"ah!" Portela moved up "really? !”

Juss quickly got up and said, "I would never dare to cheat the count."
"Where are people?" Count portela sat slowly again, but let go of the official document in his hand.
"He’s a mercenary’s bar." Jos has been paying attention to Count portela’s every move. He is very interested in the count’s adult. "The count’s adult can also convert all kinds of graphics into equal areas and lengths. If he can transfer his mathematical knowledge to the magic circle, he will certainly be able to raise the magic circle to a higher level and even make a large number of magic weapons."
Count portela narrowed his eyes and was silent for a moment. Suddenly he shouted, "Do you know how many procedures it takes to make magic weapons?" Is it enough to just draw a picture? Every loop in the magic circle requires the same size when drawing. Without precise magic control, it is easy to be attacked by magic, and how many magicians and dwarf craftsmen are needed to do it casually? Are you trying to defraud credit and reward? "
Earl portela said that Jos was a little shaky in the cold sweat, and hurriedly knelt down and said, "Your Excellency, forgive me."
Luke saw that portela was very interested, but he didn’t expect to suddenly get angry at Qiusi. He hadn’t seen portela get angry for a long time, and quickly got up and pleaded with Qiusi, "The count calmed down. I know that I am a student, and he also wants adults to recommend talents. It is also the idea that Sunset City is strong and wants to get credit."
Count portela looked a little mild and said, "Do you know if it’s wrong, but don’t show off that little knowledge of the magic circle everywhere? You go and call what’s that called, and I’ll personally test him to see if it’s as you say. If you dare to cheat the count, hum."
When Juss heard that portela was going to take an examination of Xia Yu’s mathematics, he was scared and said, "It’s my adult’s lesson. This is to call Xia Yu."
Portela got up and shouted "Eric, come here" outside.
Portela’s voice just fell and a lanky figure appeared at the door. Luke and Qiusi didn’t see where this man came from. When they came, they didn’t see anyone in the courtyard.
Eric is about thirty years old. He looks very lean and indifferent, as if everyone in the world owes him gold coins. He stepped in and bowed to portela at the door and said, "My Lord."
"You take the mayor’s adult to the’ Mercenary Home’ bar to pick up a person," ordered Count portela.
"Yes" Eric doesn’t seem to like to say many words. After saying this is a word, he bowed to the Earl of portela and turned to follow Qiusi to the outside.
After leaving, Juss and Eric said, "portela, you don’t give me a face. Even if my student exaggerates, you don’t get so angry. Juss also likes to study the magic circle as much as you do. When the Fire Dragon College passed the examination of the magic circle ring, it was him who promoted magic. I don’t think he could do it."
Portela and Luke were partners in adventure and trial together. No one spoke without much scruples, so Luke called him portela directly, and even the word count was omitted.
Portela smiled slightly. "Dealing with these genera can’t give them a good face. There’s nothing wrong with recommending a talent to me, but it’s so simple to make magic weapons. The mainland legions have long been equipped with magic weapons. Don’t worry, Luke, I just scare him. I’m looking forward to him really bringing me a mathematical genius. The mainland is a magician, but there are many mathematical geniuses."
Brothers have seen it, and they should also support playing hard.
Chapter 13 rock the boat
Eric and Jules heard loud noise in the bar before they got to the mercenary’s house. Obviously, it wasn’t music. It was noisy and chaotic. Jules had a keen ear. He also heard something like "Come on! Kill this refugee! " "Stop it! Stop it! You will be dead when the boss comes back! " Refugees? It seems that Xia Yu is in line with this title. As soon as Qiusi’s face changed, he ran to the bar, but Eric’s speed and reaction were much faster than Qiusi’s. When he saw Qiusi’s face changed, he thought that it was the Earl’s adult who wanted him to pick up someone. The word’ pick up’ obviously belongs to the guest. Sunset City is very dangerous. Eric doesn’t want to pick up a dead person and go back. Eric’s feet are like stepping on a spring. Two vertical jumps have already reached the bar, and his hands are one point to block the door. A few people are immediately The name of this bar is "Mercenary House". Most of the guests are mercenaries. As soon as a few mercenaries were pushed to the floor, they were so angry that they cursed the two mercenaries for pulling out their swords and wanted to chop people. But their horses stopped because they saw a horrible scene. The mercenary Tiger was actually caught by someone’s belt. Although he was not tall, he was very strong and weighed nearly 200 pounds, but it was ridiculous that he was carried with his hands and feet like a bucket.
At this time, Qiusi also walked into the bar. He saw that Xia Yu was sitting up with his chest covered. At this moment, Xia Yu looked very embarrassed and his face was swollen with blood. A piece of hair was messy and painful. Now Xia Yu was constantly smoking air conditioning. But Qiusi relied on him to keep the magician’s demeanor at ordinary times. The department forgot to take two steps and ran to Xia Yu’s side to hold Xia Yu’s hand. "Mr. Xia Yu, how did you fight with this mercenary?"
