A group of people followed Luo Ying when he left the cave and walked out of the cave. Luo Ying looked at the mouth of the cave, and the pitfalls poured out without reservation. "Zhang dares to rob me. Let’s see … Chapter 16 Animal Tide broke out!

Chapter 16 beast tide broke out!
Luo Ying left with some down archers …
Wu Yu’s left arm was bleeding constantly. Zhang directly tore off his left arm sleeve to reveal the lotus root-like snow-tired arm. She handed it to her and said, "You are in a mess."
Seeing that everyone has gone away, Zhang exudes momentum and turns pale.
He was shaking and smiling. "What’s the mess? I ran away from a group of people by myself, but you didn’t worship me and ran on me. "
"I don’t care about you this time. It’s hard to stab an arm. Now it’s all scarred." Wu Yu frowned at Zhang Yang’s bleeding left arm.
Zhang took Wu Yu and handed me the black sleeve, which devoured the spirit, and the blood from the sea blocked the left arm wound and then went to the mouth of the cave.
"We have to get out of here. Wang Feng can come here, and maybe there will be people. I don’t have much strength left now, and it’s hard for the two of us to resist the run."
Wu Yu nodded. "You’re right. This place is very dangerous. Let’s go back to the top of the mountain! Raise the injury first and then leave. "
Zhang replied that the tomahawk disappeared and staggered towards the mouth of the cave.
At that time, he was able to lose money and hurt his body. At that time, he was strong enough to intimidate Luo Ying and others. Now those people have no strength to stay away from Zhang.
Wu Yu went to Zhang and grabbed his sleeve. His hands flashed and tied the sleeve to Zhang’s left arm wound.
Then she directly pulled Zhang’s right arm around her neck and said flatly, "Just wait for you to walk to the top of the mountain and give you a hand at dawn."
Zhang silly smile whole body some relaxed as Wu Yu out of the cave.
Wu Yu gave him a white look with Zhang Yang’s heart. "Don’t flatter yourself. I don’t think you are too slow and then I will cut you directly!"
"Not so hard! I that is enough men not self-harm "Zhang objected.
"When I say self-harm, I mean self-harm."
"ah! Don’t pinch my left arm. Can’t I give up? Is self-harm. "
"Hurry up and be honest, don’t touch it or I’ll chop it up!"
"Don’t …"
Zhang Yang Wu Yu ran to the top of the mountain talking and laughing …
After three days of rest in the original cave, Zhang Yang’s strength rose to the peak of a one-week martial arts master, and he expected that the breakthrough to two stars would not be long.
Once again, they left the top of the mountain and went to the mountain. The mountain was very smooth. I didn’t meet it, but I met some fighters, and I didn’t dare to make moves for the two martial artists.
Zhang Yang and Wu Yu have been hunting wild animals in the forest. First, they can exercise martial arts, and second, they can satisfy their hunger or peel off their fur to make clothes.
There was a time when Zhang complained that the killer organization was reluctant to give even a few clothes, but he had his own way to kill many wild animals. Naturally, the clothes made of animal skins were warm and strong.
In this way, Zhang and Yang wandered in the forest or some mountains. After a week, they never saw Nangong Qi Li Dabao.
A young warrior let Zhang know one thing during the war, but he didn’t know who the island said, "The beauty Wu Yu and the beast Zhang Yang combination robbed the first captain of the ring, and there are countless scrolls."
How can two people get so many treasures without making some forces on the island greedy? Since then, there will often be more than 50 people or 100-member groups on the island looking for words to make a fuss.
It’s not very obvious to call Zhang Yang the beast. Most people don’t know who he is when they see him.
However, Wu Yu, who is called beauty, often attracts others’ attention. Even though Wu Yu’s name is unknown, her beautiful face attracts many people’s attention, and the combination of the two naturally causes many people’s doubts.
But a Samsung Martial Arts Master who knew about it came to Zhang Yang and Wu Yu’s fish combination and suspected that he had done it to two people. As a result, the Martial Arts Master was beheaded by Zhang Yang and divided by two, which was solved by Wu Yu.
Very well, it was Luo Ying who went out. At that time, Zhang Yang was not strong enough to fight against Luo Ying. Only three people would let three people go, otherwise how could they kill the wolf and return to the mountain?
In order not to cause an attack, Wu Yu covered his face. Zhang Yang can’t deny that his natural enemies will be hurt against the five-star martial arts master. There are many people.
I heard Yao Xiang say that there have been masters and pro-year killers on the island. If you meet such people, Zhang Yanggen can’t resist it, and Wu Yumeng’s life is much calmer.
On this day, the sun is shining brightly, the blue sky is full of white clouds.
Zhang Yang and Wu Yu are sitting on a branch of a tall giant tree, 50 meters high, leisurely eating Lingguo, and also sitting on Zhang Yang’s shoulder with two small paws holding Lingguo and tasting it sweetly.
"Brother Xiaoyang, this fruit is not very sweet. I want a sugar bean to moisten my throat." The velvet is as beautiful as nature, and Zhang Yang’s ear rings.
Zhang Yang smiled and took out a white jade bottle from the ring, poured out a dimeric panacea and handed it to Rongrong, then waved the bottle and said, "I’ll find you some more when the last one is gone."
There are ten dimeric elixirs in this bottle found from Wang Feng ring, which is of great help to the martial arts master’s cultivation. The energy consumed by Zhang Yang’s spirit-devouring tactic is quite overbearing, and there are many elixirs, which are not bad.
Wu Yu insisted on not wanting this Dan medicine, and finally became a "sugar bean" with velvet eyes.
It’s really jealous to kill Zhang Yang if he doesn’t eat such a precious Dan medicine but treats it as sugar peas.
Rongrong directly threw the dimeric elixir into a small mouth and chewed it, while vaguely saying, "Yi Ya … delicious!"