survived but became the strongest young man.
The Shiling couple were very surprised when they learned the news, but it was not easy to abort when the children were pregnant.
And they want to give birth to Qin Haoyi in the artificial movement. Naturally, they have the idea of nourishing Shi Haoyang with the blood of Qin Hao, but this does not mean that they don’t love their second child.
They have a grudge against the old mountain, because it is the pulse of the old mountain that has beaten them to death by Shi Hao, but there is nothing they can do.
Because their strength is too weak, Qin Yining was once a virgin, but she encountered problems in her practice and stopped showing her amazing talent.
And Shi Ling’s talent is not bad. When he comes to the world, everyone will disappear. Without the protagonist’s life, although he is angry, it will not help.
So the couple are almost under house arrest. If it weren’t for the immortal Qin Changsheng, it’s not necessarily that the pulse would be more directly eradicated.
Because the plot has been messed up, the old mountain department and other explorers have intervened, and the offenders have left a rotten stall to make some world explorations and give him a chance to plan. Who knows that the old mountain still can’t play?
He is just a beginner explorer. Compared with other people in this world, he is much weaker and must keep a low profile. This level of orthodoxy is a good platform.
As a result, Kaka came back just as he was preparing to make great achievements. He found that the big brother from the origin mage was not dead!
This is embarrassing. Can you stop sleeping? I hope Kaka will soon expire when he stays, and then he will move.
Qin Hao class, he won’t touch it. After all, that’s the leading group touching the brother of the Emperor of Heaven. Isn’t that a death wish?
However, he can still do it by using this platform to help him collect information and search for talents, and he is the supporter of Qin Yining in the old mountain.
This explorer’s idea is simple. I don’t provoke your hands myself. I didn’t instruct them to go too far, but it won’t hurt your lives. On the contrary, it should be nothing to encourage Qin Hao and the Emperor of Heaven.
Even if he will be retaliated by Shi Hao in this era, he will have left Shi Hao now, and he is far from Zun. What is he afraid of?
On the other hand, Qin Hao was instructed by Kaka since childhood, and it was Kaka who worked as a nature porter from Lu Chen, giving the original solution to Qin Hao and not letting Qin Hao implant the immortal bone.
It can be said that Qin Yining and Shi Ling are really good at giving birth to Qin Haotian. It is not bad that they were too chaotic when they were young, otherwise it is not to say that even the fairy king could not break through.
Kaka knew that it was not for Lu Chen to arrange this job for himself to enhance his future combat power, because Qin Hao was just like that. Even if he got a good education from an early age and took the right path, it would be hard for him to become an emperor and a light giant in the future.
Her job is mainly to deal with the harmony of Shi Hao’s family, so that Shi Hao can grow up with less bad thoughts and more time-saving.
In this way, when Qin Hao was thirteen years old, he entered the immortal ancient ruins to kill the quartet and even beheaded the six crowns, which surprised Kaka.
After asking, I learned that Qin Hao had just been beaten by someone when he confronted the six-time champion. Qin Hao didn’t know that Ningchuan, the six-time champion, naturally disdained to explain the result and won.
Kaka was very pleased to hear that "I am really good."
In this year, everyone knows that the name of Qin Hao has come out of the old mountain, and a young man has won the championship in the last contest of immortal ancient relics.
But many people also wonder that this is the last time. Ningchuan, the six-time champion, has appeared for hegemony. Did you not say that you won the top ten?
In a few years, people will know what is going on.
Nine days, a young man came to the Temple of the Gods. That’s really amazing and powerful, not to mention the younger generation. Even the old and the strong are not his enemies.
At that time, Qin Hao, a 17-year-old god who had just come true, did not challenge and was overwhelmed by people’s breath.
Someone recognized the man and exclaimed his identity as "ten champions!"
Everyone didn’t expect that the immortal ancient ruins didn’t come out of the ten crowns, not sitting in the long river of time, but went to a school to train the ultimate genius for nine days.
What is even more shocking is that I don’t know how many years have passed since the birth of the Ten-Crown King, but he was able to enter the immortal ancient ruins. He was still the peak of the venerable realm at that time, but now he is already a god realm!
Later, it was reported through the grapevine that it was only six or seven years since the birth of the 10-crown king. In six or seven years, he cultivated from the realm of honour to the gods! ?