Feng Shao bit his chopsticks and was silent. "If I say I want to be with you, will you split me?"

She looked so serious that it didn’t look like a joke. Rao is the gentleman. Moying was going to tease her by saying "Then follow", so she didn’t really say this sentence.
If she’s serious and won’t let it go, then he really can’t handle this little thing
Clinker phoenix shallow really stubbornly stared at him. He wouldn’t talk. She just stared at his eyes for a moment. Jun Mo Ying Nai put chopsticks to coax her into holding her little face and said, "It’s dangerous to listen here and stay outside."
Feng Shao frowned and asked, "Were those people who assassinated us earlier?"
Jun Mo Ying is also not shy about keeping it from her, saying "Right-hand man" directly.
If the old fox is rebellious when he comes, and his death is the catalyst, then if he wants to make a decision, it will contribute to this final blow, and it will be difficult to make the old fox completely determined.
Chicken shallow fundus over a little surprised immediately relieved hanging heart also involuntarily to put a little.
Fortunately, it is the right phase.
"It seems that you are fully prepared?" She smiled slightly
"Please enter the urn" The man must have nodded.
Feng Shao raised an eyebrow. "Oh, so you really won’t take me?"
I don’t know, Mo Ying always felt that her tone when she asked this sentence for the second time was not as serious as the first time. The first time she was too serious, people didn’t know what to do, but she was a little more relaxed and cheerful as if she were joking with him.
"No" Jun Moying flatly and neatly refused her face, but in the depths of her black eyes, she took a hint of indulgence. "Just have a good rest as usual and I will definitely come back before the morning."
"Well, well, if you don’t take it, you won’t take it." Phoenix shallow shrugged his shoulders so called.
If it weren’t for those people who are all good.
"That’s right!" Feng Shao suddenly remembered, "Will your body poison suddenly occur?"
"The hospital is giving me medicine. Although the medical skill is not good, I can still delay the toxic hair as much as possible."
Feng Shao always thought it was a time bomb and frowned and asked, "When will Shadow Moon bring Redjade back?"
Add a worried look on her face, and Mo Ying’s heart is very soft, and her face is full of warm smiles. The so-called tunnel "I don’t know if it may take a while to find someone."
Feng looked at him in a shallow voice. "It depends on your own safety. Why don’t you seem to be worried at all?"
"A lucky man has his own nature."
Feng Shao feels that she has such a good temper that she can’t help cursing. Should she say that this man is too confident or too willing to do chapter 111? No, she’s going to tell him!
Jun Moying went out after supper.
Phoenix shallow said don’t worry about is false, after all, it’s a forced palace to seize a position, but it’s just a right phase. If you look at it, you will know that it’s difficult to achieve great things. Although the situation in the DPRK is not small, there are no legitimate soldiers in their hands to raise those, and after all, they are not regular troops. Even if they call in, she believes that Jun Mo Ying can cope.
At night, I was going to put out the candle and lie in bed to go outside, but suddenly there came a sound similar to firecrackers.
Phoenix’s shallow hand just held the candle and suddenly shook a hot wax oil, so she dropped her hand.
Her face should have an expression when there is no pain. Perhaps the only evidence that she has just been dripped by wax oil is a slight contraction of her pupils in an instant.
In this way, it was almost dull for a long time. After that, Feng Xiao suddenly let go of the candle and firmly grasped the palm of her hand. However, the palm of her hand was cold and cold, and there was no temperature at all, just like her heart at the moment, as if she had just been soaked in the frost and snow, and she could not feel the outside world.
What should we do?
That sound is the unique contact code of the master. Is Yunluo not the capital now … Yunqiansu?
Why did they choose this time to do it?
It is also necessary for Yunluo to write back when he is far away from the South China Sea. Even if they knew about the forced palace today a few days ago, it is impossible to inform Yunluo and get a reply in such a short time.
It seems that … It was Yunqian’s idea!
Just now, when she asked Jun Moying, he mentioned the right person. When she asked about the assassin that day, he denied it, which means that the people who suddenly forced the palace in his original plan did not include Yun Qiansu and them!
Is the ink shadow in danger?
Phoenix’s shallow heart is tight and cold, like being suddenly caught, and even breathing is difficult.