Yang Yeqian smiled and bowed his head and said, "Alas, I can’t help it. My shortcoming is that I am too loving."

"Why didn’t I find it earlier?" Mrs. Yang Lao shook her head in surprise. "You really deserve to be a descendant of Hidden Blade. You are so much like him."
At this time, the red domain master came forward and shook hands with Lan Yao at night. "Well, if there is no problem, you can start now. We are looking forward to your victory here."
"good! You just watch it. "Yang Ye also became excited, pulled up Lan Yao’s beheaded hand, turned around and suddenly turned back." Hey, Lord, where are we going? "
Red domain Lord looked up slightly and sighed and said, "Dream back to the Tang Dynasty."
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It was the scorching sun when Yang Yelan demon cut the street and looked at each other with surprise.
Before the blue demon beheaded, Yang night wore a narrow-sleeved round neck gown and a white collar; White cuffs four inches wide drop Yu Pei waist embroidery left embroidery right embroidery before embroidery, and then lace embroidery cuffs, green silk velvet embroidery into ten thousand words. There is a cloud umbrella cover before the head, a corolla cloud dress on the left, a butterfly holding life on the right, a butterfly making a cross trip on the chest, and a butterfly twist buckle … With a spiral gauze hat lip and three strands of clean, smooth, soft, shiny and naturally charming beard hanging down.
Lan Yao beheaded wait for a while, pointing to Yang night, still speechless after confirming that the present person is really red Bi.
Yang Ye’s expression is more surprised than Lan Yao’s beheading. In front of him, Lan Yao’s beheading has been finished, and he has turned into an out-and-out classic beauty. In front of him, the beauty is only veiled, wearing big sleeves with bare breasts, double-breasted, and long skirts decorated with woven and embroidered gauze shawls. The skirt is high and the breast is short and colorful, and the chest is pierced with patterns. The splendid embroidery is fair and just to cover the faint breasts inside. The slender neck is white, the chest is covered with gauze, and the shoulders are faintly visible, which is even more attractive. The so-called "Kirara sees the skin enchanting and charming to recruit hooligans."
"Oh dear! You … you are Lan … What a surprise! " Yang night a face of surprise, pointing to the blue demon cut call sound some big caused the pedestrians to look askance.
Blue demon cut one leng quickly looked down at his face a slight red and stare at Yang night lightly chastising way "surprised? You don’t even know this if you want to wear a certain period of time, do you? "
Yang Ye smiled and waved his hand. "No, no, I think you are so beautiful and attractive in the Tang Dynasty ornaments, which makes me feel an impulse to commit a crime."
"What nonsense?" The blue demon raised his hand in anger and pretended to fight
Yang night quickly hid and said, "Hey, what are you doing? Barbarian girlfriends are not popular in the Tang Dynasty. "
Looking at Lan Yao, he let go and secretly said, "Lan saw you wearing this kind of decoration. I have an idea. It’s a pity that you are wearing clothes in front of me."
You!’ I don’t know if Lan Yao is ashamed or angry. Although his eyes are cold and angry, his heart is jumping more and more exultantly. In situ shout out for half the weather hesitated a look at Yang night and said, "Red Bi is not a time for mischief. Let’s do things according to the domain owner."
Yang night also sighed and stared at the blue demon chop. After listening to this, he stared blankly for a moment, remembering that the domain master had confessed that the Tang Dynasty had perished!
Undeniably, the disappearance of the prosperous Tang Dynasty will directly lead to the distortion and change of the historical track behind it. The red domain owner believes that there must be something strange in this, and the scorching sun has come to this period of history, but the domain owner has lost the arrangement. When Yang Yelan demon cut the previous period, he went back to this period of history to find the scorching sun and save and correct the historical development track.
In the blink of an eye, Kung Fu Yang Ye and Lan Yao beheaded in the Tang Dynasty. It is obvious that everything around has changed. The people’s department is tied with a bun and a hoe, wearing a narrow-sleeved t-shirt, and saying hello to people when they meet. Those women are also dressed in narrow-sleeved shirts, Confucianism, long skirts, long shoulders, long scarves, high-heeled shoes, double-breasted, right-handed and short-sleeved.
