Chapter 139 In case of danger, it eats the tentacles of spirit.

Chapter 139 Spirit tentacles
Zhang Yanggang killed the male martial arts master and got burned again. The injury was even more serious. He was caught in a sudden attack by the rya and cast a woody vine. He was in extreme danger at the moment []
The female martial artist slowly walked up to Zhang Yang and smiled. "Zhang Yang, I admit that you have high potential and your physique is not ordinary, but the reality is so cruel. Sometimes the roots of talent can’t decide what way to die."
Zhang Yang’s running voxel can devour the little blood left in Linghai and rush into the body meridians for healing.
He calmly said, "If you want to kill, kill more and benefit more."
Female jack went to stop ten meters away from Zhang. "I just heard that your title was killed by Shi Tian a few days ago. Why didn’t Bai Shitian kill you then? Now it’s clear that Samsung Martial Arts, which can kill the Peak Martial Arts, really threatens too much. Kill it early to get rid of future troubles. "
"You’re talking nonsense. Aren’t you afraid I’ll slow down and kill you?" Zhang indifferent way
Female jack smiled "afraid! But you can’t get rid of my vines. Do you still have the strength to kill me? "
When it comes to the third sentence, when Zhang Yang saw that the female martial artist still didn’t start work, he understood the other party’s thoughts. "I am afraid that I will pretend to be injured and want to wait for the three of them to arrive at the same time and kill me together. I can’t spend more time with her, and the more dangerous I am."
"Are you afraid of me? The Peak Martial Master doesn’t even have the courage to fight. Your mind can’t reach a high level. Do you know how many scrolls I have? " Zhangyang avenue
The female martial artist sneered, "Hehe … I heard that you killed the first captain Wang Feng and robbed him of his ring. Wang Feng is just a four-star martial artist. I can’t go anywhere. Don’t let me take that little interest."
"You know the nangongshan odd! His strength is not worse than your captain’s, but he kills people, which you all expected. "Zhang Yangdao.
"What do you mean? The nangongshan strange name training each team will know that don’t you say more "female jack some doubts.
Zhang Yang secretly made Yuan gather his limbs motionless and said, "Before coming here, Nangong was afraid that something might happen to him and gave me all the scrolls. My scrolls were enough for a king-level achievement method. If four people split it equally or give it to your captain, the cooked duck will fly."
The female warrior’s silent eyes are not greedy.
Zhang Yang went on to say, "If you let me go, my scrolls are all yours. I think people have to save their lives to have some dead things in the future. It’s not worth my efforts to swallow the scrolls by myself or divide them equally among four people. Which do you think is better?"
After a pause, he once again stressed that "time is running out. One second later, the ownership of the scroll will be one step later. If you let me go, the scroll will be you. Then people will still think that I still have the scroll. No one will suspect you, even if I say it’s you. Who will believe it?"
Said Zhang deliberately coughed up black blood and looked very weak and his eyes were urgent. His constitution was yin and his constitution tended to be cold. Most people were not sure about his life strength.
Female jack has some difficult choices. See Zhang coughing up black blood. His eyes flashed with joy. "This person should not lie. If the injury is not important, it will be nonsense." I have already got away. "
Female jack calmly said, "good! You erase the ring from your memory and give it to me and I’ll let you go. "
"good!" Zhang yang Zhuang Xin Dao
When the female warrior approached in the direction of Zhang Yang, she put the vines with one hand, and thick cyan yuan could fully get into the vines.
Zhang dark alert surface is showing joy.
Suddenly, the vine thickens and strangles Zhang Yang’s physical strength. When Zhang Yang’s body strength is greater, the female martial artist quickly attacks Zhang Yang’s heart with a sword!
"Just in time!" Zhang Yang’s slight deviation made the sword stab straight into his arm.
Then, there was an explosion, and Zhang’s body broke into a strong black awn. More than ten black tentacles in his body broke the green vines and then quickly wrapped them around the limbs of the female martial artist.
It’s hard for a female martial artist to draw a sword, as if it were caught by someone.
"Pretend to die!" She was cold, and then the blue light of her palm increased sharply, and she hit Zhang’s chest with a palm.
"poof!" Zhang Yang dirty was attacked by the other side’s dark strength and was beaten with a big mouthful of blood. He clenched his teeth and the tomahawk fell to the ground. His hands grasped the arms of the female martial artist and his body rushed out of more than ten black tentacles and finally entangled the latter’s limbs!
The tentacles stuck to the skin of the female martial arts master and instantly got into it, which made the latter scream and show pain, and the body and surface functions were also scattered!
Zhang Yang’s finger morpheme can quickly attack the black sword and directly penetrate the throat of the female martial artist. As soon as the blood is ejected, it is absorbed by the tentacle! And the latter is too soft to die!