Come to narrow the flames of fire, and finally, I can’t resist the strong cold erosion of Xuanbingzhu, but Huang Cheng is afraid to relax the master. Xuan Bing Zhu instantly rushed to the flame beast again and spit it out.

"Hum!" The two collided with each other, and the flame shot into the pearl surface of Xuan Bing, and Xuanbingzhu suddenly released a chill and biting defense line to resist the flame attack step by step.
However, Huang Cheng didn’t pay no price. He resisted the fire and his face became more white. Reiki almost consumed his body and he couldn’t help shaking.
The flame bm saw that his spewing flame was offset again, and he couldn’t help but rage and stomp his hooves. With a little wisdom, he already knew that all this was caused by Huang Cheng, so he went all out to move in his direction.
The Beastmaster of Fire seems to have identified Huang Cheng. Yifei Lin’s Tiansha sword attack and Xie Bin’s whip whipped it completely regardless of the injury, but he also had to solve Huang Cheng.
Huang Cheng blanched, and his eyes flashed with fear, but he ran away without taking control of Xuanbingzhu. However, he was fast, and the beastmaster was huge and could not chase him, but it was faster than a flame spewing out.
"Ah …" Huang Chengcuo was hit by the fire, and the body was struck and flew across an arc, and then fell to the ground to wipe out a human line more than ten meters long and dying.
"Hey!" Flame BM excited a roar loud, but in the end, wisdom is not as good as human beings. Huang Cheng has been killed immediately, followed by Yifei Lin.
At this time, Xuanbingzhu lost its power because no one controlled it. Suddenly, it was gradually eroded by the sea of fire and then thrown in that direction, which turned out to be the hidden direction of Du Yun.
Xuanbingzhu tumbled round and round and then stopped in front of Du Yun. Du Yun was stunned and then a thought flashed in his heart. An idea of owning himself appeared
Looking around a flame bm Xie Bin and Yifei Lin are just able to resist the flame bm and fire attack and didn’t notice the situation here.
Du Yun wanted to think, and then he picked up Xuanbingzhu with a grind and put it in his arms, but he knew that it was not that simple to get this pseudo-spirit.
Du Yun’s figure is a flash and then gradually close to Huang Cheng’s position. Huang Cheng’s life and death are unknown. Yifei Lin and Xie Bingen didn’t pay attention to the pressure brought by the flame bm, which has made them desperate.
Carefully touched Huang Cheng’s face, Du Yun’s figure appeared, and then walked towards Huang Cheng step by step. At this time, Huang Cheng, who was dying, suddenly opened his eyes slowly
"You …" Huang Cheng opened his eyes and suddenly saw a man in front of him with a horror in his heart and could not help but exclaim.
But the words haven’t been exported to Du Yunlai. If there is a breath of murder, there is a sudden burst of murder, and then Huang Cheng’s face is full of fear. Du Yun’s hand quickly stretches out the mysterious vein, and two forces interweave a pure spiritual force to his right hand. Du Yun’s eyes become cold and click, ending Huang Cheng’s life.
"Blame it on you and Yifei Lin!" Du Yun’s eyes are cold without any emotion, which is chilling, but Huang Cheng is dead, and Yifei Lin and Xie Bin will not notice what is happening here.
Although secretly hand killed Huang Cheng, Du Yun didn’t feel guilty in his heart. This fire cloud hole is the law of the jungle. He has no doubt that if he suddenly meets Yifei Lin, Yifei Lin will definitely make the same choice to kill him. Chapter 55 Crane and clam struggle.
Latent to one side again, Du Yun’s eyes gradually turned to the center of the war. At the same time, he also took out Xuanbingzhu, and then the gods scanned it and finally found a trace of mental imprint.
Du Yun smiled lightly and the magic weapon would be imprinted by his master. The same is true of this pseudo-spirit device, but Huang Cheng is dead. It is easy for Du Yun to erase that mental imprint. From then on, this Xuanbingzhu is the main object.
Du Yun’s mind moved his eyebrows slightly, and a fine mental imprint was planted on Xuanbingzhu. Soon he was able to feel that Xuanbingzhu had a trace of Du Yun’s mental imprint.
From then on, this Xuanbingzhu belonged to his Du Yun, and there was a flash of joy in my heart. I have seen the power of the pseudo-spirit just now, but I didn’t use it myself. Du Yun couldn’t stir in my heart.
But this place Du Yun that is to give him one hundred bravery also dare not take out XuanBingZhu display eyes once again turned to the flame bm over there at this time the flame bm has faintly occupied the wind.
"Hey!" Flame Beastmaster here has been seriously injured, but solving a Huang Cheng left Yifei Lin and Xie Bin has already made him relaxed a lot.
Yifei Lin and Xie Bin are struggling to support, and more importantly, they don’t know what happened to Huang Cheng. If Huang Cheng dies, Yifei Lin has an unshirkable responsibility here. Although he has a deep background and fears something, he is somewhat troublesome.
"Xie Bin, help me block it for a while. I can’t believe it when I display my world-class fighting skill!" Yifei Lin bitten to grind mercilessly drink a way
Xie Bin looked at Yifei Lin with a slightly ferocious look and finally nodded. "You have to hurry, I will support it for three minutes at most!"
"I should be able to show it in three minutes, but if we can’t hunt the Flame Beast King, we will run away!" Speaking of which, Lin Yifei’s face is unwilling to show color
But compared with his own life, he also knows which is more important. If his life is gone, there will still be time to care about the baby.
For Huang Cheng, who lies motionless in the distance, he is mentally handicapped. If he dies, he will die. When the clan comes forward, there should be no problem.
Thinking of Yifei Lin like this in my heart, I then gritted my teeth and quickly stepped back more than ten meters. Then my eyes closed and half rang, and then I suddenly burst out with a naked eye, full of frightening chill.
Du Yun looked at it from a distance and didn’t get jumpy. He thought about it for a while. If it weren’t for Yifei Lin’s carelessness, he might have lost.
It is precisely because of this that Yifei Lin was very wronged at the beginning. At that time, he had dozens of ways to deal with Du Yun, but he was forced to fight the warfare before he could react because of underestimating his enemy.
Since then, he has been cautious and learned a lot. People like him have a huge background and it is difficult to improve their strength if they are willing to work hard.
Du Yun secretly remembered that the interest rate was more convergent, and at the same time secretly warned himself not to underestimate his opponent.
"Hey!" Yifei Lin’s retreat made the flame BM slow down to deal with a person. He seemed to be able to handle it with ease. After a roar, a flame spewed out and his hooves moved steadily and attacked Xie Bin.
Xie Bin’s face was a cruel whip, and he kept flying in the colorful ghosting. The sharp and tough whip gave off a terrifying breath and whipped the flame. The body of the BM made bursts of noise.
Whip figure, flame, beastmaster’s body leaves a deep blood trail, and the thick layer of fire cloud armor on its back has broken. Pins of flames are moving on the news, but for the piercing roar from time to time from the flame beastmaster, it makes people feel pleasing to the eye and a beautiful landscape.
"Hey!" Flame Beastmaster roars, flames spew out, hooves step out, and the atmosphere bursts. His eyes are latosolic red and his body is accelerating. At this moment, it is one meter away from Xie Bin.