And Yang Ye and Lan Yao cut back. This place turned out to be a street with pawnbrokers, cloth shops, restaurants, expert outpatient wedding photography, 24-hour supermarkets, pet shops, etc. I don’t know if it’s a weekend, and the streets are bustling with people.
"Where are we going?" Yang night saw the blue demon cut one eye.
Lan Yaochop hesitated and shook his head. He may still be unaccustomed to raising his hand and dragging a veil over his shoulder. "I’m not sure because you and I don’t know the identity of this historical period yet."
Yang night nodded and looked around morosely. "What a trouble! If you want to find Nan Rong Fantasy here, it’s really like looking for a needle in a haystack! "
"It’s not the sun, it’s the scorching sun," Lan Yao corrected.
"Good good day! I’m just thinking about the sun! My day! " Yang night is a little confused. When she first came to the Tang Dynasty, she was full of anxiety without novelty and curiosity.
"Anyway, let’s find out the identity of the two of us first and then find a place to live." Lan Yao cut a hand and patted Yang Ye’s shoulder with a faint smile when he saw Yang Ye’s frown and heart quiver.
Yang Yexin was in a hurry to be depressed and flustered. He turned his head and just wanted to shout his eyes, but he just fell off the blue demon’s half-exposed cleavage and wiped his chest. His eyes straightened up and then muttered, "Uh-huh! Yes, yes, find an Ann to live in. "
Lan Yao beheaded Yang Ye with a strange expression, and then saw the eyes turned away with anger and ignored him no longer.
Yang night huanguo to god smiled awkwardly and was about to speak when suddenly there was a voice behind him. "Oh, dear brother! What brings you here! It’s hard for me to find you! "
Yang Yeqi turned his head and saw a man of about forty years old. Behind him, Qingxu was fluttering in a white linen embroidered cloud gown and his eyes were facing him with a smile.
Anyway, Yang Ye has been executed several times. Although he was surprised and quickly returned to normal, he was exulting in his heart. Since someone knew him, the man in front of him must know his identity, so the danger in the Tang Dynasty was the first step in the long March!
"ah! Sorry! I ….. "Yang night turned and smiled and picked up his fist but stammered and thought who he was? Who am I? Me? What do you call this?
"Is there anything wrong with the good brother?" The man still holds his fist posture with a face of doubt.
"No, no!" Yang night quickly apologized and smiled and quickly thought about withdrawing the light bulb from the head and continued, "Alas! What a shame! I didn’t want to accidentally fall down when I was wandering around this city just now! I broke my head and now I’m a little confused. I can’t remember who the pavilion is, and I can’t remember who the surname is! " Said Yang night fuels while bowing nai wry smile shook his head.
"oh? So serious? " The man stared at his eyes and was surprised to stroke his beard. He looked at the blue demon behind Yang night and asked anxiously, "Sister in law! My good brother has been hit so hard that you won’t take you out to yiguang! "
Sister in law? The blue demon was stunned.
Sister in law? Yang night is happy.
The man also anxiously wondering Yang night also pretend to be a face of anger twist a head to see the blue demon cut smile a horse turned his head and a face of shame to the man in front of fuels "! Brother, I can’t remember if you don’t tell me. It turns out that she is a bitch! "
The blue demon gnashed her teeth with anger, but she still had a face of guilt and closed her lips.
She has executed more times than Yang Ye, and there is still a reaction to this.
The man shook his head, sighed, twisted his beard and looked at Yang Night and asked, "How do you feel now, my dear brother? What’s the big deal? Let’s go to yiguang now! "
"No, no!" Yang night quickly waved his hand and then laughed. "Brother, I might as well ask you to tell me your last name. I think I will remember everything."
"Ha ha, my good brother’s surname is Peng Mingbo, and the word Qingshan is a flower picker." The man nodded and fuels.
"Oh," Yang night suddenly realized, thinking, what kind of bullshit nickname is this? Then he raised his fist and asked, "Who is that brother?"
"Hehe, the surname is Li, and the white character is Taibai, and the violet lay."
Red domain master has something to do! Yang looked at Lan Yaochop at night and was surprised. Lan Yaochop said the same thing as he thought. The red-printed signal was fierce and violent, which was indeed a kind of urging.
"The horse will leave!" Yang night low call a turn and drag MuYangZheng then walked to wash your hands, blue demon chop followed closely.