Su Lin’s kneeling in Rong Xi Hall "worried grandma"

"Well, it doesn’t matter if my wife worries about it once. If you have it for life, it’s all ready for you. She’s a princess. We can’t turn our backs on the bride price. Even marrying a princess is enough," said the old lady Su.
"Grandson … thank you grandma" Su Lin choked.
"Well, if my wife doesn’t accumulate virtue, Sue’s family will be distressed to meet your mother and your mother. After discussion, how do you live? Your mother is kind and your mother is also a clever girl. Even if you live together, you won’t be wronged. If you have me, Sue’s family won’t suffer." The old lady Su said.
"Thank you, Grandma." Su Lin kowtowed after all.
"Get up," Mrs. Su helped him off in person.
Mammy Wang laughed. "The old lady’s virtue and grandchildren are excellent. Where is there no virtue? Grandchildren have become a Lord protector. Isn’t it just a taste to wait on the old lady and kowtow easily? You can see that the Lord protector is pretending? "
"Stop talking. If my virtue were good … it wouldn’t have happened." What the hell is wrong with the old lady in the family?
"What have also come back to your body back to the empress handmaiden must elaborate on this matter! Tell the empress to talk about the old lady, "said Mammy Wang.
"Well I don’t say don’t say I have the most virtue! Yes, my granddaughter is the queen of Da Yin Jia! " Sue the old lady laughed
Su Lin went to Jane’s place and saw Liu also.
Busy greeting "Mother Niang"
"You child … is really … worrying!" Jane’s road
"Mother, don’t worry. Everything is fine now. Just wait for tea," Surin said.
"Good … just don’t say you go to kiss the palace. You have a better attitude, and you’re a tired girl …" Jane’s way
Liu’s consistent practice is that Jane says when Su Lin doesn’t talk.
You don’t have to care about these if you are naturally closer to yourself.
She knew that Su Lin had affection for Jane, but more respect, so there was nothing wrong with it.
"Yes, I changed my clothes and went to ask my mother and mother to wait." Su Lin went out with a smile.
It’s good to have a group of good friends. Yesterday’s words are all gathered today.
There is a saying that many hands make light work. The bride price of the Su family is ready, and the Cao family and the Mu family have all given a lot of manpower. Within an hour, the young Lord protector rode to the pro-Wangfu.
Behind him was a pair of chariots and horses hung with red silk, and a pair of people went to kiss the palace.
Who has seen this battle?
Whose bride price is also beaten? In particular, it’s been several years since the three daughters in the pro-Wangfu became married. Second, it was only yesterday that they became married. The third said that he was not yet ten years old.
Everyone can’t help wondering if there are more than three daughters kissing Wangfu by mistake.
At this time, I knew the situation and told the truth about yesterday’s kidnapping.
It suddenly dawned on everyone that it was a scene of a woman and two men!
It’s not new if it’s modern, but this is ancient! This is equivalent to a new text of the superstar level!
The audience blew up and blocked the street outside the pro-Wangfu!
Surin laughed outside the door. "Please inform Surin to visit relatives and friends."
If you say you are asking for relatives, you are hired!
Isn’t this too soon? I’m stunned by the servants of the Prince’s Palace! After all, I went in trembling.
Yan Ming in the front yard also froze. "With a dowry?" Come to ask for relatives?
Is this a robbery?
"No!" The prince is depressed
"Your majesty … this … this … is not good?" That’s my uncle, empress, my brother! Really gone? This is not your style.
The prince really wants to be angry and say he can’t see it, but can he really disappear if he won’t cause trouble? Guess your daughter, that is, Sue’s daughter-in-law. Let’s call it in. Don’t be ashamed outside.
But coming in is coming in and never going out to meet!
After the gate was closed, Surin went in with some friends, and twenty boxes of dowry were also carried in.
Su Lin saw the prince’s previous step, "My little husband meets my father-in-law!"
The prince took a big step back, darling. What’s wrong with this guy? Call your father-in-law when you come?
"I dare not be the father-in-law of the Lord protector!" Although the prince is happy with a straight face.
"Small son-in-law to hire in a few days to win the infanta door don’t call a father-in-law? Sooner rather than later! " Surin laughed
It turns out that even if you marry a royal daughter, you don’t have to be too entangled. It turns out that you like the female father’s speech is so interesting.
"The sovereign princess and the side princess are coming" page said.
After the princess came, the princess smiled, "What is this?"