Yuan soul is the root and the most vulnerable part of all races, and no one dares to give his Yuan soul to others lightly unless he is a great believer.

Lin Yuyuan’s Princess Wu would refuse, but she still agreed to Lin Yu’s request "can" without thinking.
Lin Zi is a little worried about "Yu Duo, you …"
Princess Magic Five smiled. "Do you believe your fourth brother?"
Lin Zi nodded "believe"
"Me too."
So Princess Magic Five released her soul and turned it into a red light, which was collected by Lin Yu into hell.
In hell, the ghost princess Yuan’s soul and Shura’s vitality twisted together, and a strange red dot immediately flew out of the ghost princess Yuan’s soul.
"Where to escape!" Lin Yu a call to drink when all shura vitality boom in the red dot.
Boom a red dot was blasted by Shura’s vitality, and the purest magic vitality was absorbed by the soul of Magic Five Princess Yuan.
"Shout-"Princess Wu Yuan’s soul flew back to the body from Lin Yu’s hell.
At the same time, the magic five princess’s red light flashed fiercely, and her strength soared all the way to the yuan spirit realm.
"Fourth brother, that treasure of yours is amazing!" Princess Magic Five couldn’t help beaming because she hasn’t risen in strength for a long time.
Princess Magic Five must constantly "eat people" if she wants to improve her strength, and the last thing Princess Magic Five likes is eating people. She has never eaten human flesh, and she is the weakest of her ten brothers and sisters.
Now flying out of Lin Yu’s hell, her yuan soul has been nourished and her strength has soared. How can she not be happy?
Lin Yu breathed a long sigh of relief, which would have been very troublesome. I didn’t expect this hidden "eye" to be solved so easily.
But what makes Lin Yu feel a little strange is that his hell power is much stronger than before. I don’t know if this is an illusion.
At the same time, hiding somewhere in the science of uniting the Yuan Lan immediately sensed that Lin Yu had opened his eyes to hell.
"It’s strange that I have left that little body. Why does he make hell so that I can feel it now?" Yuan Lan was puzzled when the shadow of the sky appeared in front of her.
"Princess Yuan Lan, because you have merged with Yu Er, his hell is your hell."
With a smile in his eyes, "From now on, if one of you is alive, the other side will not die. Yuan Soul has established a sharing couplet through hell, and you can get to him at the first time."
Yuan LAN hum a way "ghost azure you this guy is intentional? Don’t, I didn’t know that you encouraged Lin Yu to bully me all day! "
"Ha ha ….." Ming Tianqing laughed and said jokingly, "Why not be my daughter-in-law?"
Yuan LAN gave Ghost Azure a bad look "too lazy to ignore you! Go, go, go, don’t disturb my practice. "
"Ha ha ….." Ghost azure virtual shadow disappeared immediately, but his smile echoed for a long time in the cave where Yuan Lan was hiding.
Yuan Lan gently hummed, "This guy really hates it. Why didn’t he find it before?"
Another of the top ten demons, a green leaf demon, moved somewhere, and all the links of Princess Wu were cut off.
"Damn it!" Green Leaf Magic Red Pupil’s fierce eyes flashed angrily and roared, "Jade Basket, this girl has even broken her own mother’s blood beads. Is there a mother like me in this girl’s eyes?"
XuanYin magic jie jie strange smile "daughter has a man forget niang and men have a daughter-in-law forget niang is the same what’s so angry, we also don’t send jade basket this girl help if those terrans can be good to her, then let her go"
Green leaf demon is very otherwise said, "Terran and inferno are already undead endlessly. I don’t believe those Terrans will protect the jade basket in the end …"
"Don’t worry about others, it may be impossible, but if you want Lin Yu, no one can move your family’s jade chopsticks." The great demon king immediately came to their minds.
Green leaf magic face slightly with be reluctant "king, why don’t you tell Lin Yu that guy the truth to draw him to our side? Do you really want to watch him and our people kill each other? "
"Hey, hey ….." The Great Devil smiled a few times and didn’t directly answer the question of Green Leaf Devil. "He can do whatever he likes. After all, this is what his father meant. The devil is nothing to their father. It is what they value most."
"Ghost family …" Green leaf demon repeatedly chanting these words can’t help but show banter. "King Yuan clan has become a climate ghost family. Is it necessary? Have you forgotten how mainland terrans and demon families treat the ghost family? "
The Great Devil Shi is so-called faint-voiced. "I can’t help it. It’s the fate of the ghost family. If one person is still alive, he must devote his life to protecting the sky and the mainland. Since this guy wants to train his son into his successor, we will ignore them. When we meet everyone on the battlefield, we are enemies. We don’t have to be polite to them."
"It’s your majesty!" Green leaf demon and Xuan Yin demon have promised to the Great Devil at the same time, but they have their own ideas in their hearts.