"Yesterday was an accident" would rather swear that "today is based on strength"

The car stopped at the door of a skyscraper called "Huasheng Building" and would rather walk in first.
"What are you doing here?" Trail "This seems to be a business district."
"Yes, today’s game is here." I would rather say, "Just come with me."
Xiao Man’s belly is full of doubts. I would rather walk for a long time and finally walk to a table. I would rather whisper for a long time and get two beautiful cards and hand them to the little one. "Here, take it."
"What is this?" Look down on the card and write a "No.30"
"This is an auction," I’d rather say, "I paid a deposit of 10 million in advance for both numbers. We’ll see who can get something better later."
"Ten million!" Small feel a little shocked "to spend so much money? What is this? "
"It’s our vision and judgment." I’d rather gloat, "There are a lot of things to be auctioned today, and there are also many priceless treasures. Ten million is neither too much nor too little, which just tests who can get the best deal."
"How do you judge who has photographed something more valuable?" Small asked
"It’s very simple," I’d rather say, "As soon as the auction is over, I’ll invite three international special appraisers to come over for appraisal. Their common conclusion should be credible."
"That … well," the little heart couldn’t help but look at Xiao Yun again.
Xiao Yun nodded at the little girl. Compared with yesterday, today she still has some confidence. After all, Miss Winner Group has a research on these valuable things.
By the way, one more thing, I’d rather think about it and add, "I’ll give you what you photographed today, whether it’s good or bad."
"Uh …" A little surprised. "It’s very kind of you."
He would rather smile proudly but stop talking. He is also a very arrogant person. Ten million is far from a victory in his mind. To say the least, if Xiaozhen buys the baby, he will resolutely refuse to take advantage and keep it for himself.
The floor of the auction hall is covered with an expensive red carpet, which is divided into boxes. This is to let the auctioneer not reveal his identity. He took Xiao Yun to box 30 and Ning Qing followed him. He would rather walk into box 37 alone.
Then a young lady brought all kinds of snacks and drinks, and it was auctioned after a while.
The first auction treasure is a green jade Buddha statue. The host introduced that "this Buddha statue is carved from a whole piece of green jade, and the whole piece of jade is pure and flawed. There is a little flaw in the bottom position, and the carving time of the Buddha statue is even more remarkable. The little flaw of green jade is just hidden in the clouds at the foot of the Buddha statue. The auction base price of this Buddha statue is 2 million, and the price is increased by 100 thousand each time." He knocked on the hammer to "bid now."
"We don’t?" A little nervous asked Xiao Yun
"No," Xiao Yun explained, "Generally, this kind of auction is more precious as we go back. We have 10 million. There is no need to rush this small scene."
Trail "Then when shall we?"
"Wait," Xiao Yun said. "We have 10 million in hand, so wait until the reserve price is 67 million."
The price of this Buddha statue has grown from 2.1 million to 3.2 million, so no one will continue to pay. It really is what Xiao Yun calls a "small scene."
After half an hour, several things were auctioned off one after another, and none of them exceeded 5 million. Xiao Yun’s attention has been slowly getting up, and it’s almost time to sell.
This kind of auction is really the most test of vision and ability to grasp the timing. Generally, the value of cultural relics and treasures is quite volatile. The same thing may cost 10 million or 20 million keys, depending on whether the price you call is in place or not. Whether the timing is right or not is a strange thing for people. The change of animal mentality often depends on the feeling in an instant. Almost every auction, people will take advantage of it to buy quite valuable things, and some people will buy them back at a high price, which is far from the price.
What’s more, high-end auctions often fall to some super-rich people to compare and show off the stage. To this extent, it has nothing to do with the price of goods.
This time it was a sword.
The whole sword is dark. It doesn’t look bright. The scabbard pattern is very complicated and simple. The structure of the sword is heavy. Obviously, the decoration is far greater than the reality.
As soon as this sword was taken out, I felt Xiao Yun look serious.
"Is the teacher elder sister going to shoot?" Looking forward to looking at Xiao Yun.
Xiao Yun look a little odd look at the small "didn’t you see? This is a flying sword. "
"Fly … fly sword …" Swallowed a mouthful of saliva. "What kind of fly sword is the fix true person?"
Xiao Yun nodded. "It’s really strange how someone who fixes the truth left the flying sword behind, but for normal people, this flying sword has no meaning, and its value still depends on its historical years and artistic value."
At this time, the host has finished the introduction, to the effect that this sword was unearthed in an ancient tomb. It has a history of thousands of years. Its strange shape can highlight the artistic level of ancient craftsmen. At the end of the class, he said, "The auction base price of this black ink sword is 7 million, and the minimum price is 500 thousand now."
"Do you want to try?" I’m still a little fancy in my heart. This sword is a flying sword. Oh, I’m short of a flying sword. It’s quite embarrassing to rely on others’ "downwind sword" to travel for years.
"Try it," Xiao Yun said. "Why don’t you … report 7.5 million first?"
At this point, the host was very excited and said, "Mr. No.37 has already quoted 10 million and directly quoted 10 million!"
Isn’t the 37th rather?
Look at Xiao Yun Xiao Yun and look at Xiao Yun again. Suddenly, I am a little dumbfounded. I would rather have nothing to do. They never thought that they would rather quote 10 million directly at a price.
Ten million is nothing to the rich people who participate in the auction, but it is very uncomfortable for a small person, because according to the rules, he can limit it to ten million
That is to say, if you want to buy this sword, there is obviously no chance. Now it depends on whether there is anyone who would rather grab it.
"This sword should be just so-so in the eyes of normal people," Xiao Yun said with a frown. "Even if I would rather get this sword, it doesn’t mean that he won."
A little nod is also a little confused.
The host has counted down to "10 million for the first time, 10 million for the second time, 10 million for the third … Ah, Mr. 57, the price is 11 million. Does anyone want to continue bidding?"
The venue is quiet. This sword is really not worth so much in the eyes of everyone, that is, it is a Gu Jian with some historical value. Just look at the scabbard pattern and it is not necessarily how high it is. Everyone chose to give up.
As a result, Xuan Mo Jian was taken by No.57 for eleven million yuan.
Xiao Chang heaved a sigh of relief and put his heart at rest. "That was a close call, a baby. We have to watch it carefully."