The waves looked at Lin Yuzhen quietly and said, "You should know what happened ten years ago."

Lin Yuzhen stared at the waves and said, "Lin Yuzhen’s name has not been called by me for many years except my old man. Now that you know that my name has arrived ten years ago, are you sent by Lan Tianxing or Liu Fengshou?"
The waves said, "I am neither sent by Blue Star nor Liu Fengshou. To tell the truth, I am sent by Blue Moon, the daughter of Blue Star. You should know that her name is Blue Moon, right?"
Yu-zhen Lin emotional body murmured together, "are you really the child sent? She finally knew about it? Why didn’t she come by herself? "
When the waves saw Lin Yuzhen’s expression, they knew that things were similar to his guess. He calmly said, "Lin Yi Blue Moon was just a child at that time. She didn’t know what had happened. She was too young to do anything at that time. In recent years, it has been hanging over her like a huge shadow. She wants to know what happened at that time. She wants to know the truth. She is afraid that her father Lan Tianxing will scold her …"
"Lanting Xinggen is not her father!" Lin Yuzhen coldly interrupted the waves and said firmly, "She is our Lin family child. Her name should be Lin Yueer!" "
Although this matter has long been confirmed by Lin Yuzhen as expected by the waves at this time, it has greatly shocked the heart.
The waves pretended to be excited and said, "She always doubted this thing, but she was not sure that she was still a teenager at that time. She was afraid to ask Lan Tianxing to ask the people around her, and no one dared to tell her the truth. She sent someone to secretly inquire about you, but she couldn’t find you for several years, and now she finally found you."
Lin Yuzhen said, "How did you find me? I am afraid that the blue sky star will be covered up by criminals, and I have been hiding it. "
The waves said, "Blue Moon, Miss Moon can’t find you in a big way. You can quietly ask someone from the management office to help you find you. Do you know that there are more than 100 Miss Moon in this city who share your surname and name, Lin Yuzhen? It is only now that I have found you."
Lin Yuzhen sighed, "It’s hard for this child! She is really like her father! "
The waves said, "Miss Moon wants to know the truth. She wants to know about her mother Zhuang Ruwan and your brother Lin Guosheng."
Yu-zhen Lin decadent sat down and said, "Things should start from twenty years ago when the moon is twenty-two years old this year, right? Let’s talk about things from 22 years ago. Twenty-two years ago, my brother Lin Guosheng was a primary school teacher and fell in love with neighboring village Ruwan. They had a good relationship. At that time, the banker didn’t object to this matter. When he was about to get engaged, Lan Tianxing saw Zhuang Ruwan, the richest man in the county. He made a large sum of money as a deposit. The banker reneged on my brother’s marriage and accepted Lan Tianxing’s proposal. My brother and Zhuang Ruwan were in agony. They made an appointment to elope together. They both ran to a relative in the neighboring county overnight. But the next day, they were found by Lan Tianxing, who didn’t hurt my brother in front of Zhuang Ruwan. If she didn’t marry him, my brother would die. If she married him, my brother would be safe. With my brother’s life, Lan Tianxing promised to go home with Lan Tianxing, and Lan Tianxing released my brother. Later, Lan Tianxing married Zhuang Ruwan as expected. Soon after, she followed Lan Tianxing to settle in Hong Kong. She didn’t meet my brother .. "
Lin Yuzhen took a breath here for a few times and then said, "Since then, my brother has changed. It turns out that he is a well-proportioned handsome man. Later, he became sloppy and drunk all day. My family also helped him photograph his relatives several times, and the girls also looked at him. However, he couldn’t see that there was a Zhuang Ruwan in the eyes of other girls. Alas, it’s no wonder that Zhuang Ruwan really loved that kind of girl. Other girls couldn’t see it, but my brother just didn’t know that everyone was married and flew to Hong Kong. He didn’t think about others again. In this way, my brother’s marriage was delayed and I never got married. My brother’s marriage with Liu Fengshou, a friend of Lanting Star, also blew up. I married Fenger’s father in the city. At that time, when I married Fenger’s father, his wife had just died and left a big Fenger at the age of four or five. I was angry at that time and married him. Later, I found out that he was a good man and I was willing to follow him for a lifetime. We later gave birth to a daughter who is now studying in the provincial capital. "
The eyes of the waves have long seen a picture of four people’s happiness hanging on the wall, a thin old man and Lin Yuzhen Li Jianfeng and a beautiful girl, who is, of course, Lin Yuzhen’s afterlife daughter.
Lin Yuzhen said, "Lan Tianxing married Zhuang Ruwan, but she gave birth to a daughter in * * months. This daughter is my brother’s daughter. It happened two days after he eloped with Zhuang Ruwan. When Lan Tianxing went back, she would marry Lan Tianxing after she gave herself to her lover. Of course, she knew that she was pregnant with my brother’s child. I didn’t know that her daughter was my brother. According to Lan Tianxing’s letter to Moon over the years, he should not know that Moon was my Lin family."
The waves nodded and said, "Lan Tianxing is really kind to Miss Moon. He may not know that Miss Moon is not his own."
Chapter three hundred and ninety-two A killer
Lin Yuzhen suddenly looked at the waves warily and said, "Are you sent by the Moon or are you a blue star player?"
