Yuan Hongyu stayed and turned to look at the mountainside. He saw a figure standing and a big tree looking at this side.

The hillside was dark at night, but Yuan Hongyu couldn’t help frowning when he knew the identity of the man. "I have nothing to say to him."
Xuan Fengchang said, "You can’t get rid of the road that belongs to you, so you must finish it."
Yuan Hongyu hesitated. "But I …"
Taoist Xuanfeng said, "If you break it, you will break it or you will be disturbed."
Yuan Hongyu no longer insisted on going to the mountainside alone when he said this.
For a moment, Yuan Hongyu came to the man and said indifferently, "Zhang Tianhong, what do you want with me?"
The tree Zhang Tianhong’s face is fuzzy and indistinguishable, but it is somewhat indifferent.
"I came to you to tell you that my master has left Bixia Peak."
Yuan Hongyu was shocked and indifferent. "Thank you for waking up. I should go back to rest."
Zhang Tianhong said, "Yuan Hongyu, I am giving you a chance. If you are willing to come back to me, everything will be as if it never happened, otherwise you will regret it."
Yuan Hongyu said coldly, "You and I have been feuding for days. I hope you don’t pester me."
The words flashed away, and Zhang Tianhong was so angry that he roared and cursed.
"Alas, it’s a pity that such a handsome young man will be dumped. It’s really …"
There was some ridicule in the charming voice, and Zhang Tianhong was angry and shouted, "Who is coming out!"
Giggling and smiling, the woman in the dark said, "How dare I come out so fierce?"
Zhang Tianhong nu way "you don’t come out I can’t find you? You also underestimate me. "
Talking, Zhang Tianhong’s figure flashed through the mountains like a ghost.
"Yo, the posture is very fast. It’s not the kui that BiXia Peak comes out."
In charming smile, a slender figure jumped out of the Woods and stopped at night.
Zhang Tianhong chased after him, then flew half-staring at the front and exclaimed, "It’s you!"
The woman is charming. "Why do you want to skin me or pull my muscles?"
Zhang Tianhong said indifferently, "Shut up. I don’t want you to talk nonsense. Just say what you want."
In the night, the woman can’t see her face clearly, but her voice is very moving, which is somewhat charming.
"I don’t have any purpose but to feel wronged when I meet you. Your appearance and identity are more than enough for that Yuan Hongyu, but who wants to be dumped by her instead? I’m really not worth it for you."
Zhang Tianhong roared, "that’s enough. I don’t want to hear this anymore. Get out of here. I’m in a bad mood tonight."
The woman laughed. "Don’t be angry. At least it’s an acquaintance. I’ll give you a suggestion and maybe you’ll adopt it."
Zhang Tianhong looked at her suspiciously and questioned, "Would you be so kind?"
The woman was sad when she heard this. "I mean well, but you still doubt that I’m a good man. Forget it. If you don’t say it," she said, and she was about to leave.
See her turn Zhang Tianhong stopped her "what advice do you say"
The woman gave him a white look and grinned. "The best way to get something is not to destroy it, but to let others get it."
Zhang Tianhong wondered, "What exactly do you want to say?"
The woman chuckled, "I mean it’s simple. You can … you can feel better then … Hehe, isn’t it better?"
Zhang Tianhong hesitated for a long time and sank, "I like it hard enough."
That Nv Jiao laughed. "Remember to thank me in the future. Giggle …"
Laughing, the mysterious woman left.
After leaving Xiaojieling Aoki took the snow phoenix instrument Liu Yunyang and soon found an inn to settle down.
Because Liu Yunyang was in poor health, Aoki didn’t bother him, so Liu Yunyang was left in the house.
Sitting at the table, Xue Fengyi asked, "How has Yunyang recovered now?"
Liu Yunyang said, "Don’t worry, you lost a lot of real money to me all the way. Now I have nothing to worry about. I will recover in one night."
Xue Fengyi breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I’m relieved if you’re all right. Now you have a good breath, I’ll protect you."
Liu Yunyang hesitated. "It’s getting late. You’d better go to rest. I can do it myself."