"The chat contest is finally over," Ling said.

Zine is also quite happy about this, but she just didn’t show it.
Many students looked at a piece of paper in front of the bulletin board.
Han Rong-Gentle School Beauty (65 votes)
Chen Youmei-Elegant Campus Beauty (7 votes)
Hanmuzine-Cold Beauty School (68 votes)
Jin Yeman-Belly Black Campus Beauty (3 votes)
Ji Yuling-Lovely Campus Beauty (64 votes)
Qin shame was a headache at that time, and it turned into coldness without saying much? Ling is a mixed feeling. Being a lovely school girl is very happy, but the votes are the least.
"Not bad" sounded behind a heart but more chilling vibrato.
"Man is not bad, belly black beauty queen" Ling said jokingly.
"Slice! Just because she can also paste the word tenderness is disgusting, "Mann said with disgust."
"Good, good, it was recognized as the character of belly black beauty queen." Zin also joked with Ling.
"Are you cold there?" Mann looked at Zinzine and shrugged his shoulders and said he didn’t know.
"Look here." Ling looked at the bulletin board and waved them over.
"What?" Two people said at the same time
Ling pointed to the corner, which was a big case. It was hard not to notice it, but it happened that Zin didn’t notice it.
Ghost feathermoon-"Cold Muzine (belly black beauty queen)
Yu Yueyu-Ji Yuling (lovely school flower)
Jin Min Hao-Han Rong (gentle beauty queen)
Qin Yan-"Han Muqin (lovely school flower)
Cold shadow-"cold muzine (belly black school flower)
Liu Yuhuang-"Jin Yeman (belly black school flower)
????-? Ji Yuling (lovely school flower)
Ouyang Guang-"Han Muqin (gentle school flower)
They all have different opinions about her. What’s wrong with me? Although it’s a little cute, I’m cute. But what do you think of tenderness? I
Ling also said that it is so-called that everyone chooses cuteness. Anyway, they all take the cuteness route, but why does one of the eight people choose me? Forget it. Who makes me attractive?
Man is angry that I voted for her gentle school beauty! ? Not voting for yourself? Is it still my brother? !
At this time, I didn’t know that the school grass was in danger, and it also ushered in the screaming of the original looking at things.
"elder brother! ! !” Mann immediately made a lion’s roar attack and strode towards Hao, but Hao hardly knew what was silly.
"What’s the matter?" Wenman
"Come here! ! !” Man stretched out his hand and pulled Hao’s ear, causing Hao to bend over and Inman to be shorter than him.
Month and others followed Hao (exactly, followed Mann) to the front of the bulletin board, and Hao saw what happened in vain.
"What will be written?" Hao Gu looked at Yue Yue’s expression and saw that he didn’t know.
"The first time you appear on this occasion and vote again, of course you will write it," said the emperor
"I remember this thing is your responsibility?" Feather thoughtfully looked at the emperor.
"The students asked me to let go" Huang gave a "I" expression.