Zhuo Wenhao looks as heroic as an ox. No wonder Qian Zhuang’s heroic courage seems to be really rich.

"So I that a little small debt you see this …"
Zhuo Qiang waved his hand and said, "Give it to me!"
"That you should also pay attention to some money, even if you win five million, it won’t take long if you don’t save it. Now the price is so high, you have to ask for money when you marry a daughter-in-law! Room don’t want to buy even if the banquet this furniture … "Words haven’t say that finish, was ZhuoJiang joint drag out of the living room.
"I’m sleeping. Are you all right? Don’t call me. I’m so sleepy!" Zhuo Qiang yawns repeatedly and I don’t know if it’s true or not.
Zhuo Wenhao in the master bedroom sighed "the evil money society! Whoever has money is in charge. If I have no money, I have to listen to the rich! "
White Xia Yun gave him a white look and said, "What are you crazy about?"
"Crazy? I’m really going crazy tonight! Ah, debt is light! I tonight … "
"Go to you old shady … ah, ah … don’t do this, let people hear! Alas, you ah … "
Early the next morning, Zhuo Qiang came to Ssangyong Navigation Company with two men and one woman. Although he was not afraid of default, it was safest to put money in his pocket. He came here today to take money.
Zhuo Qiang first went to Zheng Xiulian’s office to see if she had something to say. She invited her to dinner at noon. Unfortunately, she took a day off today and couldn’t have a schedule.
After going through the transfer formalities in the finance office, Zhuo Qiang and several others went out of Ssangyong Navigation Co., Ltd. to see if it was still early at noon and went shopping for a few people.
Although the three hands don’t have high material requirements or no requirements at all, people are always too hard on them and feel a little sorry for them.
Women love beauty, women love dressing up, women love shopping, and women have priority … Ye Chuchu said that after several women’s advantages, Zhuo Qiangnai had to buy things for Ye Chuchu first.
You have to buy more clothes for headdresses and jewelry. Women always buy more bags than men, and spent more than 20 thousand yuan on Zhuoqiang.
Ma Yuanhang and Liu Xiaolei saved one more person, a watch and a black suit. Together, they were only over 10,000.
Liu Xiaolei can’t be wronged. He also spent more than 10 thousand on his two clothes so that he wouldn’t feel shabby when he went out.
I bought some clothes and pantyhose. These things made Ma Yuanhang and Liu Xiaolei shoulder the hand. Ye Chuchu followed Zhuo Qiang closely like a wealthy family.
Although Ye Chuchu is close to Zhuoqiang, there is no close-fitting pressure on Zhuoqiang. It’s hard to say what to let her do.
Walking leisurely, Zhuo Qiang suddenly stopped, and Zhu Lizhen came out of a shop opposite, with tears on her face.
As soon as she went out, she saw Zhuo Qiang and Ye Chuchu’s face around Zhuo Qiang changed a few times, wiped her face with tears and walked quickly past Zhuo Qiang with her head slightly lowered.
"Ah, boss, this isn’t …" Liu Xiaolei seems to be afraid that Zhuo Qiang didn’t see it and quickly woke up. Zhuo Qiang used to be a girlfriend.
Zhuo Qiang kicked him. "Nobody treats you as dumb if you don’t talk!"
"Yes, yes!" Liu Xiaolei was busy making an epiphany and turned to look far away. Zhu Lizhen was a little puzzled. Why didn’t the boss talk to people when he saw acquaintances and was very familiar?
Although we broke up, did we become enemies after breaking up?
Just when he was puzzled, he quickly walked out of that store and chased a man in the direction of Zhu Lizhen for 31 times to save the United States? Old love? (for collecting tickets)
Seeing Zhu Lizhen being chased by Zhuo Qiang from behind was calm.
Although I still have a faint hatred for Zhu Lizhen in my heart, after all, I have spent a few months talking about love. If she encounters difficulties, even if she doesn’t see it, now that she has seen it with her own eyes, it can’t be said in the past.
A five-good young man needs to help even if he meets a stranger in this situation.
Zhu Lizhen was surprised and angry after being chased by the young man, but was pulled by the young man.
"Want to go? Where do you want to run after beating Xiao ye? There is such a good thing! Even if the police come, I am a victim! " The young man said arrogantly
Zhu Lizhen tried to pull the young man, but the young man grabbed his sleeve and couldn’t get rid of it.
"You rascal! Let me go! " Julie, I didn’t expect so many people in the street. This young man is so bold.
The young man YinXiao way "let you go? I’ll get it for nothing? "
"The eldest brother! How can you treat a beautiful woman like this? " A delicate young man’s ear rings
The young man turned around and saw that it turned out to be a beautiful girl with white teeth and beautiful eyes. Compared with the girl who was holding her hand, she was more gorgeous, six points tender and ten points charming!
It seems that the bones of such a beautiful young woman are crisp, and he can hardly help but want to touch her tender little face, which must feel good.
"Well, this beautiful woman, what did you just say?" Young men are a little confused when they feel a warm fragrance coming.
Ye Chuchu seems to know that the boss is not satisfied with his charm to outsiders. "My boss wants you to let this girl go!" "
The young man who was awakened by Ye Chuchu’s sudden cold words looked at Zhuo Qiang again a few steps away, and the three men became angry. "Mind your own business! Young master, not everyone can manage it! "
Ye Chuchu didn’t talk nonsense with him again. He took Zhu Lizhen with one hand and knocked off the young man’s hand with the other.
Ye Chuchu, this humanoid monster is powerful. It seems that the young man feels like a mallet, and he almost cries out. Look at the dark red wrist. After a few seconds, it turns out to be slowly swollen.
The young man with air-conditioning in his mouth was so painful that he was furious that he wanted to start work, but looking at the other people’s hands, he was obviously looking for a way to suppress his anger and anger, saying, "Be cruel!"
Say and turn around and walk away, but I think I’m cheated and no longer entangled.
Zhu Lizhen didn’t panic anymore. He looked at Zhuo Jiang and his three companions.
Zhuo Qiang, a few people bought clothes and directly wore them. Although they are not top brands, they are also thousands of pieces of expensive clothes.
Women’s eyes are very interested in clothes tags and prices, and they can see at a glance that Zhuoqiang is not what Wu Amon was yesterday.
While expressing gratitude, I regret that although the breakup was hurt, it goes without saying that people can help this person when they see that they are in trouble.
Seeing that the girl beside me is much more beautiful and moving than herself, my heart is inexplicably lost.
Strong heart to sour Zhu Lizhen said "thank you" lightly and turned to leave.