Shocked by the different expressions in the eyes of the army of repairing officials in the domain, the expression is not the same

"SiHao he is not the protoss! He is a crazy person who is completely possessed by ambition! And kill him today. No! It will definitely kill him. The savior is the last orphan of the ghost family-the red dagger! "
"Ghost clan red dagger?" There was a burst of disorderly criticism in the army of repairing officials in the domain. Some people heard that some people didn’t know it at all, but they were always ghosts. The so-called ghost clan red dagger was a crystallization of the so-called ghost clan, which was hidden by the last official of the ghost clan. It was just a fabrication.
But the scene in front of us can’t be false. There is indeed a fight in the distance. There is indeed a red light around the Lord Sihao!
So this army of millions of people’s regional boundaries and races finally polarized.
The fire clan, the water clan, the cloud clan, the bird clan, the orc clan, the spirit clan, the bone clan, the Xia clan, and so on, stood in the footsteps and turned the direction. "Hula" surrounded the ruins of the leadership hall gate, where more than 20,000 people’s training camps were firmly guarded, and they joined together, facing the murderous army of training officials from the opposite side.
The words of natural red refining have really influenced some ethnic groups to cultivate official positions, but more such as evil spirit, smoke, gold, yin, after, scale, gold, shadow, flower, etc., are still unscrupulous.
Come on, they are already loyal puppets of the Lord Sihao, and it is absolutely impossible for the Lord Sihao to defeat him by assimilating the secrets of the protoss three owls, which have already been tighter among the races; Besides, the conditions of the Lord’s office are also very attractive, and the main position of the big domain is second only to the Lord. How great is this? Moreover, the race is also superior to all races in the domain, so who can say that the domain will not be ruled by this race in the future?
Ambition always makes a person lost, confused and mad, and it is the same for a race.
"Killing these people is our ethnic domain, and it is me!"
Every eye dew yoshimitsu continues to approach the ruins of the Lingtang gate, and the clan xiushi thinks so in his heart.
Guarding the ruins of the leading gate of the domain, the ethnic groups are determined to keep their eyes on each other.
And head-on approach to those races xiushi are also a face of lost face.
There are more than one million people on both sides, but the strength gap is hard to know. After all, there has never been such a war in the domain, and all the ethnic groups in the domain have been involved and divided into two factions. The scale of the battle is far beyond everyone’s imagination.
"It seems that the domain is going to have the largest and most tragic battle for the first time." Hong Hua Dou Tai looked down at her face with a smile but her eyes were a little confused.
"We could have predicted such a scene in the battle" and said in a low voice "I’m afraid this war will be many times more tragic than when the ghost clan and the evil clan fought."
Red refined straight looking at two groups are approaching each other camp suddenly twist a head to see Yang night there worried about holding the staff, you know, it all depends on Yang night now, once Yang night is defeated, then everything is over, and this war is meaningless.
"War! A new domain! " Suddenly, a voice in the tribe’s official camp guarding the ruins of the leading gate shouted impassioned.
In an instant, the field leader’s hall gate guarded the field, and the Xiushi camp roared out with a deafening roar, shouting that all the ethnic Xiushi departments rushed out, carrying a sharp sword and scattering their abilities, and throwing themselves at the enemy with faith.
And over there, approaching and obeying the orders of Sihao, many races and thousands of people also broke out instantly and flew and ran, reflecting that this side went straight to kill and screamed and screamed.
Soon, the two men of Xiushi collided with each other like two tidal currents surging together for a moment! Spectacular shock and impact instantly, the horse has a scene of heartbreaking screams and bloody pieces!
At that time, the whole domain tore apart and the earth trembled.
Millions of people from all ethnic groups engaged in a scuffle, and an unreal black region was filled with lotus flower fights, roars, screams and roars. At this moment, the reverberation became a piece.
A pair of eyes at the leading gate looked straight at the instant, hesitating, angry and distressed.
"I’ll help!" Crazy Sui was the first one to shout and jump out with the staff of the Beastmaster, and instantly flooded the battlefield of the two ethnic groups together.
Floating life and Hong Hua Dou Tai looked at each other and both jumped up and rushed into a melee, killing two pieces of land like a crowded land and bursting into two bloody lotus flowers.
South glory magic jump and blue demon chop jump and the scorching sun jump and Monsieur beaucaire Ling and Xiahou Chaojun also jump and a figure drowns the crowds and the blood and fog pervades the battlefield.
Ci Rengu hesitated for a moment, glanced at the red devil, nodded and jumped up. It’s all right to hide the blade, and Ci Rengu has changed. Although he is no longer bloodthirsty, he stands firm. The friendship of the blade is as big as the sky.
These people are all seriously injured, but their own race is in the enemy’s midst. The whole domain is desperate to win this battle!
There is hope only when there is victory.
And Mrs. Yang Lao, who was the most seriously injured, made a move, and it was difficult to use the knife of the Millennium Bone Clan Night Kratos, which really hurt her. Even with the recovery of Lan Yao’s chopping ability, it was only a temporary life hindrance to protect herself.
At the moment, I can accompany the injured baby to watch the battle. Both of them are impatient and angry around the protoss.