Yunluo slowly turned around and kept her distance. "I ordered the body to be buried properly."

Say that finish walked past her and never look back.
He really needs to be quiet here. It really gives him the illusion of suddenly returning to the original place, but if he is disturbed, he won’t stay. Anyway, even when he is alone, he can often play back and reflect the pretty face in front of him. It is her brittle smile that lasts for a long time.
He didn’t mean to do anything about her aunt, but it was definitely not wrong.
Everything was from the moment he just knew that Yun Qiansu had arrested someone to the moment he captured Qingyu alive, which caused his aunt’s tragic death. How can he say that he was not wrong from the moment he designed it?
If he forced her to come back, it might take him five years, ten years or even longer to call her back, then now that her aunt is dead, she is afraid that she will never forgive him again in her life.
If she says in her heart that he has saved her life, then her aunt is nurturing her.
Now the man is dead-she begged him to let him go and he turned a blind eye. She won’t forgive him if he dies.
Yun Luo suddenly regretted that if he had listened to her and let him go, he could have taken her away in thousands of ways, or she could still come back to him after he won the man, so what can’t be more, and so on …
He pinched his eyebrows with a headache. The first time he saw her, he should look like this again. This is a letter from your wife …
The second day early in the morning, Jun Moying had expected that Feng Shao would be forced not to stay and ask Qingyu for information. When he left, he directly asked Qingyu to go to the door and wait. Once there was any movement inside, he went straight in.
Phoenix shallow sure enough, he got up soon after going out.
When she saw Qingyu come in, she asked in surprise, "Are you here so early? I’m going to find you myself. "
"I know that Empress was ill last night and couldn’t get out, but I must really want to know the result of this matter. I was waiting outside early this morning so that Empress would know when she woke up."
She lied a little when she said that Ji was telling the truth-in fact, she did it because the emperor was worried about the empress, so she told her, otherwise, where could she think so deeply?
Phoenix shallow listen to her say that things are going well, heart plop plop crazy jump a few face expectantly asked "how is it saved? Where did the people arrange it? Did you find a maid to wait on it? "
Qingyu gathered her eyes and her whole face was stiff, just like when she knelt in front of the emperor yesterday. She slowly knelt down in front of Feng Shao and kowtowed. I’m sorry, "Empress belongs to energy."
Feng Shao’s heart thumped with a look of joy, which was gradually replaced by disappointment. She barely showed her surprise, but she was a lot stiffer than before. "Get up." She swallowed. "Did you get caught during the rescue?"
If she fails, will she be able to come according to the conditions of Yunqiansu? What else should aunt do?
But what should I do if I really do the palace security?
Phoenix lightly rubbed his temple and was about to ask something again, but another one came.
"The empress deserves to die!"
Qingyu didn’t get up as she said, but she hit her head heavily.
Phoenix shallow lift hand "get up and tell me what’s going on"
Qing Yu wanted to tell her the bad news, but she was interrupted twice. Her throat choked several times and she didn’t figure out how to say it. So at the end of the day, she somehow told her what happened that day, just like she told the emperor last night.
Finally, I looked at Feng Shao and twisted her eyebrows deeply. She clenched her palms and said, "Empress is a damn person who failed to protect you! In … To let her … "
"What do you mean?" Phoenix shallow a surprised to blurt out interrupted her words.
"The lady let the genus tell the empress well … and then … and then cross the sword and commit suicide …"
If you can’t save it, you have to die in this way. There must be something else in this tragic situation.
For example ….. Don’t want to let the empress to save people again, what’s more, don’t want to let the empress be threatened!
Cloud home general mansion …
Phoenix shallow original makeup smell speech repeatedly back several steps until the body got the edge of the bed didn’t stabilize directly soft sat down on the bed, the pupil is still a magnified look startled to stare at his eyes like suddenly being smoked soul.
Qingyu rushed over nervously, but she had to kneel beside her bed together to help her or not.
"Empress, this is a letter for you from my wife … Chapter 199, 199 There is a beauty who is sending her route.
"Empress, this is a letter left for you by my wife …" Qingyu looked at her anxiously for a moment as if she had lost her soul, sipped her lips and slowly handed the letter in an attempt to call back her thoughts.
Phoenix’s shallow fingers moved several times, but she couldn’t lift her hands. All her strength seemed to be suddenly taken out. Her hands and feet, including her brain, were all out of control and became a mess.
I don’t know how long it took Feng Shao to reach out and take the letter from Qingyuju stiffly.
After reading word by word, she moved her lips to ask for a mouthful, only to find that she suddenly lost it.
Qingyu saw that her intention was slightly painful, and her eyes flashed, and she hurriedly apologized. "The lady left you a letter in the process of robbing the empress … and half of it was torn by them …"
Feng shallow closed her eyes and swallowed hard, and finally squeezed out a syllable "En".
She raised her hand weakly, and her face was as white as a layer of frost. "You get out."
"Empress want handmaiden to find …"
Qingyuyuan also wants to say something more. Before she can finish a complete sentence, the person sitting on the bed has already laid down again, lifted the bedding, covered herself and isolated herself from the outside world.
Qingyu stayed at the bedside for about a lamp of tea time, only to see that she was really not going to get up, thinking that the empress needed a good rest, she quietly retired.
Phoenix shallow motionless except eyes staring at the letter, and his face is white and scary.
In the imperial room, Jun Hanxiao looked at the emperor in front of him with burning eyes. He was indignant and tunnel: "Brother Xique’s move to disturb our border with soldiers is already naked and provocative. I can’t stand it any longer!" He looked indignant. "It seems that their defeat once was not tragic enough. Let my brother go over and kill them directly this time!"
"No, I have my own opinion over there at Xique. They won’t have time to pick things up at our border soon."
Nangongche should be ready for it.
This time, he gave Nangong Che such an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, not only to fulfill his original promise, but also to take the opportunity to get back his beloved woman. He believed that the man would be able to get things done without making great efforts.