"Keying, you can go to meet your master by yourself and just tell him that we have arrived."

LingReYun with a little smile seems to have entered the Buddhist mansion, but everyone knows about her, but they are sure that she is the most excited now. LingReYun has never liked noise very much. It is estimated that she wants to meet Chu Yu in her own unique way.
On the streets of Chang ‘an, Wen Zhong floated down and bowed down to Chu Yu, "Zhong has seen the master’s adult."
"Out?" Seeing Wen Zhong’s first time, Chu Yu made a slight whirl and saw clearly that Wen Zhong really had the strength to repair the fairyland. He couldn’t help but say, "Good disciples really have excellent talent, and your practice speed will disappear in a few years. Haha, get up quickly. Now that I’m here, I’ll take a trip to the palace with you. You haven’t seen your father for a long time."
Wen Zhong got up and stood sideways and hesitated. "Just now, more than a dozen people said that the old friend of Master Zun found the Buddhist mansion. Now it should still be stranded in front of the Buddhist mansion!"
"An old friend? Or more than a dozen? Is it brother Huanglong and nine demon brothers? " Chu Yu was startled. "Can anyone sign up?"
Wen Zhong hesitated for a long time, always telling the truth, "Come and talk is a woman among the relatives and friends in the human world, and even more bluntly, it is a master wife …"
"ah!" Chu Yu smell speech with joy heart crazy shock hands hold Wen Zhong shoulder way "lovely ACTS son where are they? Take me to see quickly. "
Wen Zhong was kind enough to wake up. "But the master didn’t know that this group of people were all dressed in strange clothes and brought them here. The man claimed to be a pure and empty person, but he was a strong demon. Although he is not a monster, he will be a monster, and his spells are often different from ordinary ones. I am afraid that these people will have other designs."
"It’s the people who lead them!"
Chu Yuhuai laughed. "If it’s true that the disciples lead them to come here, that’s even more true. You are a loyal and evil demon with a good eye, but you can’t see through people’s hearts. The disciples are friends, and the relatives and friends in the world are also friends. Their helpers can only come to the celestial world to see the teacher. Well, if the palace line is suspended, you can report back to the emperor on behalf of the disciples."
I haven’t seen my wife and disciples for nearly a hundred years. At this moment, I suddenly heard that everyone has already reached the celestial realm. Now I have achieved great success. Chu Yu is still in ecstasy. He took only a few breaths, and then he appeared in the Buddhist Mansion, but it happened that Ling Reyun allowed me to meet him. Tang Keying.
In those days, my little girl is now charming and still dressed in the fashion that girls like in the human world. If she dresses like this, it seems very strange for people in the celestial world, but look at Chu Yu’s eyes, it is strange and kind
"You are … master …"
Chu Yu has long been immortal, and Tang Keying naturally saw the former at a glance. This Xiao Ni has enough direct words to plunge into Chu Yuhuai’s small and medium-sized head and pillow the former’s shoulder, and cried with joy. "Master, you are good or bad, and you have lost your surplus son and your teacher’s mother. After they left, you can miss your surplus son for so many years … whoops …"
Chu Yumen has a total of four brothers. Tang Keying, the first disciple, is the most loved by him. Now, nearly a hundred years apart, it is also a heart-felt feeling for Xiao Ni to hold herself tight by my little girl and gently persuade a few words to pull up Tang Keying’s small hand and say, "Take the teacher to see your teacher’s mother …"
Tang Keying rubbed his eyes red with tears and said, "As soon as the master arrived, he immediately thought of Teacher Niang’s poor sister Xiaojing and her second and third younger brothers, as well as Uncle Lin, Uncle Hua, Uncle Bai and Uncle Zhou."
For Xiao Ni, Chu Yu, an eccentric, learned a lot. "You have grown so big, but you still like to make children have a temper. I really don’t know how to marry a teacher. Isn’t that not yet? You have finished talking first."
Tang Keying is you’re welcome to stick to Chu Yu’s side. "Keying’s generation follows the master around. Where do you need to get married? Teacher Xi, they still have people who are pure and empty. Let’s go in quietly to give them a surprise."