The waves said, "Aunt Lin, you don’t doubt me. If I wasn’t trustworthy, Miss Moon wouldn’t have sent me. I’m not a blue star. I’m loyal to Miss Moon. If I were a blue star, I could just shoot you and walk away. The police wouldn’t find any clues, would they?"
Lin Yuzhen was relieved to say, "Alas, this secret has been hidden in my heart for more than ten or twenty years. I have never told anyone that it is my old man. I have never told him that Lan Tianxing has forgotten that I didn’t look for me in recent years, but Liu Fengshou did look for me. I know that I can’t meet Liu Fengshou because I am afraid that he will reveal my situation to Lan Tianxing. Second, I hated Liu Fengshou before and didn’t draw a line with Lan Tianxing. Now everyone is old, although they don’t hate him, they don’t like him. People like him don’t deserve me to miss
The waves said, "Blue Sky Star doesn’t know that Miss Moon was born to Zhuang Ruwan and your brother, and their families moved to Hong Kong. After ten years, your brother and Zhuang Ruwan both died mysteriously."
Lin Yuzhen said, "Lan Tianxing stayed in Hong Kong for more than ten years and came back to the mainland. Although he moved his family to live in the city, Zhuang Ruwan’s family was still in the old village. Once I met my brother halfway back to my family. According to my brother, at that time, they looked at each other in tears and stopped by the roadside to talk for a long time. Zhuang Ruwan told his daughter that Moon was their child. Blue Star never knew that they just broke up without making any deviant remarks. After a few days, my brother fell into a ravine and died. According to the police, my brother fell into a ravine and died after drinking, and a bottle of wine was thrown next to him. However, our family all knew that my brother was drunk every day before, but after meeting Zhuang Ruwan for the second time, he knew that Zhuang Ruwan had been thinking about him and still loved him, and he never drank. Later, some people said that it seemed that someone saw my brother being pushed away, but this rumor soon stopped. Who was the witness? We all knew that it must be Lan Tianxing who knew about his wife and my brother. After talking, they rekindled their old feelings and sent someone to kill my brother. My brother died, and my parents were old and weak. Both of them died in a few days. I am a woman, and the city is full of potential. No one dares to provoke me to say that my brother is not dead, but there is no evidence. I can’t take revenge. I have been anonymous for ten years. "
The waves said, "Miss Moon said that her mother committed suicide shortly after your brother died."
Lin Yuzhen said, "Zhuang Ruwan’s suicide must have been forced by Lan Tianxing to kill my brother and his wife. This man will die a natural death. Although I can’t kill him myself, my brother will take revenge, but I will send him to court in another way so that he can get the punishment and retribution he deserves!"
Lin Yuzhen said this firmly, and there was a strong determination in her brow. Does she look like a 50-year-old woman?
The waves moved in the heart and said, "If Miss Moon knew that her own biological parents were forced to death by Blue Star, she would definitely turn against Blue Star. Aunt Lin, can you tell me what can be done to deal with Blue Star?"
Lin Yuzhen said, "Although I didn’t receive it, I will teach my son to be a good person. I want him to secretly search the evidence of smuggling crimes of Lanting Star and write a tip-off letter to CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection to let CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection investigate Lanting Star. One day Lanting Star will be brought to justice!"
The waves just know that the blue star quoted by Li Jianfeng is all taught by his stepmother. Looking at Lin Yuzhen, the waves suddenly have a feeling of awe. The old lady looks weak, but there is a great power hidden in her thin body. This can be said to be the power of hatred, and it can also be said that the blue star covers the sky. This powerful old lady in this city can make her son secretly search for evidence of blue star smuggling crimes and send the blue star to court for revenge.
The waves now feel that they have done too much to Li Jianfeng. Such a family and such an old lady are pitiful and respectable enough. What’s worse, Li Jianfeng didn’t make a big mistake, but his ex-lover happened and the waves made him miserable. The waves decided to find a way to compensate Li Jianfeng. If Li Jianfeng and Elaine second time around can’t be arrested, they should also find a way to recommend Li Jianfeng to be the sea captain.
When the waves were thinking about these things, there was a kind of reverence and warmth in his eyes, which made Lin Yuzhen feel more confident about this young man. She believed that the young man in front of her was not sent by Lan Tianxing, but indeed sent by the moon. You are our Lin family’s blood and flesh!
Yu Lin cherishes seeing Moon Blue Moon in Moon magazine. Although she doesn’t like publicity, she is the richest man in the city. Blue Star’s daughter is also a representative of a new generation of women. Of course, she will be interviewed by TV and magazines. Sometimes she can see this niece because of her kindness and taking photos. Although Moon never knew that her aunt Lin Yuzhen wanted to go to Moon and tell her the truth, what can she do? Regardless of whether the moon will believe that she is the illegitimate daughter of her mother and another man, even if she does, what good will it do her? Can she deal with an old scoundrel and slippery blue star? Is she willing to give up her present splendor? She knows that it will increase her danger. She is still young and will not hide her feelings. If she reveals her life, she will definitely ask Lan Tianxing face to face and kill this daughter who is not his daughter.