"Christine, you want to be happy …" Tong saw that her two friends were happy. What about herself …

"Thank you, Tong." Ting ran away from the night and hugged this friend who had been with her for ten years. She also ran and hugged it, but the darkness, Iraq, Chen, dew and ice were moved …
"That’s right!" D. suddenly became a face of serious.
"What’s wrong with cold?" Ice knew what had happened when it was so cold.
"Yi, Chen, Lou, Bing, I asked an to call you here today just to tell you that an was attacked today, and we just saw it when we went back to the gang, so we saved it, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable." Ting clenched her hands and turned into fists.
"Who did it?"
"Who did it?"
"Who did it?"
"Who did it?" Four cold sounds are emitted.
"Cold gang!" Cold (D.) smiled contemptuously. "Just wait for the four of you to talk to me, trader, Yue and you …" D. pointed to the night, escape and sage.
"Let’s go to the cold gang!"
"Yes," two magnetic stereos are of course our night peace.
"ah? ! Ok … "Escape saw that his two brothers had promised themselves that there was no reason not to go … and … hey hey ~ ~
"Cold ~ ~ Why don’t you let me go with you ~ ~" Dark said.
"Lovely, you’ve just detoxified. You should have a good rest." The word "ice" disappears as soon as it gets cold …
"I’m going ~ ~!" Dark refused to give up and put on a pair of "going to die"
Lengnai shook her head and said, "Ok, ok, but you should be careful!"! ~~”
"Well, thank you for being cold!" Dark happy jump three feet high.
So he (she) and a group of people set out in a mighty way without causing noise and air pollution … He (she) chose to take a car with many people, and Ting, Night, Cherish, Xian, and the same car. Dark, Chen, Iraq, dew and ice shared a car, leaving him (her) wanting to take a car alone was rejected by Ting in one breath … ! ! ! ) (Xiao Ting, er … well, it’s getting late and it’s time to go to bed …)
He (she) drove wildly and soon came, and the cold help went in at the door. Ting kicked the innermost door while lying on the sofa to sleep. The fat man said, "Who doesn’t know that I am the cold help leader-spider!"
"It’s a pig! Fat is out of shape! " Ting said with a provocative tone that their masks covered half of their faces at this time, but they still couldn’t resist her queen temperament and peerless face.
"You … you … you … who are you?" "Pig" Wang is not afraid to see such a cold.
"opium poppy"
"Ice" is a cold emotional sound.
"What … you are the top ten killers in the world …" Before the "pig" Wang finished, it was already ver! Then these eleven handsome men and beautiful women "kindly" cleaned the door for the "pig" Wang who didn’t know how little he was, but some of them joined the Lengmeng Gang.
"I think the news will be broadcast tomorrow," said Tong.
"Yes, I heard that Qiao Shuyun and the three of them are fine with this gang. I really want to see how they look!" Cherish jokingly said provoked his (her) laugh belly hurts …