Li Chang asked with surprise

Although it is difficult to gather gas or be nuanced.
But compared with breaking through to grade A, the difficulty is directly lower to an amazing level, okay?
Moreover, even those powerful Gu Wu experts in the game say that Coriolus versicolor is a wizard of Gu Wu, which means that it is still very likely that she will cultivate to gather gas or be nuanced.
Coriolus versicolor replied "no"
Li Chang had a narrow squeak and choked to death there.
"I can’t help it. After all, it’s a town-level martial arts. I’m afraid it’s hard to keep pace with me. This is what the owner told me."
Coriolus versicolor shook his head and said, "The master’s meaning is very obvious. Although the ice qi is fierce, the development limit is not high. This achievement method is simply that he created it later. If I practice the ice qi, I am afraid it will be difficult to reach this height."
"You mean …"
Coriolus versicolor said, "I need a new skill, which is more advanced than the true qi of ice. The head of the practice has recommended me a method called Jiuyin Zhenjing, and I have heard the players discuss that Jiuyin Zhenjing is hidden in a sword. If the sword is reincarnated in the hands of a BOSS, I will try to break it, and then I can get the skill inside."
"How much does it cost to get you into that reincarnation?"
Li Chang gets excited.
In fact, he has been squeezed by Coriolus versicolor for more than a month.
The Songshan Sect’s achievements have been supplemented by Huashan Mountain, and its level has risen greatly, and the price has also risen with the tide.
Coriolus versicolor expressed his apologies and sincerity, but bought all the martial arts in one breath, no matter what.
Li Changyi is quite reluctant. After all, he is the director of the Institute of Different Arts, but now all the different artists are practicing Wushu, and the biggest expenditure of the Institute is actually Wushu learning …
Let him always feel that the whole institute has a feeling of being unprofessional.
Moreover, it is also a big problem how to explain to the behind-the-scenes financier.
If the gold masters are different artists, they are not powerful fighters.
But he promised versicolor that it was always difficult to refuse … It can be said that his long-term limit is too low.
But this time,
He took the initiative to ask, and he was very eager.
How much money I must win.
The A-level hope has a gambling value even if it is ten to one.
"Of course, money needs a lot, but money alone can’t buy it."
Coriolus versicolor shook his head. "I asked the owner if he wanted to break through the A-level, I’m afraid he had to be a peerless achievement method at the very least … and the peerless achievement method can’t be bought in Zongmen, and only those who have reincarnation can qualify to enter reincarnation. At present, the total number of players in the game has exceeded 10,000, but now the number of people who choose reincarnation from these players is only more than 50."
Li Chang was amazed. "Is it so strict?"
"And I got reliable information from the boss."
Coriolus versicolor said, "According to the owner, the game will soon usher in a big update. After the update, the number of reincarnation will be allocated to each clan in an indicator way … that is to say, only the most elite and powerful brothers of each clan can become reincarnation."
"Your level is now …"
"level 3"
"that’s the highest level at present."
"level 39"
Li Chang asked, "Can the grade be chased?"
Coriolus versicolor shook his head. "I’m a real sword and a real gun. This is purely the practice of practicing martial arts. If I really fight, I’m afraid that players of Grade 267 will be able to hang me." Limited "OL is, after all, a Gu Wu game. Unless the head sends out a main game with different skills, I can bring them in. Otherwise, my base belongs to the type of hanging by leaps and bounds."
"What can I do?"
Li Chang was in a hurry.
A level.
That’s an a-level