be sorry

Can granduncle and younger generation finish your explanation?
When my heart is desperate, everything in front of me seems to have fallen into a freeze. Suddenly, even the blade near the eyebrow peak stops in place.
an instant
Blood spatter
Janice charming body yishan consciousness a piece of white.
Bodies around her burst like smoke, and the skull was broken, the limbs were decomposed, and the plasma sputtered into the depths of the pupil.
Just like a beautiful picture.
Sad and miserable
When Janice gave a shudder and came to his senses, he also resumed the flow rate, and flesh and blood fell from the sky
"Going …"
Blood and rain spread everywhere.
In the rain of blood all over the sky, a man in black stood quietly with his hands on his back, and all the blood fell and became his ornament.
"Where are people?" Zhoujiamankou
"Gollum …"
Janice’s throat rolling consciousness mouth
"And you are?"
"lucia, let me come" Zhou Jiadao.
"She said that taking a person out of the temple is willing to exchange manufacturing technology."
"You are a senior in lucia, please help?" Janice orbital beating nasty way
"Not good!"
"There are two warriors from Shenqu who went after the Messiah. They went there. Come on …"
Before her voice fell, she felt as if she were walking on clouds, and the scenery on both sides flew backward and suddenly appeared in front of a carriage.
While the man in black stood by the carriage, holding a god domain in his hands and gently squeezing his palm.
The warrior in Shenqu shot his head in the head and his body fell to the ground softly.
Just one or two breaths, the other party actually finished three things: looking for someone, coming to the place, and killing the warriors in the God domain.
It seems that others are completely different in each other’s ideas.
Janice heart hair cold this but also can not consider so much quickly lift the car curtain to look into the mouth is anxious way
"Messiah, you …"
"Where are people?"
At the eye, there are three unconscious and pregnant women who are expected by the temple and the anti-religion, but the Messiah is nowhere to be found.
"What’s the matter?"
Zhou Jia patted his hands and stepped closer.
"People are not in it?"
"No" Janice was pale and head source force to stimulate three girls to wake up before they regained consciousness and asked hastily.
"What’s the matter?"