The demon Lord frowned and grunted coldly, "I’ll let this lowlife go when he waves."

A line of people to speed up the body even went far away and fell at the door. Those ordinary infernos couldn’t even see the shadow in their eyes. A series of exclamations and praises suddenly sounded.
Demon city is boiling again!
The genius alchemist is back!
The right-hand man who broadcast this news is naturally the old red news, which spread at an unparalleled speed, and instantly shocked the whole demon city. The demons came to visit with gifts and asked the falcon adults to bend the rules, so that they could meet Master Yan alone. These people’s gifts were more powerful than a valuable visitor, and they tried their best to explain that they had never seen Yan Xiaoke. No one believed the news. The psychic solemnly pointed out that Falcon adults were the only agent in Master Yan’s demon city, and Master Yan hid in Falcon’s house!
The falcon’s adult house was shown to the public the next day, and every minute and every inch was missed by several gods. The huge auction house was packed, and a large number of demons came to line up every day.
The worst thing is that Lord Falcon found that he couldn’t practice, because the Eagle Stream suddenly became a public place, and even the pit at the bottom of the stream, which had been abandoned for thousands of years, was dug up and claimed that there were clues in it.
Chapter 35 Town Yuanshi ()
Chapter 35 Town Yuanshi ()
At this moment, Yan Xiao, who has caused physical and mental troubles to Falcon’s adult, is sitting in the hall of the demon Lord’s mansion with a serious face and staring at the huge town of Yuanshi.
"You mean … Zhenyuan Shenshi is going to die of old age?" The younger one looked at the ghost and said, "Organ aging or Shou Yuan will run out?"
"What do you want if the Lord knows?" Demon Lord looked impatient. "Why don’t you give me a good look at what’s going on? Zhenyuan Stone is an artifact. How can the patron saint spirit of the artifact always stay here and give me nothing to look for?"
"Maybe … it’s a misunderstanding?" Small blinking eyes tentatively said, "Artifacts are all gods and should be able to communicate. Can’t you telepathize with them?"
Demon city tonic suddenly high up and drink a way "how to induce the duke to speak? Don’t you still believe it? Look at these Zhenyuan gods. Aren’t they old? "
What he said is true. The more I secretly look at the nine town gods, the more I want to laugh. It’s just that all of them are a handful of white bearded faces and wrinkled skin. What do you think is like air-dried orange peel? I’m a little sorry. "Town gods" is so cool to call these nine gods glittering during the day. It’s not easy to be found. This will make the demon Lord deliberately order them to converge their light and immediately show this pair of old appearance clearly.
He really hasn’t seen him secretly look up the word "Tian", but Zhenyuan Stone is an artifact, and the word "Tian" was unceremoniously given him an answer that "the limit is not enough". The demon Lord looked at him thoughtfully and said nothing, and explained in a slow tone, "The strength of Zhenyuan Stone has been weakening in recent hundreds of years, and the appearance of Zhenyuan God is getting older every day. When I let them fight, their strength has gradually weakened to the point where it is already a spent force. Master Yan, you might as well come closer and listen carefully."
Little Yi Yan leaned over and pricked up his ears. When he listened carefully, he heard nine old gods breathing slightly. It seems that it is a very powerful thing for them to make small observations just here.
Xiao was puzzled and couldn’t help laughing at a god attendant in front of him. "Hey, let’s talk?"
The old god’s attendants ignored him, posing as a majestic standard model, looking at the front with firm eyes. If he looks a few decades younger, he is probably majestic, but it’s a bit weird to look at it at this time.
Look down on him for not talking, carefully sticking out his finger and poking his arm. "Hi, hello, my name is Yan Xiao."
The demon Lord snorted, "You don’t have a fart to talk to them. These are all artifact guardians. They won’t care about you except their duty."
Trail "You are the guardian spirit of Zhenyuan Stone, and I’m sure I can communicate with you. Ask them."
The demon Lord took a deep breath and frowned. "What’s there to ask? Aren’t you understanding? Just help me look at it?"
Small sigh "well, don’t ask, don’t forget it. You can put these gods in and I’ll check them myself."
The demon castellan recited a formula, and the nine town gods disappeared one by one, and walked to the stone side with one hand to silently transport the lost god formula and started the lost heart.
After the lesson of black Machamp, the courage is much smaller. He leaned out a little bit and tried to penetrate into Zhenyuan Stone.
This move is a hundred attempts, but this time there is something wrong with the surface of Zhenyuan Stone. It seems that there is a layer on the surface of Zhenyuan Stone that can’t even penetrate into the lost god’s tactic. It is quietly strengthened until it adds all its skills and emits strong green light, but it still does not move.
