Chapter 29 Characteristics Xuanzang

Li Guxin walked slowly with his hands on his shoulders.
Beside him, a white emperor with a towering nose and a strange instrument in his hand was reciting spells and calculating something silently.
A moment later
"Over there!"
In the darkness, the white emperor’s tone export immediately had more than a dozen black shadows rushing in the direction he pointed out, and the speed was amazing.
"Surprisingly …" Li Guxin looked back at a glance.
"I can’t believe he’s not at home."
"Destiny has its own providence", and the white emperor is indifferent.
"They can often escape the pitfalls, and they can be driven to meet their destiny and get what they want."
"Really?" Li Guxin’s feelings remain unchanged.
"It’s a pity that I don’t believe in fate."
"Believe it or not, some things won’t change." White Tilly chuckled.
"Just as what we are going to do today is that my Lord personally ordered the extermination, which may affect the future variables."
"God’s crisis can only be seen when it comes."
"It’s invincible to clear variables before God knows the Oracle."
As they walked, they said that the direction was exactly where the Buddha Palace was.
"Ye Xiong deserves to be the master of the Emperor’s clan, which is omitted." Although Li Guxin did not understand divination, he still expressed admiration.
"hey!" White emperor sighs lightly.
"In fact, I’m far behind my younger brother in divination algorithm. Unfortunately, my younger brother chose a different path, otherwise it would be so troublesome to have him today."
"Oh!" Li Guxin’s eyes twitched.
"But that one counts three times a day?"
"Good" white emperor nodded.
"He should be nearby, too. The fate of all ethnic groups in Hongzeyu has been decided. If he wants to go further, he will come and testify in person."
"I heard that …" Li Guxin mouth.
"It was this person who first pointed out that the Zhao family was eccentric."
"Exactly." The white emperor’s face was dignified.
"Zhao Fujia … it’s a pity that we can’t start work towards him."
Before today, God also ordered the imperial court to deal with the first master of Hongzeyu, Shenyuan third-order silver.
Plus Zhao Fujia is in a strange place. Although they secretly stopped several rounds of killing, they all fell short with one exception.
"Need to worry" Li Guxin mouth
"Zhao Fujia will never be able to prove the former patriarch of the Golden Xuantianmeng. He is a friend and he personally said that there is little hope."
Di Li in white chuckled and said nothing.
Only when they have truly seen the strength of golden creatures can they realize the desperate barrier between the two.
Break through silver?
Almost a delusion!
Even the first master in Hongzeyu can’t be advanced, but he is in danger, but he is definitely suspicious. This is a divine instruction.
And today’s goal
Destroy the world!
Their strength is far from being a threat to God, but God must have found something since he spent his divine power to send his will.
A thick thunder suddenly appeared in the front
Thunder rushes out from the ground and penetrates into the dark and thick clouds, standing like a thunder beam.
Even if the light beam stands still, the ground trembles for miles in Fiona Fang.
The power of terror made the whole Taiping House look askance.
very short time
I don’t know how many sleeping people wake up from their dreams. It seems that many strong people are scared and their backs are cold.
"What is this?"
Li Guxin, white emperor li glances all see dignified.
"If you don’t use foreign things, you can do absolutely no more than ten people in Hongze domain!"
Liguxin sinkhole