I still have a few powerful treasures that I haven’t come to offer.

Zhou Jia naturally didn’t know what he was thinking. He searched the body skillfully and put everything into Gankun. Then he destroyed the body and flew away.
In the dense forest
Several people are running wild.
They have their ups and downs, but even the weakest person is a black iron, and the strongest one is a perfect generation of gods.
But now
They don’t show fear
A force fell from the sky and beat a man to a pulp.
Several other people looked up in despair, and the shadows shrouded them. The figures fell to the ground one after another and became alive.
Several people rushed out of the soil to kill Katja.
After they escaped not far, they realized that it was not good, but they turned around and sneaked back to the vicinity.
You can’t escape the pursuit of a strong silver man.
But if we can threaten Katja’s life, there may be a chance.
Kajiaxian lacks the experience of killing people. Facing the coming attack, he panicked and pulled Simla back in a coma.
Having a black iron repair turned out to be a great resistance.
Seeing the situation in jeopardy
A series of strength fell from the sky and vowed to organize several people to kill on the spot.
Zhou Jia lightly landed and saw his eyes in a coma. Simla threw a Dan medicine with a flick of his arm.
"Give it to him"
"Yes, yes," Katja took the Dan medicine in shock and paused during the wrist tremor.
"Thank you, senior"
Zhou Jiayin’s indifference was about to take back his eyes, and suddenly his eyes fell on Katja’s sleeve and it was difficult to cover his arm after it was broken.
Katja’s arm is actually covered with many lines.
Chapter 1 Advanced
It’s really hard to find a place. I haven’t found a trace for so long, but I don’t know that I’ve always been around.
Famous for making instruments
The same is true for workers!
Visual KAJIA Zhou Jia’s facial expression changes slowly.
"So you are a survivor of the Gongzu."
"What?" Katja looked blank.
"What are the survivors of the workers?"
Instead, Simla just woke up and heard that her fingers trembled and her eyelids drooped slightly, avoiding Zhou Jia’s line of sight.
Two people look change Zhou Jia panoramic view said indifferently.
"A group that should have been extinct, I have a method. Since you don’t know, forget it."
"Really?" Kajia blinks.
She consciously felt something was wrong, but she didn’t know what was wrong.
"It must be a great ethnic group to make the seniors remember." Simla thanked him at first.
And looks like a curious freely asked
"I don’t know what kind of practice it is. It must be great that even the seniors have studied."
"A flying skill is really good." Zhou Jia waved the breeze and rolled up the three people by rising.
"This is the door"
Tianpeng vertical and horizontal method!
No clouds, negative sky and nine Wan Li!
Although the essence of this feat has been exhausted, only by obtaining silver can we truly realize the uniqueness and mystery of this lightness skill.
Zhou Jia’s arms stretched out like a sky-Peng spreading his wings, and the source force flowed freely, which spontaneously attracted the breeze to carry forward.