Xiao Nai accepted the capability and shook his head. "You have to cancel the defense of Zhenyuan Stone first, or I won’t see the situation inside."
The demon Lord reacted strangely with a startled expression, "What defense?"
Small endurance way "is the patron saint of the artifact surface power, if you don’t put it away first, I can’t get in and see the inner structure, how can I find out the problem?"
The demon castellan thought for a while before he was somewhat uncertain. "The castellan always makes Zhenyuan Stone really feel that there is a barrier outside, and it needs magic power to break the barrier before he can call out the barrier inside. Master Murphy said it was this barrier."
This is absolutely unprofessional. The little expression looked at him strangely and said tentatively, "Doesn’t the Lord know that this barrier is the natural guardian force of the artifact?"
The demon Lord’s face showed an unnatural expression and looked awkward. Suddenly he angered, "The Lord is not a magic alchemist. How can I know that so many curved things are enough for the Lord?"
Small sighed and explained, "Not so. All artifacts have formulas, and there is definitely more than one combat form, such as Berg’s Pangu axe, three shapes and three power levels, and the psychic recognizes the Lord. Even if someone steals the Pangu axe and wants to tear the skin, the adult will fly back to the Lord and break the barrier to adjust the power inside. This is obviously not the right way to make Zhenyuan Stone."
Demon duke face anger even more stared at half a day suddenly force on striking table drink a way "good! Ok! I’m not afraid to tell you that Zhenyuan Stone is not mine, but I took it back from someone else. Are you satisfied? "
This is a big surprise. I stayed for a long time and didn’t speak. I have been standing quietly next to Xiaozhu Judo. "The Lord means that you can’t communicate with the artifact, but you can simply adjust the strength inside, right?"
The demon Lord snorted heavily. "So what?"
Small sigh "then I really can’t find out the problem of Zhenyuan Stone"
"Who said there was no way?" The demon Lord suddenly rushed over. "The Lord personally smashed the barrier and let your green source force break into it. Is that all right?"
Small eyes a bright spot head way "can try"
Demon Lord glared at him. "Stay away from me and I’ll hurt you."
Xiao hurriedly withdrew from the demon, and the duke gave a low drink to the town stone and listened to the "wave". A light sound seemed to burst a soap bubble, and the demon duke waved at Xiao and said, "Come and try again."
It was only at this time that I suddenly realized that the demon Lord had been pedaling the town stone for a long time during the day, not to be cool, but to suppress the natural guardian in the artifact in this way.
I felt that there were two unusually fierce forces on the surface of the stone that were entangled with each other, which just offset the cleanliness. He rushed in without any effort from the green source, but he was a little cautious. These two forces each absorbed a little bit of hair and sent it to the lost heart, which made him concentrate on seeing Zhenyuan Stone Department.
At first glance, I felt dizzy, and I felt dizzy. It was actually one small hole after another. These holes were almost as dense as bees’ hives, but I’m afraid that 10 thousand hives could not make up such a large hole. The most terrible thing is that these holes look tattered, and many edges have been worn out, and they are dark and faint, and even stained with some white pulp.
Small first reaction is nausea, the second reaction is vomiting, and the third reaction is that I don’t want to see it. Fortunately, his body is strong enough and his willpower is tough enough. He insists on running his mind and continues to study Xiaozhu. Look at what’s wrong with his face. Suddenly, a pretty face is slightly pale. I want to call him but I’m afraid to disturb him. I want to pull him but I’m more afraid of hurting him. A heart next to him can just stand and jump.
Xiao carefully sent Shen Nian into a hole, feeling that it was as thick as sugar syrup, and there was a very calm and thick power floating. He thought for a long time and finally got the courage to extract a little power and sent it to the lost heart.
At the moment, there are three forces in his lost heart, one is the natural guardian of the surface of Zhenyuan stone, the other is the power of the demon Lord’s skill, and the third is the power of the syrup from the demon Lord’s skill, which is relatively weak. As soon as he entered the lost heart, he found a corner and curled up and didn’t dare to move. It suddenly became clear in his heart that the remaining two should all be divine power.
Divine power is not a complex combination of forces, but a single force with a unique nature. Once Pan Gu axe saw four demon forces, he naturally knew this truth. He silently observed the remaining two forces, only to find that the original two forces were actually the same force, but the outer layer of protection was not strong enough, and it was still in a free state, while the strength in the hole was so concentrated that it was thick and thick.