Xia Yu was speechless with pain, but his face was full of resentment, which explained the reason. People like Xia Yu, who can’t know Wushu and magic, won’t bother others first. It must be that these full-fledged mercenaries bullied Xia Yu, who was a refugee without a leader, but Roque. Where the hell did Roque go at this time? If there’s something wrong with Xia Yu, I’ll settle accounts with him. Jules angrily said to the waiter at the counter, "Where’s your damn boss?" Go and find me a therapist. "Although Qiusi is a magician, he is a fire and can’t be healed by others. There is water, wood and light in all kinds of magic to cure the magic. There is no special doctor in the polar continent to see a doctor and save people. They are all apprentices who graduated from water, wood and light magic. They are also called therapists. What Qiusi can do now is to lift Xia Yu’s head up to stop nosebleeds.
The waiter is a little boy with white hair. Obviously, he lacks the ability to cope with this sudden incident. He stammered, "When the boss goes out, I can’t go to the therapist, and no one will pay for it."
By this time, Eric had seen what was going on. He kept struggling in his grip and slammed Tiger to the floor. "Bang!" "ouch!" A tiger lay still like a mass of mud, even without breathing, and his bones probably fell apart.
Eric’s cold eyes glanced at everyone at the door, and everyone felt a murderous look that made people feel cold. "No one can leave. Go find someone quickly!" Eric is almost speaking slowly, but he is confident. There are about a dozen mercenaries in the bar, but no one dares to say anything.
The waiter trembled with fear and stammered even more. "I’ll go now." Then he started to run out, fearing that if he left one second late, he would be killed by the demon in front of him.
The waiter just ran to the door when he was caught by one hand. "Harry, where are you going?" God, what’s going on? Is the bar looted by Warcraft when I go out for a while? " Roque, the owner of the mercenary bar, just came back and saw the sample in the bar. He smiled lazily and disappeared with a face of surprise, but his eyes were attracted by Eric’s horse. He felt the murderous look emanating from Eric’s body. Roque’s expression was dignified. He glanced at the bar and saw Joes. "Joes, who did this? Is it him? " Rock refers to a Eric.
"No," Joz shouted angrily when he saw Roark. "Roark, you damn elf, I asked you to take care of people. Is that how you take care of them? Don’t hurry to save people. "
Elves are natural wood magic owners. When Rocco comes, naturally there is no need to find a therapist. Eric has restrained his murderous look, but the people in the bar were taken by his murderous look, and no one dared to sneak out from him.
Roark came to Xia Yu’s side and took a look at the words, "What scares you won’t kill anyone." Even so, Roark or Ma Nian played the elvish spell and released a "growth blessing". The intermediate wood treatment magic wood treatment magic is to accelerate and improve the biological regeneration ability to make the injured and sick people recover. The wood care magic can make the remaining breath alive in an instant. Generally, the magic effect of the magician’s treatment is slower. A thin green air cage covers Xia Yu, Xia Yu’s nosebleeds, and the horse stops the face lump and disappears. Xia Yu is very capable.
"What the hell is going on?" After seeing Xia Yu’s recovery, Qiusi and Rocco asked in a hurry.
Eric see Xia Yu has been able to get up cold way "go! Adults wait. "
Joes remembered that Count portela was still waiting to see Xia Yu. He hurriedly said, "What happened to Roque? Why don’t you ask the little waiter? We’ll settle accounts with you when we come back."
Rocco also saw that Eric was not easy to mess with or a more important person. He nodded to Juss and said, "Be careful."
Juss waved and said, "Don’t worry" and asked Xia Yu, "Can you still go? Your Excellency wants to see you."
Xia Yu organized a "Let’s go, no problem".
w w w
Chapter 14 What is π? (Ask for a recommended collection)
It turned out that Roque and Xia Yu chatted for a while and went out to do business. Xia Yu went to the upstairs bar to ask for a bottle of brandy when he was idle. Xia Yu brewed it himself, and he didn’t feel anything precious. At this time, Xia Yu also made a small fortune and brought thousands of gold coins with him. Even though he knew that brandy was expensive, he didn’t let him worry, but Xia Yu, an ordinary person, drank such expensive brandy and watched the whole bottle, which naturally caused these mercenary notes. It means that the mercenary named Tiger came over to wipe some oil. Xia Yu is not such a stingy person. He invited Tiger to drink two glasses, but everyone tried his best to drink it himself. After drinking, he even called him to be familiar with the mercenaries. Xia Yu naturally didn’t want to be the fool who poured brandy on the floor on the spot. Tiger was humiliated, so there appeared the scene when Jules and Eric returned to the bar.
After listening to Xia Yu’s encounter with Qiusi, he sighed, "It’s my fault. I should tell you some customs of Sunset City in detail. Count portela follows the principle of strength and has no strength. If ordinary people want to be born here, they must pay poll tax to the duke on a regular basis. After paying the poll tax, they will become temporary residents of Sunset City. At the same time, magicians will keep personal records of temporary residents and make magic signs for paying protectors. Temporary residents in the city will be injured or attacked according to the imperial code." Life and property of people who uphold justice but don’t pay poll tax are not protected by imperial laws. Bodies may be exposed on the streets at any time. Maybe we haven’t paid poll tax yet. It’s good that you can stay alive today. "