But the magic mountain two kilometers tunnel?

That’s where the virtual city tunnel fell and where they were full of sweat and tears.
As soon as the accident happened, Chairman Luo Qiao was imprisoned and dedicated for decades. The virtual city tunnel was built and went bankrupt, and then he was in a state of panic.
But today everything is back!
Come back like a miracle!
"Chairman! Chairman! " Li Zhe waved his fist and shouted like a young man.
Then the workers followed and shouted, "Chairman! Chairman! "
I don’t know who picked up Zhuang not far away.
Then dozens of hands lifted Zhuang not far away and threw it high. "Long live the chairman!"
Not far from Zhuang frighten screamed "don’t! No! I’m afraid of heights! Ah, ah, ah, this is a step. You better connect it. I don’t want to fall into paralysis! Who didn’t pick up the salary! "
The security guard next to you wants to come and stop the noise in front of the government. Do you want to rebel?
Zhou Xiangan waved and let them make trouble.
A heart should have a heart.
He looked at being thrown high and sighed in his heart not far from Zhuang.
This young man is amazing!
I got the magic mountain tunnel back. Is the magic mountain tunnel far away?
Finally, everyone was excited and let Zhuang not far away. A group of people looked at Zhuang not far away with bright eyes and said, "Chairman, say something!"
"Yes, say something!"
Not far from Zhuang, he looked at the expectant eyes. He wanted to think slowly. "It’s a long way to go, Xiu Yuan Xi …"
The workers are quiet. Now is not the time to be proud. Yes, we must be more cautious in construction. We must work hard and try again. There can be no more accidents!
Next to Zhou Xiang’ an, he nodded again and again. The young man was calm and knew that it was not the time to be proud.
Then I heard a sentence from Zhuang not far away, "I will pretend to be forced!"
Glory Ann fell headlong from the steps.
It’s a long way to go, Xiu Yuan, but I’ll pretend to be forced?
Your Chinese teacher’s coffin board is wrong with Qu Yuan’s coffin board … Alas, no matter who the coffin board is, it is estimated that it can’t be covered!
"The chairman said well …" Li Zhe was ready to applaud. At this time, he just slapped two slaps and suddenly asked Zhuang not far away, "Is the last two words of the chairman wrong?"
"Yes, I think it rhymes …" Zhuang wondered not far away. "What did you say?"
"ibi is very rhyming. How do you say it?"
"I don’t remember the original sentence …"
Yes, it rhymes, but is it enough?
Rhyme is enough!
"Chairman, say another word!"
"Pretend to have a hard time!"
"The chairman said well!"
"Bao Jianfeng forced the plum blossom fragrance from the outfit …"
Xiang’ an Zhou couldn’t help but wave his hand and let the security guards "get rid of it!" Get rid of it! "
It pollutes the hearing!
A group of people were hilarious, and two buses were followed by a big trailer pulling a geological model of a huge magic mountain.
A group of geologists followed the car and wondered if the wind could cover the surface with cloth and take another look at the geological model.
Car Li Zhe took a message and suddenly frowned.
"Chairman, my wife also caught a cold. Do you still have that kind of medicated wine?"
Several people around them also leaned in, and some people around them got the flu.
Not far from Zhuang, I just wanted to say that there was a sudden move in my heart. This wine is Zhuang’s dad, so I can’t promise it indiscriminately.
"Yes, but that’s if I buy it for my dad … 1 bottle."
"1 a bottle? No problem, I’ll buy three bottles. "
It’s not expensive to get rid of 1 when the medicine reaches the disease
How much do you have to pay for three days? How much will it cost to be hospitalized?
I don’t have it on hand. You have to go to Jia Hu to buy it. I’ll give you an address. By the way, if you have money on hand, I suggest you invest in some industries in Jia Hu.
"You can tell!" Li Zhe laughed.
Jia Hu farm house Lao Chen Lao Li came out of the room and planned to go out when he saw Zhuang Dad labeling the small wine bottle.
"What are you doing?"
"I’ll label these small wine bottles and sell them."
"How much are you going to sell this small bottle?"
"This wine can cure diseases. Sell it for less than 1 yuan a bottle."
"Can someone buy a dollar?" Old Chen Dao "I think you’d better stop messing around with these little things and let’s build the winery. How much can you sell this?"