"Put the inn room what are you going to do? Take her away? " Looking at her Weiyuan eyes seems to have flowing water.

"cremate it and take her ashes back." Take her back to the mountain near Liangjiayuan House in Liucheng where Liang Yan’s father was buried.
"Good" nodded Weiyuan do it.
"I think it makes sense for you to kill all the remnants of Liang’s family as soon as possible." Liang Qingyu’s last words repeatedly explained that Liang’s danger would be poor if he did not kill them.
"Hear that? Since Yan Shoutou also supports it, I will do it. You have a good rest. Your blood is very weak, and the doctor said that if you don’t rest well this time, it may affect your future fertility. "Wei Yuan laughed.
"Fuck you!" Yan Liang scolded him, but she couldn’t help laughing. Although she was not interested in having children, it would be good to have a Weiyuan child.
Yan Liang made up his mind to cremate Liang Qingyu’s body on a clean night.
The temperature here is high during the day, even if the corpse is put in the basement, it can’t be cremated, which is the best choice.
Wood piles together form a high bed. Liang Qingyu changed into a long white dress, spotless.
Torch lit Weiyuan took it from the guard and then handed it to Yan Liang.
Raise my hand and bring it here. Yan Liang walked over and finally took one look at the face. Enron Liang Qingyu then lit the firewood.
As soon as the fire started to shout, the flames jumped up and blocked the view.
Stand shoulder to shoulder with the defender Yuan, and they can easily see that they are a couple even without words.
Xiao Li was a little pale a few meters away, but he couldn’t hide the color in his eyes.
Both he and Wei Yuan were injured. If we look at their faces at this time, they are the same, and they are also injured. Although they don’t lack arms and legs, they just look a little weak.
The fire became more and more prosperous, and finally Liang Qingyu swallowed Yan Liang’s eyes slightly, and her heart was stronger.
There are some things that she can’t change, but if she can find out something long ago, it won’t end like this.
Although death is the best relief for Liang Qingyu, I believe she will be more willing to be with her daughter, even if she is not her daughter, but this body is
Took hold of her shoulder Weiyuan slightly put her into his arms.
Relying on his cold words, this WHO Yuan bosom is the most comfortable and safe place for her.
Xiaoli guards quickly came from behind and walked through the night. He was holding a white jade urn in his hand.
Sent to Xiaoli and looked at Xiaoli’s satisfaction, then picked it up and went to Yan Liang.
"Are you satisfied with catching the head?" White jade is transparent and pure, and Xiao Li thinks it is very suitable.
It is appropriate to look straight at the past and then slowly nod "thank you"
"There’s nothing to do. After all, this is what Qi Guo can do." He handed it to the guard Xiaoli and looked at her and added, "I’m sorry for your loss."
"Well," Yan Liang looked up at him. This is the first time I found out that Xiaoli was sincere and quite pleasing to the eye when he was not angry.
The waist, back and arms tightened, and Yan Liang followed his strength to return to his arms again. Weiyuan looked at Xiaoli with four eyes relative to each other, but despite their calm, there were hidden waves.
The body didn’t have the strength to persist for a while and Weiyuan sent Yan Liang back.
I feel better when I get back to my room and sit on the bed and feel cool.
Close your eyes and then meditate in pranayama
When she opened her eyes again, it was already bright, and Weiyuan on the other side of the bed was asleep.
Breathing and sleeping, she was weak, and she didn’t hear anything when Weiyuan came back.
And very much. She feels much more comfortable and her body has some strength.
Twist a head to look at the white jade urn on the table against the wall and put it there. Liang Qingyu completely got rid of this worldly life.
Move the body Yan Liang close to the bed opposite Weiyuan slowly on his arms.
For a moment, Wei Yuan opened his eyes and stretched out his arm to hold her. "Are you awake?"
"Well," grab him and hang his hands in front of him, ten fingers clasped and warm.
"You can rest here these days. I’ll come back when I’m done with things, and then I’ll go back to Dayan to ask my brother for an imperial edict. I want you to marry me." His voice was a little hoarse, but it was nice.
"Good" looking at the dim window room, the sky is getting brighter and brighter outside.
"Promise so simply? No longer consider it? " Weiyuan chuckled
"Yeah, I’ll think about it." Yan Liang’s lip angle is slightly curved, which is nothing to consider.
"No, don’t think about it. Just count on it." Go back on our word Wei Yuan bowed his head and bullied her neck and deliberately tickled her.
There’s nothing wrong with trying to avoid it. She’s trapped in his arms and can’t hide at all.
Weiyuan said that he had to deal with things, that is, the remnants of Liang’s family. He wanted to kill people and Xiao Li wanted money. They also hit it off and left town together.
In Yanliang Inn, recuperation, pranayama, meditation and meditation recovered quickly.
As Weiyuan said, her qi and blood deficiency is severe. If she doesn’t make it back this time, it will definitely have a great influence on her future fertility. Even if the doctor doesn’t assert that Yan Liang knows it.
If she didn’t care about these things before, it would be far from her to have children, and it would be far from her.