Evening want to say doubt in my heart, but I can’t tell what happened today, and I can’t tell him what Xia Feng said with a wry smile. "Nothing is that I had that nightmare again recently, so I wonder if I was not just robbed two years ago."

Post expression of eyes changed the in the mind is more nervous don’t evening son think of something?
"Are you father and daughter still chatting?" At this time, Gu Xi Yan’s words interrupted their thoughts. She smiled and patted the shoulder. "I said, why are you so ignorant? It is my job to comfort my daughter. What should I do when you have finished my work? Make evening son like you don’t like me. "
"Ha ha ….." Post laughed.
"Hee hee Mommy, don’t be jealous. I love you …"
The family is happy, but behind the happy smile is deep concern. He knows that something will happen soon. Chapter 135 Crazy night
The psychedelic lights excite the music, the gorgeous dance floor excites the men and women …
After 20 years, the night bar is still the most prosperous entertainment place in Haicheng, occupying nearly 100,000 square meters of the ground, with active luxury and unique design, and a large number of attractive "angels" and evil spirits "demons" attract several lonely men and women.
Bag Xia Feng a person drinking three cups of strong Vodka entrance has been slightly drunk white suit lying alone tie was pulled askew hanging on his chest white shirt face two buttons already don’t know what corner.
Even though the clothes are messy, Xia Feng’s body still exudes a decadent aesthetic feeling. The open neckline on the chest reveals the chest, and the bodybuilding chest muscles are sexy and arrogant.
Xia Feng is very upset tonight.
Evening cold eyes resist moving like a film flashes in my mind over and over again; And that Wang Zun mocking little smile provocative words like a sharp needle deeply pierced Xia Fengxin …
I have never been so timid in more than twenty years.
I went to Xia Feng, and you can do anything. You let go of your man’s dignity, regardless of what your past intentions were good for you. Why do you want to do this to me? What? What did I do wrong?
I do my best to be kind to you, love you in every way, take care of you like a goddess, and you treat me like this?
What a holy jade girl? What a pure princess? The root is a easy virtue bitch. I’m good to you, but you don’t cherish it. It’s a shame to throw myself at a cold and strange man …
More think more unwilling more think more angry more think more hate …
Xia Feng is getting more and more excited and agitated after drinking one cup after another. His face is ferocious and his dark brown eyes are full of hate and cold light.
"Knock!" Suddenly knocking at the door, Xia Feng was alert and shocked to wear gold-rimmed glasses on the sofa, and the sharp expression in his eyes quickly restored calm.
The bodyguard knocked a crack in the door and carefully said to him, "Young master is less than Fang."
"Let him go" Xia Feng didn’t lift his eyes.
The bodyguard was just about to catch someone, but Fang Shao had the cheek to squeeze in and said with a smirk, "Feng Shao, don’t do this. Let’s have a drink together."
"Get out of here-"Xia Feng looked up and drank cold, but he was stunned. There was a girl next to him who was about 16 or 17 years old, wearing a sexy black dress. Her figure was graceful and her face was stunning. Her long black hair was as soft as a waterfall, and her face was somewhat timid and shy.
More importantly, her eyes are clear and bright, which is somewhat similar.
Although there is still a certain gap between her and her, she is somewhat like Xi in terms of clothing, hairstyle and temperament.
Xia Feng kept staring at her without blinking.
Bodyguards are ready to catch Fang Shao and the girl out. Xia Feng waved and they went out to lock the door.
"Hey hey wind less to introduce you to a this is my cousin nguyen from she is an original ecological girl spotless pure defect …"
"Sit down" Xia Feng interrupted Fang Shaohua and looked at Ruan Li, who was patted next to him. Ruan Li seemed a little nervous, but Fang Shaolengli’s eyes slowly walked past.
Xia Feng stared at Ruan Li for a long time and suddenly raised my hand to touch the girl’s delicate face. The girl was raw and shrank her shoulders and her body trembled slightly. Her eyes kept hanging and she didn’t dare to look at Xia Feng.
Xia Feng’s hand lingers, Ruan leaves her delicate face, from smooth forehead to stiff nose tip, from thick eyelashes to sweet lips, passing by like feathers and touching her small chest covered by her arms.
Ruan Li shivered and wanted to retreat from Xia Feng’s big hand. Suddenly, she pushed the back of her head forward, and the passionate kiss attacked her. He kissed her deeply. He was fierce and rude. He bit her lips and sucked her tongue, constantly plundering her beauty …
From the girl’s clumsiness and panic, Xia Feng proved that she was pure and spotless.
Unlike Xi
At this moment, Xia Fengxin became evil again.
"I’m here today because of the little wind …" Fang Xiao was not well-advised and interrupted Xia Fengdong.
"I know you want the land in the north of the city." Xia Feng glanced at him contemptuously. "I’ll contact you when I go out first."