Now that she’s torn it down, she’s done it. What does he want with her?

You have a cold eyebrow eye staring intently at the wound, and your thin lips are tightly pressed into a straight line, and you don’t speak or talk to her.
Then he suddenly pulled her and pushed her to the round stool at the table. Chapter 1567 You can wait for the palace to pass.
Gu Xi Xi sat down and gently took her gesture to tie the bandage for her again.
Gu Xixi’s heart trembled again and suddenly pressed his hand. "What are you doing?"
The man looked at her like an idiot, and his thin lips spit out a disdainful scorn, but soon the burning sight still gripped her wrist tightly.
"You can’t always repackage it yourself like this?"
A deep voice was mingled with a few unseen feelings of distress, and perhaps he didn’t even notice it himself.
Gu Xixi is like asking, is this a slap and a sweet jujube?
It’s a pity that she doesn’t like dates.
Holding hands and smiling, "You underestimate the slave. It’s such a simple thing that the slave can come by himself."
Jun Yi-han’s look hasn’t changed, even his eyes haven’t fluctuated at all. "Even the doctor’s bag is so ugly. How good can you be as a slave?" He paused and added, "I don’t want you to be unsightly in front of such an ugly face!"
Gu Xi Xi took a deep breath, and his eyes consciously fell to other places beside him and stopped seeing him.
This man is so unpredictable that she can’t see through it. Just don’t look at it. Just stay with him quietly.
Just because she doesn’t talk doesn’t mean that men will let her go. When they crouch in front of her and put the bandage back in circles, he suddenly said, "Did the palace say that you can’t be hugged again?"
In a deep voice, the anger line is tight and straight.
Gu Xixi couldn’t help but look at him and bump into his indifferent and expensive side face. Even if she squatted down, she still looked like the most dazzling sun in the sky, spotless and elegant.
She could pry something out of his calm expression.
Is it because he is too much and she is a slave that even the standard of measurement is double?
She just let a little eunuch hold her, but he held a woman in his arms. Can it be the same?
"I couldn’t find anyone else at that time."
A thousand words finally turned into such a sentence, "Do you want the slave to walk by himself?"
You have a slight cold move, and your eyes are hanging lightly. "You can wait for the palace to pass."
"What are you waiting for?"
Come and hug her after he releases another woman, or wait until he changes his mind like today, abandon her and get it back from Moxi?
If it had been a few days ago, maybe she would have waited, because his words and deeds made her feel that there was hope after waiting.
But these days …
She didn’t think of him at that time, or that his thoughts were fleeting because he didn’t want her anymore. Even if she begged him, she might be rejected by him. In that case, she would have to ask for trouble again?
Jun Yi Han frowned. The exact words have reached his mouth, but I don’t know what suddenly occurred to him. The dark and deep eyes suddenly squinted and quickly flashed a cold and cold light, so he didn’t continue to talk.
"all right"
Jun Yi-han bandaged her and said, "Come to the palace when you change your medicine."
Gu Xi Xi one leng "well chapter 1568 1568 so looking at the palace?
"It’s hard to understand that you come to the palace when you change your medicine every day?"
You have a cold cold glanced at her impatient tunnel
Gu Xi Xi pie pie is not difficult to understand, but obviously it is not sensible. Is it understandable that he has nothing to do to help her dress the wound?
"I know, thank you very much."