Chapter three hundred and forty-seven Reunion
When Chu Yu stepped into the hall, it turned out to be unexpectedly quiet. Ling Reyun installed a red wooden chair with a cup of fragrant teas and a pair of beautiful eyes. He stepped into the one he missed so much from the door. Although he didn’t say a word, he melted all his thoughts in his eyes, which made him equally excited. Chu Yu’s heart trembled a lot and raised an indescribable touch.
Obviously, others also have a somewhat clear vision. Now, when talking to Chu Yu, they are very conscious of giving priority to talking with Chu Yu to Lingreyun.
Chu royal steps close to LingReYun front and back are also carefree from a pair of a few want to drop water to beautiful eyes tightly looked at Chu royal in the past hundred years.
"If the cloud …" Chu royal gently took LingReYun that soft shoulder leisurely way
Ling Ruoyun enjoyed the only man in his life who loved him deeply. He bit his red lip and whispered, "Chu, we will never be separated. What do you say?"
Lingruoyun’s parody of a word makes Chu Yu feel a great sense of guilt. Yes, this beautiful, moving, gentle and kind woman is her wife, and she should be her own wife, but how many times have she really been a husband and should do her duty?
Chu Yu’s deep black eyes bloomed with little seriousness and looked at the former with tenderness, taking a deep breath and saying, "If the cloud I promise you, even if the worlds return to chaos, I won’t leave you for half a day."
Ling Ruoyun’s beautiful face flashed a crimson, which made her look even more beautiful. A cicada’s head leaned against Chu Yu’s shoulder and gently said, "Xiao Chu, don’t blame the cloud for being … it’s that the cloud doesn’t want to part with you anymore. It’s lonely without you!"
It’s like this little girl’s posture field that LingReYun shows at the moment. Everyone is afraid that they have never seen it, and it’s even more difficult to dream that LingReYun’s work has always been calm from refining the treasure cabinet to teaching his wife.
Chu Yu is a place pair place calmly light say with smile, "It’s all my fault. Now we have a private plot in the celestial world. Let’s go back together in the past and thoroughly study a double major with my family’s cloud …"
This time, Ling Ruoyun couldn’t help but take a look at Chu Yu’s voice and blame him. "There are so many young players. How can you talk nonsense?"
"Ha ha, I have a headache in my heart. Madam, don’t blame me for making a slip of the tongue. We will discuss it quietly later." When I see all the relatives and friends in the world appear in front of me, Chu Yu is really joking, saying, "Let’s loose our arms around Lingreyun’s big hand and walk aside to clear the empty people."
Qing Xu people can’t see the truth of Chu Royal Road now. From the moment he first saw the latter, he repeatedly affirmed the original intention of the demon emperor Hongyun to send this favor to Chu Royal.
"The demon emperor’s adult is indeed a poor eye. Now, through this escort, relatives and friends come to the side, and the East Emperor clan is even more unbreakable. In the future, if you have a big arm, etc."
Heart andao at the same time, the empty man replied, "Tianbao Demon Master has something to say, but he must bring it to being original."
"Please tell the demon emperor’s adult that since Chu has assumed the name of the demon master of the East Emperor clan, my position will always be that his side needs to contribute, so it needs to contribute. If there is an enemy of the East Emperor clan, that is, Chu is an enemy, but the demon emperor’s adult says that Chu must be responsible for it."
Qing Xu people don’t know that Chu Yu has equal energy now, but before that, the demon emperor Hongyun remembered him again and again. He may not know it clearly, but one thing he can be sure is that Hongyun is very eager to form a solid alliance camp with Chu Yu in front of him.
At the moment, people who have heard what Chu Yu said will smile and say, "Being original must bring words to the present, and it’s time to retire."
The person who spoke plainly took a round and clear pale blue pearl out and handed it to Chu Yu, saying, "This pearl is refined by the secret method of the Eastern Emperor clan. If the demon emperor wants to invite the Tianbao Demon Master in an emergency, this pearl will turn purple and immediately connect with the demon emperor’s gods. Similarly, if the Tianbao Demon Master encounters any difficulties or troubles, it can also pour immortal strength into the Middle East Emperor clan and will also come to help quickly."
After receiving the news, Zhu Chu Yu will buckle his waist and then nod "Chu Mou Bai"
"That being original went home at this point, and I’ll have a chance to meet you again in the future, and then I’ll have a talk with the demon master around the stove. Today, it’s inconvenient to bother more."