In that case, play with them!

So thinking about Su Ling soon stopped a few meters away from Xia Xiaoxue, and looked at the broken arrow in his hand, and immediately thought about it.
Guan Qing and Huang Yin’s dust attacked most men in black. Although both of them were not weak, the situation was deadlocked because of the large number of the other party.
Xia Xiaoxue’s hair kept dancing behind her as she confronted her posture, and the three of them were quite comfortable with their opponents. You came and I suddenly surrounded them in a circle. Several men in black fell to the ground inexplicably, and at the same time, they seemed to have some fishy hot liquid splashed on several people’s clothes.
Almost at the same time, Guan Qing and Huang Yin’s face changed slightly, and both narrowed their eyes to identify the reason why the men in black suddenly fell down. Xia Xiaoxue was different because she was curious. Just now something seemed to fly by her ear, and it was that moment that she felt that the men in black should fall down in front of her.
Looking intently at the ground, I saw that the men in black were all unknown, and their eyes suddenly bulged and died, and scarlet blood was flowing out of their temples.
Xia Xiaoxue looked around, including Guan Qing and Huang Yinchen. When the three men noticed at the same time that more and more black men seemed to fall to the ground and die, they couldn’t help but set their sights a few steps away. They were sitting cross-legged and slender, white and tender, and there seemed to be a slingshot-like thing in their hands, and there were many stones Su Ling in the skirt where their legs were bent.
See her pretty face slightly taut with one hand holding a slingshot that looks like a broken arrow, squint a pair of shrewd eyes, pick up a stone and put it on the slingshot, and swish it to break the stone. When several people crossed the arc in front of them, almost at the same time, a black dress person instantly fell to the ground!
It was not until half of the men in black in the war circle were killed by Guan Qing and Huang Yin dust Su Ling that the remaining talents flashed out of panic.
But check the black dress person Xia Xiaoxue and Guan Qing looked at Su Ling at this time, and her face and expression changed. She doesn’t show mountains and rivers on weekdays, but if she doesn’t show them, she will directly take people’s lives as soon as she shows them. Can she be friends happily?
What else can she do that is hidden?
Black dress person looked at a few people who had stopped with a little panic, and then all eyes were fixed on Su Ling sitting on the grass.
I don’t know who shouted "kill her" in the chaos. After the voice landed, all the men in black turned to Su Ling.
At that time, there were not many men in black who killed Su Ling before they wanted to, but they were already in flight, just like a fragmented posture. Burn Yin dust and Guan Qing looked at each other for a moment, and both of them joined hands to flourish. generate contributed to restore calm after they played.
You can hear men in black who are lying on the grass and seriously injured by the force whining around.
Su Ling was holding a slingshot in one hand and a sharp stone on the surface. After hearing the sound, she looked up and saw Guan Qing and Huang Yin’s dust Xia Xiaoxue walking slowly side by side in her direction.
It’s not that she doesn’t want to get up and sit cross-legged to save energy, and there are stones on her skirt. It’s hard to find so many sharp stones that can be used as weapons. What a pity!
When Su Ling lifted her head and looked at the three black shadows in front of her, she gently coughed a pair of people and animals and laughed and said, "What distance is a bit far from mastering the temperature! Count me in if the clothes are dirty! "
She didn’t ignore the fact that there was a big pool of blood hanging from Shinohara’s snow skirt, and there was also a burning dust costume. However, Guan Qing was a little bitter. She just flew out of a stone and just hit the head of the black man in front of him. As a result, the black man fell instantly and was injured. The temple gate was on his face. Guan Qing’s enchanting face slipped three bloodstains along the left side of his cheek, which seemed to be unbearable to look straight!
The three of them stood side by side, and there were three trials. I felt that Youqing raised her hand and rubbed her cheek for a while. Then her fingertips grinded blood and hooked her lips, but she sneered at Huangyin dust. "I want to compete fairly with you. What do you think?"
Huang Yin’s eyes are dark, but he looks askance at you and looks like he’s licking his face, sipping his sharp lips and saying, "Whatever!"
Words fall away!
Su Ling pricked Feng’s eyes and didn’t teach him a lesson, so he wouldn’t know what all that glitters is not gold!
Huang Yin dust turned around and Su Ling took out three stones from the skirt and pointed them at his back, so that you wouldn’t know what a peach blossom with a human face is red unless you punched a few blood holes!
The stone swished out of Su Ling’s hand, and the burning dust was like eyes behind him. When the stone was about to hit him, he cleverly avoided the attack as soon as he turned his side.
And Su Ling has long known that his ability has taught him a lesson, and this time it is even more impossible to burn the dust so easily. When he just stabilized, he lifted his eyes and saw another stone flying in front of him.
Judging by Su Ling, she knew that Huang Yin’s dust would definitely do something, but he would never have thought that she was really four hair.
Huang Yinchen squinted and judged the chances of hiding from this stone, while Youqing had grabbed a handful of melons from Xia Xiaoxue and ate them with relish, and kept criticizing "The girl hit his crotch!"
Burn assumed the dust "…"
Su Ling looked up. "You are indeed more vicious than me! What if I cripple him and pester me? Hey, I think it’s cold! "
This compartment Su Ling and You Qing, you come and I talk to each other, and the dust on the opposite side of the ground has already known that the method of hiding the sharp stone offensive is finally critical, and suddenly two fingers are stretched out to clamp the offensive sharp stone in the fingers.
And all around the stone are quite sharp enough to see that Su Ling is carefully selected.
By burning assumed dust hold stone instantaneous feel fingertips slightly stinging hanging eyes a qu indeed as expected in the fingers how much blood light draw.
At that time, the situation reversed, and the burnt dust was alone opposite, and Su Ling patted the grass clippings from the ground, accompanied by Guan Qing and Xiao Yu Xue, who all looked different, but seemed to have some banter.
Huang Yinchen’s eyes were cold, and he threw the stone away on the grass, and he listened with great awe. Then he said in a low voice, "Yushu is facing the wind!"