"Hum, Yan Shaogu, I just came to settle accounts with you today. Zhangweichang is your field."

Zhouyi sneered that he was about to duel with Koji Murakami, but Yan Shaogu took people to kill him and surrounded Chen Hu and other five people. He had to be distracted and talk to Yan Shaogu.
After Zhouyi said this, Yan Shaogu arrived at Wei Zhang who was stabbed to death by an iron bar.
"You killed my brother, and I’m going to cut you to pieces!"
Yan Shaogu’s face changed and he yelled, "Brothers, kill one for me."
As Yan Shaogu ordered the West Lake to help 500 elites with machetes and iron bars to kill them in large numbers!
The real bloody battle and slaughter of the 500 elite of the West Lake Gang was caused by the previous killing of five people, including Zhouyi, who were gatekeepers and sentries of the West Lake Gang, and some of them were not elite of the West Lake Gang.
This is why Zhouyi, Chen Huzhou and others were able to slay hundreds of people in the West Lake Gang. At this time, the 500 elite people in the West Lake Gang were sent out, and the two masters, Koji Murakami and Yan Shaogu, were deployed, so it was not so easy to deal with.
"Little master, I’ll help you stop this kid Koji Murakami. You should kill Yan Shaogu first. He colluded with the Japanese, and he should be killed first."
Chen Hu glanced at the West Lake to help the elite horse flash to Zhouyi and said to Zhouyi that he knew that the hatred between Zhouyi and Yan Shaogu was deeper than that with Wei Zhang. If it weren’t for Yan Shaogu’s hatred, Zhou Yigen would have hung out in the underworld at an early age. Zhouyi must have killed Yan Shaogu himself this time.
Of course, Chen Hu, who is experienced, has another consideration, that is, to slay Yan Shaogu’s West Lake gang, and these hundreds of elites will be the leader of the group.
"Good Chen Hu, you just have to entangle Koji Murakami. Don’t fight with him recklessly. First try to slay the West Lake and help these elites. When I kill Yan Shaogu, I will duel with this kid. I estimate that if this kid in Murakami doesn’t die, my hands will surely die unsatisfied."
Zhouyi nodded his head, a split palm stuns a West Lake gang, and the elite rushed over to grab an iron bar avenue. "Jing Ge, you stay close to Zhou Chi, Qin Feng, you stay close to Chen Hu and pay attention to protecting yourself. I’ll kill Yan Shaogu first."
Zhouyi finished holding an iron bar and rushed directly at Yan Shaogu.
Zhouyi arranged Jing Ge and Qin Feng to stay close to Chen Hu and Zhou Chi, so let Chen Hu and Zhou Chi fight and take care of them a little. After all, Jing Ge and Qin Feng are not very good at martial arts, and if they are surrounded by the elite of the West Lake Sect, they are likely to get hurt.
"Zhouyi you don’t want to go! I want to fight you! Today I will kill you and avenge my younger brother! "
Zhouyi moved Koji Murakami’s poor Mandarin and shouted a’ hand knife’, which flashed at Zhouyi’s back to stop Zhouyi from attacking Yan Shaogu!
Zhouyi didn’t even turn his head back, but he still smashed several iron bars in a row, and the elite of the West Lake gang went straight to Yan Shaogu.
Zhouyi dared to do this because he had Chen Hu, a peerless tiger gun.
Chen Hu body movement blocked the village koji and village koji hard touch a recruit.
This recruit Chen Hushen still village koji is back two steps.
Koji Murakami’s face looked dignified. When Chen Hu came to the West Lake the night before yesterday to deliver letters for the headquarters, he knew that Chen Hu was a master, but he didn’t expect Chen Hu’s martial arts to be so high.
"Kid, you’re not bad. You’re a little strong. You’re qualified to fight with me."
Chen Hu smiled and attacked Koji Murakami first.
"Chen Hu, I didn’t play against you the night before yesterday. Today we met again. It’s a narrow way to go. Then I’ll kill you first and then Zhouyi today."
Village koji nu way is straight and Chen Hudou together.
At this time, hundreds of elites of the West Lake Sect also narrowed the encirclement and launched an attack on Zhouyi and other five people.
Zhouyi, Chen Hu, Zhou Chi are all experts. People in the natural encirclement can block everywhere. Wherever those who block are invincible, the West Lake gang will be washed away, but Jingge and Qin Feng are different. There are too many West Lake gangs, and both of them feel great pressure.
Jing Ge and Qin Feng rang with Zhouyi’s words just now, so they stopped fighting and quickly moved closer to Chen Hu and Zhou Chi after chopping down several people with a machete.
Chen Hu is a master of martial arts at the same level as Zhou Chi. Naturally, his martial arts is higher than that of Koji Murakami. He not only entangled Koji Murakami, but also constantly made moves to slay the West Lake to help those besieged elite Jingge and his side temporarily and dangerously.
"Block Zhouyi to protect Wang and protect Wang!"
As Zhouyi, like a mountain tiger, connected with iron bars and knocked over a dozen people, some elites of the West Lake Gang shouted because Zhouyi went straight for Yan Shaogu and went to Chapter 15 to wash the West Lake Gang 4.
The West Lake Gang has a large number of people. Ma Bu became several human walls in front of Yan Shaogu. At least 100 people stopped them together and killed them like tigers.
"Yan Shaogu, can you stop me with these wastes?"
Zhou Yilian killed several people and laughed. "It’s ridiculous and sad that you are a gang leader but you don’t have the courage to fight with me. You might as well die, Wei Zhang!"
"Stop him. Whoever killed Zhouyi will take the second place in my West Lake Gang."
Yan Shaogu listened to the irony of Zhouyi, but he was unmoved by Zhouyi. He commanded his hand to besiege Zhouyi. The day before yesterday, Yan Shaogu was defeated by Chen Hu. At this time, he saw that Zhouyi was brave and killed Zhang Weisuo, and his heart was afraid to fight directly with Zhouyi.
"Yan Shaogu, you really are a coward!"
Zhouyi sneered at the several human walls in front of Yan Shaogu. He wanted to break these people’s defenses and directly slay Yan Shaogu!
Protecting Yan Shaogu’s ancients naturally, many Zhouyi will return the law for a while and directly fight Yan Shaogu.
But there are not so many people who protect Yamatakeda.
"Come on, Mountain."
Zhou Chi went straight to Yamada, who had been seriously injured, with his bare hands. Qin Feng followed Zhouyi’s instructions and followed Zhou Chi closely.
Of course, Zhou Chi and Qin Feng are surrounded by the elite of the West Lake Gang. Zhou Chi is too brave. Anyone who attacks others is direct. He is nullified by one move!
Where Zhou Chi takes Qin Feng, he will be full of bodies!
When Zhou Chi killed more than 30 people, the elite of the West Lake gang showed their fear. They surrounded Zhou Chi and Qin Feng and dared not take the initiative to attack again!
So Zhou Chi nullified all the way smoothly and took Qin Feng to Shanwutian.
The corners of Shan Wutian’s mouth were deep red with blood. At this time, he was seriously injured and could not run, while more than a dozen elite West Lake gangs protected him.
It’s these dozens of elite West Lake gangs who have been killed by Zhou Chi, and they all feel weak in their legs. They are actually afraid and slowly retreat!