Suddenly he thought of something and called Zeng Guomin over.

"Now I order Long Yun to test Zeng Guomin’s physical strength and see what level he is."
"Report the captain Zeng Guomin’s need to be a soldier’s physical strength level and barely beat a soldier’s base" Long Yun brain replied.
"That’s strange! Will this Long Yun brain test standard automatically change with the upgrade? " Zhuoqiang can’t help but be amazed again and again.
My friend’s new "Crazy Armed Spaceship" welcomes everyone to join us! ! !
453 instructor set-up
For Zeng Guomin, the physical strength has dropped from the original advanced level to the intermediate level. Zhuo Qiang thinks that the reason for the upgrade of Long Yun is probably that there is a group from the junior planet Earth.
From the home planet Earth, whether it is Long Yun or Zhuoqiang, the living environment has also changed. The universe is full of all kinds of creatures with different personal abilities. Therefore, Long Yun adjusted the physical strength level of Zeng Guomin in order to let the people of Long Yun adapt to the new environment or let them know more about the universe.
"Am I actually much more powerful than Zeng Guomin and others now?" Zhuo Qiang shook his fist again and seemed to want to find evidence to prove that he was now a superman.
Once upon a time, Zeng Guomin’s strong personal ability has always been a dream realm, but now he has far surpassed Zeng Guomin, which really makes him overjoyed.
Maybe this is the right thing. If he is too weak to be a powerful pirate leader, how can he lead the pirate group to explore and fight in the vast interstellar space?
He raised his arm again as if to show a strong muscle ru, but his appearance was still the same, which made him slightly disappointed.
Seeing Zhuo Qiang’s eagerness to show his personal ability, Christie couldn’t help pouring a pot of cold water on him. "I said that the great captain, although your physical strength is very good now, you are just a humanoid tank with brute force and no skills. Whether it is all kinds of combat skills or experience, it is almost equal. Therefore, if you really enter the battle, I am afraid you are not a national opponent."
After listening to Christie’s words, Zhuo Qiang immediately lost his breath. "You mean I may not be able to beat Zeng Guomin now?"
"Play? Just remember one typing! Of course, if you two fight face to face, you may be able to beat him with your strength and quick reaction ability, but if you go to the actual battlefield, you may not be his opponent. "Christie commented objectively.
"And as a captain, of course, your development direction will not be based on super personal ability, but your super command ability, warship driving skills and a captain should have good qualities." Christie continued.
At this time, Zhuo Qiang has put his pride in becoming a master. He humbly asked, "You mean that you need a strong body like command ability and driving skills?"
Christie smiled and said, "You don’t know your current body very well, of course you will ask. You won’t ask again when you gradually know what advantages your strengthened body has."
Her words gave Zhuo Qiang more interest, and he couldn’t wait to know what additional benefits this body has besides being stronger and healthier than coming here.
He sat down in front of a large screen again to see what changes had taken place in his captain who had strengthened his body.
To his surprise, the screen gave a few short sentences: "Strengthened body has stronger strength, tougher body, more sensitive reaction speed and better memory."
He already knows the first few words, but the last sentence still excites him for a long time. What he needs most now is to learn all kinds of urgently needed skills, and with faster memory mechanics, it will be twice the result with half the effort.
But maybe he got more benefits than that. It seems that there are many hidden benefits in Christie’s words. I don’t know what they will be.
After the initial excitement, Zhuo Qiang thought about how to make himself stronger. Christie said that although he is physically strong enough, he only has a brute force, such as completely transforming his strengthened body into real combat effectiveness, which requires a process, that is, the learning process.
He can learn combat skills from Zeng Guomin and others, but who should he learn command skills from? Command skill is not simply to achieve orders. In addition to strong professional knowledge, it also has the ability to respond to the enemy’s immediate needs. It also needs knowledge of overall planning, certain computing ability and even some philosophical knowledge. It is absolutely endless to learn.
Take advantage of these days’ leisure time to cope with the unknown dangers that may come at any time, but the question is who should I consult from the beginning of study?
Liu Xiaolei at this time like saw ZhuoJiang mind he busy side wake up and say, "boss, if you have any questions, why don’t you check a from Long Yun’s mind?
After listening to Liu Xiaolei’s words, Zhuo Qiang was busy communicating with Long Yun’s brain again. The knowledge in Long Yun’s brain was too complicated, which is why he didn’t understand many functions in it and it was easy to ignore it.
After some efforts, Zhuo Qiang finally found a solution from Long Yun’s mind.
Long Yun has an instructor’s function in his mind, which is a similar simulated training course to teach him the knowledge he needs to learn through man-machine communication.
In addition to memorizing these knowledge, there are a lot of practical subjects that allow him to command virtual fleet enemies to fight like playing games, and every battle is random, even the simplest difficulty, the number of enemies and the composition of the fleet are ever-changing, and the combat simulation is extremely high. Even for a game, it is easy to make people fall into it and enjoy it.
In the battle, he can always ask the virtual instructor questions. The instructor will explain every detail in detail. After the battle, the instructor will summarize his advantages and disadvantages in this battle, point out the reasons for victory and the lessons of failure.
"This function is great!" Zhuo couldn’t help patting the table and calling it up.
A lazy guy can’t find such a good thing as getting command skills while playing games.
"Horse and horse? Isn’t it the best time for me to burn the midnight oil when I sleep in this long night? " Zhuoqiangma is ready to enter this virtual instructor program.
"I’m sorry, captain, but you don’t have the virtual instructor equipment yet, so do it!" ZhuoJiang ear rang with Long Yun brain that hateful sound.
Zhuo Qiang slapped the table so hard that the stainless steel desktop was sunk. He shouted, "Ma, get this instructor program out for me!"
"Need hundreds of energy are you sure you need this equipment? Captain Pavilion? " Long Yun brain is still very calmly asked.
"Hundreds of points? Yes! Of course! " Zhuojiang slightly hesitant horse quickly said
"Virtual instructor equipment has been equipped to invite the captain to the rescue cabin!"
Zhuo Qiang is one leng. This equipment was not directly put into the command, but put into the life-saving warehouse. Isn’t this unnecessary?
He didn’t think much about coming, and in the eyes of everyone, he quickly walked to the rescue warehouse.
After seeing a new equipment in the rescue room, Zhuo Qiang realized that this equipment did not appear in the operation room.
This equipment is tall and five or six meters high, plus seven meters in length and width. It is really unsightly for such a big guy to put in the command room.
"Is it a virtual unified value?" Zhuo Qiang turned around the virtual instructor equipment twice and hit a door. One person entered through the door.
It’s like a big room with tens of millions of fine lines all the way to a device in the middle of the room.
This device is like a crystal coffin, and there are several thin lines all around it. Zhuo Qiang doesn’t want there to be a flow in these thin lines.
Look at such a complicated and weird device, Zhuo Qiang almost had the idea of shrinking. I really don’t know what it would be like to lie in it.
Long Yun brain showed that he slowly took off his clothes and walked into the transparent device and lay down slowly.
Zhuo Qiang felt that his body was surrounded by some kind of liquid immediately after the cover of the penetrant compartment was closed. When he consciously wanted to close his eyes and mouth, a mask buckled his other door because of its appearance.