"The temple moved by itself? Interesting. Let’s hear it. "

"I don’t think a regiment can be monolithic. There will always be different sounds. Jianshe Road, where the land, Jingui Temple, occupies that place, is worth 3.5 billion yuan. Maybe 700 million yuan can be sold. The old imam certainly doesn’t care about money, but what about other imams? If you don’t have a palm, you won’t have money to burn. I’ll try to get one or two of them to move out and preach to the public. We’ll move them according to the rules, and then we’ll take care of them slowly when we get outside. "
Fang Zhen south listen to secretly nod.
But this trick also has Chen Yi’s ability to get 700 million yuan to do something bad to bully people.
At this time, the old man Chen Congyu came and asked, "How to cook?"
"If they are willing to move out, they will have hundreds of millions of yuan in cash and so much savings …" Chen Yi snorted, "I can support the person in charge to abscond with the money."
Chen Congyu laughed at one leng. "Look at my son really playing in the financial sector. I also think you will say something about blocking construction sites to make tofu dregs."
Chen Yi took a careful look at Dad and asked, "Is it feasible?"
"It’s a little troublesome, but it’s quite thorough. The temple has no money and it’s still a fart to play." Chen Congyu swore. On the one hand, he drank too much wine, on the other hand, he was angry.
Chen Congyu looked at his uncle and smiled. "That’s it?"
"Line" Fang Zhennan insisted in front of his nephew that "no matter which position he took care of them"
"If you take care of them, they are not only temples, Zeng families, but also families."
Three people all ha ha laugh.
23rd Floor, Building H, Jiangning University
Chen Yi insisted on going back to the dormitory and letting his eldest brother send him back.
Raptor parked in the parking lot of the experimental building not far away. It was dark and dark.
"Why don’t you turn off the light?" Chen Yi knocked on the door and asked
"How did you know I was in there?"
"Just know to go home." Chen Yi shrugged and thought, How can I not know that you are in my pet’s belly?
Liu Xinyu’s car was shaken by the cold wind at first.
Chen Yi saw her take off her coat and walk on.
This kind of treatment is the first time for Liu Xinyu to experience it. She pulls her coat and finds that the buttons on her chest are buckled, which is why she feels a little warm when she holds her chest with her hands.
Back to the dormitory, Jin Douna is nervous with her brain.
Chen Yi poured himself a glass of water before he got tired and asked, "What’s the matter?"
"Song is willing to ask for qualification verification. I have tried it twice." Jin Douna had fine sweat on her forehead.
"Qualification. What is that?"
"The Human Development Research Association has three levels: the manager level, the core level and the peripheral level. Different levels correspond to different degrees of genetic excellence … Qualification verification is a way to prove the identity of the Ministry or the recognition of the Ministry." Liu Xinyu folded her coat on the bed and looked at the screen. "This is a set of nerve response tests that you are good at. You must reach 13 levels to prove your identity."
"That is, your identity? Your identity experience speed is 13? " Chen yixiao asked
"Yes" Liu Xinyu turned to ignore him.
"What if I catch a cold?"
"You can’t have good genes when you are often sick …" Liu Xinyu said. "Qualification verification is a kind of Ministry approval. Since Song Yuan asked for qualification verification, he said that he has read some of my information and his ability to recognize me can solve his current problem. If I can’t pass the verification, I can prove my identity through various identity documents, but I may be recognized by him."
Chen Yi raised his eyebrows and sat in front of the computer and laughed. "Your hierarchy is quite strict."
"Only with the best genes can we enjoy the most resources and inherit the most descendants, and human beings can develop rapidly and healthily." Liu Xinyu said as if silently, "Those who have made great achievements can excel and enjoy the treatment at this level, but whether he can get the approval of the members at this level is two different things."
Liu Xinyu won’t say so much on weekdays.
Don’t be surprised. Jin Douna shouted, "A new verification is coming soon."
"You can try five times at most, and then there are three other waves left," Liu Xinyu added.
"Look at me" Chen Yi rubbed his hands and asked "How to play?"
Chapter one hundred and forty-five Excellent gene expression
"Qualification verification is to study various test methods a year ago. Now you see that the neural response test has two parts, one is mouse clicking and moving, and the other is professional equipment." Liu Xinyu asked here, "Did I bring my helmet?"
"helmet?" Jin Douna hurriedly went to look for it for a while and took out the black lacquer hemp black helmet with a line of white fine print. The little feature is that the goggles in front of it are slightly thick, which occupy most of the front view. The color is dark gray like sunglasses. It is definitely a wrong choice for it to come to motorcycle.
The genetic level of Korean women with small waist is obviously much weaker. Although they can reach the core level and become their own assistants, the genetic level of management is far behind.
Chen Yi "oh" a little bit on the screen button.
Yellow flashing spots quickly appeared on the screen, and a large number of them instantly filled the whole display. Some yellow spots were too dense to form yellow patches.
Chen Yi leng went to the point again and again, and many flashing yellow dots disappeared, and the game was over.
A string of English appears in the black chat system in the right corner of the screen. You are too bad. Are you going to hand over the organization to you people in the future? If not, I’ll find someone else
Song Yuan is a man in his fifties and sixties, while Liu Xinyu is more than twice his age. The former seems to be seniority more than once.
Liu Xinyu glared at Jin Douna and couldn’t help saying, "Don’t try if the gene is poor. Can you improve your IQ by doing more tests?"
This is going to scold Chen Yi. He waved and said, "I’ll try again."