However, there are also many people who frown slightly, such as Hung Lei, the on-site conductor

He is a little upset!
According to his previous suggestion, the three men shouted slogans and threw them at me. It was too stupid and too stupid!
These three people are now sad in the blue star Terran camp to turn back and sneak attack on their nearest blue star Terran!
Defensive enemy forts are often broken from the Ministry!
The same sneak attack from friendly forces is also the most deadly!
In that case, Blue Star will definitely be reduced by three or four quasi-planets!
In this way, their Eldar can directly lock the victory!
However, it is suggested that Hung Lei give it to Lei Ming, and Lei Ming has also discussed it with Shuguang several times. Dawn just doesn’t agree!
Others can turn to the enemy at the cold feet and help the Eldar to play the Blue Star master together, but they will never commit suicide!
That’s right. Dawn told him to tell three quasi-planets that backstab Blue Star Terran committed suicide during the war.
Although the Blue Star Terran is in constant dispute with the six major joint areas, it is extremely bloody in the war!
Kill those who flee in cold war!
Defectors killed in cold war!
Kill before you get cold feet!
This is a hundred years ago, since the Great Age of Genes, rules have been set on the battlefield.
Once such a person appears in the elite battle of the top strong, the attitude of the six joint zones of Blue Star is to give priority to slaying!
Even if you don’t kill the enemy, you must kill such a person first.
Especially defectors!
So if Dawning three quasi-planet strong defected to backstab Blue Star strong during the war, then three people will die on this side of Blue Star Terran!
Other military experts will panic in the defectors even if they are injured!
This is a precedent!
Therefore, for this kind of meeting, when betraying backstab Blue Star, we refuse to discuss the dawn more firmly!
Others can fight in the Eldar camp.
But I will never do anything to die directly!
Lei Yinai can accept it!
A strong star can die in battle, but it’s hard for you to call him suicide!
It’s hard to be in the Eldar Department!
In this case, the so-called stupid phenomenon in Pei Tiefeng’s mouth appeared!
Three traitors shouted slogans and threw themselves into the Eldar camp.
But pull the trigger.
The three people’s vote is like inspiring a hornet’s nest, and the horse behind them has a quasi-planet strong and strong pursuit!
And more than three!
Defectors will be killed when they get cold feet!
Pei Tiefeng has long been arranged to secretly command and instruct other quasi-planets to temporarily contain an opponent.
The horse has seven quasi-planets chasing dawn and three traitors chasing after it!
Watching the blue star Terran quasi-planet come after the corresponding position quasi-planet on the Eldar side is nasty.
Want to launch an attack!
But what a coincidence! Unfortunately, these three defected quasi-planets blocked their attack route very coincidentally!
Attack these three terrans who defected?
It doesn’t seem so good!
Do you even want to kill the blue star Terran who defected or kill it in public? After that, no blue star Terran dares to defect.
All Blue Star Terrans will fight to the death!
Defeat and surrender are both dead, it is better to fight to the death!
Very coincidentally, Hung Lei thought so, so he hesitated and didn’t command!
It would be a tragedy if there is no command to be affected by these three defected quasi-planet strong men.
Hit hard on the spot!
Seven quasi-planets in the rear defected when they launched a deadly attack, but these three quasi-planets magically hid in the past.
Lucky or bad, two strong Eldar quasi-planets were on fire!
Six against two!
Three against one!
One fell on the spot and the other was seriously injured on the spot!
Hung Lei eyes instantly stared a roll!