Four of them are the peak Tianshi, and the other two are the peak saints to protect this woman, who has been killed, and now she wants to let Zhang Tao go.

Zhang Tao was about to refuse to turn around and leave, only to find that the people behind him attacked him. Obviously, they also confirmed whether they would make moves or not, and simply shot and killed themselves to create more troubles.
Zhang Tao jumped away from a few people, and the palm of his hand had just collapsed. At that time, he saw Zhang Taoke’s easy escape. This beautiful woman had a bright eye. I didn’t expect to meet a person casually who was actually a master. It seemed that he had a chance.
Zhang Tao face a heavy although know shura mainland is so, but don’t ask, don’t shoot directly if it is not their own strength is not weak, wouldn’t it be a wrong death?
"Brother, this is our private affair. We are the leaders of the Black Wings. I hope you don’t mind your own business and get into trouble." Seeing Zhang Taoke hiding a blow is obviously not a junior. They don’t want to be enemies, so they will be coaxed and warned.
But this remark made Zhang Tao very unhappy. You started it first, okay? You didn’t say your own bullshit, and now you’re soft? People always give priority to the enemy, and you give priority to the enemy? Although the world needs to keep a low profile, it is not a soft persimmon. Seeing the female Zhang Tao hiding behind her, her face is like ice. "If I kill your department, then you so-called black wings will naturally not know that I am meddling." Hearing Zhang Tao’s words, the opposite person’s face sank, and they were unwilling to directly surround Zhang Tao with Zhang Taolang.
"make it quick"
"Be careful, they are very powerful," the female Zhang Tao said in her ear. Although she was beautiful, Zhang Tao was involved in trouble. She didn’t like her very much, but she didn’t say much but her pupils shrank! Strong spirit spreads everywhere like a shock wave.
The ground was broken almost instantly, and even the gas surged. The spirit attacked quickly and it was hard to prevent.
Chapter 87 As fully committed as men
The powerful spirit made the woman behind Zhang Tao exclaim. She didn’t know what power it was, but she could feel that the force was vast and almost instantaneous. Six people around her were shocked and then flew out. At the same time, Zhang Tao jumped up behind her, and the sun stimulated six people’s sight, which hindered them from seeing Zhang Tao clearly.
"Punch!" One thousand heavy strength broke out and six people appeared in different degrees of explosion. It is difficult for the two peak saints to resist the double obstacles of spirit and sunshine. Zhang Tao killed the six of them. This woman was fascinated by her delicate face. Obviously, she didn’t expect to meet a person casually who was such a powerful master?
The strength of these six people was already very white when she was hunted down. Can this person achieve this level? Is it the leader? Or is he the strong one among the scattered people or hiding his identity?
Zhang Tao, who has solved these six people, is going to stay away from these six people without looking back. Zhang Taoke doesn’t want to offend here when he just came to the wind-destroyed area. He wants to know that he has gone to the meteorite minefield. Now it is really feasible if even the wind-destroyed area is forbidden to enter Zhang Tao.
Although I can also go to the inflammation area myself, it is definitely not a good time to go there now, and I don’t know how many mortal traps I have prepared in Tianming [
But this woman stopped Zhang front Zhang Tao eyebrows a wrinkly "what are you doing? I saved you not because I wanted to, but because they threatened me. If you don’t let me, I won’t hesitate to kill you. "For Shura mainland, there is only Wushan Yunyun, and he is all things naturally, depending on the strength.
Zhang Tao’s threat is definitely very weighty, but this woman looks very cute with her head slightly tilted. "I think you are different from people I know. My name is Mu Ling. What’s your name?" MuLingRan see Zhang Tao threat some said.
Zhang Tao didn’t answer Muling’s question, but jumped over Muling’s head gently, but a gust of fragrant wind came to Muling’s head and stopped Zhang Tao again. But this time, she was not asking questions, but directly kneeling on the ground. "My daughter Muling’s house can be returned to my father’s crisis now, and I hope that the public can help save people from the fire and water. If she can succeed, my daughter will definitely be physically committed, and she will never deny it." Then she actually cut herself like a white jade wrist and swore to see her so. Zhang Tao also moved slightly, but Zhang Tao didn’t speak.
"My father is in charge and is being attacked by another in charge. If you can help Shine, I believe you will have a big wind-blown area." Mu Ling continued to seduce.
To tell the truth, Zhang Taoshi doesn’t want to mind his own business. Even if the spirit is restored to face the leader, it is by no means an opponent. Not everyone has the qualification and ability to take care of this business, but Zhang Tao suddenly thought that Dongyue mainland was in trouble for nine days and let himself come here to practice his strength instead of letting himself live well.
If you want to be a master, you have to go through danger. Maybe it is a good choice to help this Muling father yourself. The melee between the two leaders should be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for yourself, and you can also try how big the gap is between yourself and the leader.
Muling saw that Zhang Taozheng was thinking and didn’t interrupt Zhang Tao’s words. Even if he really paid for his body, Muling said that he would not hesitate to bite his silver teeth gently. Anyway, it’s not a bad thing that he didn’t have a clean heart to save his father.
Perhaps Muling didn’t think that Zhang Tao’s mind didn’t think about her so-called body commitment, but she wanted to quickly improve her strength
"Well I promise you where? You tell me, "Zhang Tao said.
Hearing that Zhang Tao is willing to help Mu Ling, he is also slightly disappointed in his heart. Men generally hear the word "committed relationship" just like moths, regardless of life and death. Mu Ling will turn to Zhang Tao for help. It was her face that saw Zhang Tao’s white robe flying temperament that made her feel heartbroken for an instant.
But now this feeling has been lost as Zhang Tao promised her questions. This is a woman. A very contradictory and complicated creature wants Zhang Tao to save his father, but deep down she is looking forward to Zhang Tao’s refusal. Maybe she doesn’t even know what she really thinks.
"Thank you, please come with me." Muling said and got up and jumped. Zhang Tao knew that her strength was also a secondary Tianshi. Although it was not weak, the mainland of Shura did not finish the number, but the word ant came to shape.
Zhang Tao silently followed her behind her, but accurately calculated that he was not a reckless person who died. Even if he wanted to be strong, he was not going to die. The place where he lived was generally separate, just like Tianming had a higher level of city leadership and a wider range of territory.
Mu Ling’s father’s name is Mu Feng, who is in charge of a site in the wind-destroyed area, but it is a winding mountain. This mountain is like a huge dragon entrenched together and slowly rises for nine days. This is Mu Feng’s residence.
When Muling came with Zhang Tao, the mountain people were all enemies with black wings. Zhang Tao frowned slightly. This is impossible, isn’t it? There is little difference between the commanding strength and the hand strength, but it is possible to capture another commanding territory so quickly, and that is, this commanding and his commanding are United.
It’s like the combination of Meng Huang and Bai Hong and the addition of a heavenly death. Although it’s powerful, it’s no match. Is it the same this time? Spirit slowly extended Zhang Tao clearly felt that the top of the mountain had a great war, which was obviously at the head of the level.
I didn’t feel the third commanding momentum. Zhang Tao was slightly relieved. "Your father is still alive. He is fighting with a commanding commander. It should be Black Wings." The voice just fell like thunder, and the top of the mountain sounded more than the ground shook. You can imagine the terrible degree.
Hear Zhang Tao MuLing is also a sigh of relief "please hurry up" MuLing know their own strength, her root is not the only rely on these opponents only Zhang Tao seconds kill six masters, she will know that the savior is coming.