Ouyang Qian turned around with a pink face and shut the door. The outside world cried and was isolated.

Lan Tianxing clapped two hands and said, "Xiaohai, this banquet today is specially for you to have a celebration dinner and sit first today."
The waves laughed. "I owe all my merits to General Lan’s good leadership and the good teaching of the way, so I was lucky enough to make a little contribution."
"It’s good for young people to win without arrogance, but it’s not good to be too humble." Lan Tianxing said with a smile. "You got rid of my worries for more than 20 years in less than a month. Is this a small credit?"
The waves smiled and walked in the direction of Lanting Star.
Because the blue star sits in the main seat and the guest seat is next to the waves, if you sit in the first seat, you sit with the blue star.
The waves know that the Star Gang is a hundred times more complicated than Shao Yifu’s Fulong Gang. When he is new here, he must be careful step by step, and he must lay a solid foundation before he can make any action. Otherwise, it will be counterproductive.
When the waves walked to the first guest seat, he felt two pairs of cold eyes staring at him. The meaning in those eyes was not only cold but also malicious. The waves didn’t look for who was staring at him. He knew that when he looked for it, the other party would definitely smile with enthusiasm, but he knew who these two people were by feeling the eyes.
Waves sneer slightly in the heart and pretend not to be aware that someone is staring at him with malicious intent. He doesn’t sit in the seat immediately before he goes to the guest seat, but laughs at Lan Tianxing next to the seat. "I have made a little contribution to the teaching of Ocean Waves Blue and the way. Today, I feel really scared that I can get Blue summoned in my heart. Everyone is a senior and I hope to teach more later."
As he spoke, the waves picked up their fists, saluted Lan Tianxing in accordance with Jianghu habits, and made a bow to all the people in the seat.
A total of ten people can sit around the table. Chen Ping and Ouyang are just ten people. The "wave" has no opinion on the waves. Of course, I appreciate the etiquette of the waves and nodded happily. Even if I am hostile, I can’t help but express my affection and jealousy for the waves.
The waves waited for everyone to reply and then smiled at Lan Tianxing. "I wonder if Lan can always introduce me to the predecessors, or I don’t know what to call when I propose a toast later. It would be bad if I was rude."
Lan Tianxing smiled and said, "Don’t worry, sit down and drink first. I’ll introduce you slowly. You have to toast and drink after three rounds. Haha!"
You know, Jianghu gangs talk about generations, but the waves are just the Star Star Gang, and a younger generation has just joined the gang. Even if it has made great functions, it will be a big day to have a meal with Wang and the elders. You have to meet Wang and the elders before you can come to the banquet. Now the waves want to meet the elders first to show their courtesy to the younger generation, but they are turned down by Blue Star. This is of great significance, which implies that the status and status of the waves are not lower than yours, and there is no need for the younger generation etiquette to visit you.
The faces of the two people in the seat changed, but they dared not show it, and they dared not send it. They just smiled reluctantly.
It turned out that everyone in the room was sitting with Chen Ping’s identity and equal status in the room. When he arrived, he found a place to sit down and looked at the waves with a proud color. Of course, his proud color was for those who were dissatisfied with him. Seeing Chen Ping’s face, Chen Ping was more angry, but he dared not send it.
Chen Ping sat in the back room with waves and Ouyang Lan Tianxing looked up and smiled at Ouyang and said, "You can arrange a dish."
Ouyang nodded and promised to go out of the door to arrange food.
When the waves smiled at Ouyang from Lan Tianxing, they felt that Lan Tianxing’s joke was very gentle. Obviously, Ouyang and Lan Tianxing were very unusual. The waves thought, "Is Ouyang a lover of Lan Tianxing?" This idea makes the waves very uncomfortable. Ouyang, a beautiful woman, should have become a blue star lover * * *. Is that sentence wrong for a good circle?
If you think so, the waves still vaguely feel that this matter is not that simple. There must be something else hidden in the waves. Thinking like this did not affect him. When Lan Tianxing ordered the waves to sit down again, the waves sat down with a smile and said, "Blue always told me to be good but disrespectful."
Lan Tianxing laughed. "Today, you have made great contributions to the first position, so you should not be allowed to sit down. When we drink together again, we will be on an equal footing. It’s not unfair for you to pour water for us old guys at a young age, is it?"
Lan Tianxing’s words are degraded and promoted, especially the phrase "equal", which is even more meaningful. The two faces changed again.
Look at the waves this time, the two faces change, that is, two people sitting diagonally opposite him. One is a middle-aged man with a sinister look, and the other is a man with a strong and mature look. The waves know that the middle-aged man with a sinister look is a "Star Club" and a "Suzaku Hall". The owner’s name is Tan Zhongyi, a real person who is sinister and treacherous, and he is not loyal at all. However, the waves can see that this man with a strong and mature look is the most hostile to him. His heart faintly guesses the identity of this person.
The waves are sitting in the left seat of the blue star, and there is a chair on the right side of the blue star. When the waves are guessing who has this chair, Ouyang Qian comes in and sits in the chair directly.
Waves in the heart to know that the people who can sit at this table are all Star Star help veterans, even if the blue sky star nephew Lan Yutang is also respectful to accompany the last seat. Is this Ouyang Qian sitting next to the blue sky star? You know, in this Jianghu gang banquet, only the wife of Wang can sit next to Wang, and even Xiao Mi, Wang’s lover, doesn’t have this qualification. It seems that this Ouyang is really not only me, but she is just a restaurant manager in the Red Chamber. I didn’t expect to leave her eyes, but this Ouyang doesn’t look like a gangster. She is beautiful, noble and too sexy. There is no sinister, cruel, smiling, elegant and generous gangster in her eyes!
The waves secretly thought, "If this Ouyang is also a star gang, what position is she?"
There are seven people in the room, five of whom are in their forties to fifties, and one is a 27-year-old thin man with eyes.
It seems that the five middle-aged people are used to calling the shots. One is more sinister, powerful, rugged and calm than the other, but they all have a trace of rolling around in the rivers and lakes. At a glance, you can know that these five people are following Lan Tianxing to help old brothers.
However, the thin young man sat there taciturn, which attracted the attention of the waves and attracted their interest. The waves knew that this young man was the nephew of the blue sky star Lan Chuntang.
When the waves strode into the room, their eyes looked at the blue star with a slight smile. When Yu Guang had a panoramic view of the people and things in the room, he had mastered some people’s personalities.
Of these people, several people in the sea wave have long known each other, of course, not met each other, but the sea wave has seen these figures and figures early. Although it is not particularly detailed, it is enough for him to master a lot.
In the room, I was talking loudly, because after Ouyang Qian hit the door, Lan Tianxing first stopped talking and looked at the door. The blue sky star didn’t talk. Of course, everyone shut up. When the blue sky star looked at the door, everyone looked at the waves.