Xiao Fang that wench a listen to dry elder brother want her to learn joy haven’t a minute, it was broken by her unreasonable dad nai looked at dad this may be the so-called life, she recognized the slowly turned around and bowed to dry elder brother answered "thank you brother day I don’t want to …" But everyone can hear her words injustice and nai.

Middle-aged women hide their daughter’s injustice and carefully drag her husband’s skirts from behind, but she didn’t get Wang Erbao’s softhearted return, but gave a scolding "What are you dragging?" ! There’s nothing for you here. Go home quickly or I’ll be rude! "
"Wang Erbao? ! What the hell do you want? ! I gave you face, didn’t I? ! I tell you that you are Xiao Fang’s father, and you have no interest in limiting her education! I still have a way to treat you if I violate the juvenile justice education law! " I can’t watch it anymore. If I were someone else, I would have smoked my legs. Now it’s easy to fight, and I can’t scold or scold this village owner. I think his mother is too wronged!
"You little rabbit don’t want to buckle the old man’s excrement basin and never eat your set of righteous education law for minors. You are fooling people. There are many children who don’t learn in the village. If you have something to do, you have to take care of it!" Wang Erbaogen was not fooled by dry elder brother, but for good reason retorted.
"Well, since you said that, I’ll show you the men and women of Dawangzhuang Village. I don’t care why you don’t let your children drop out of school, but I don’t have any parents who don’t want their children to learn from Tianda Wangzhuang Village before college. The money in the village is paid by my Wang Xiaogan!" Brother Gan nodded heavily and announced that he was thinking this way. Now that things have caught up, let’s implement it before. Brother Da Wangzhuang, the backbone of the village, was too busy with things outside and didn’t have a chance to come back. If villagers want to do something practical for long-term development, they must grasp the doll, that is, they must grasp education and receive education to produce talents. Otherwise, they can repeat the tragedy of their parents all the time, and only by going out can they be productive.
Wang Erbaolai still wants to be an army of dry elder brother. I never thought that dry elder brother should have a big story, so he stammered timidly, "You … you … you said it would be nice to pay for something. I can wake you up. That’s not a small sum!"
"What do you think I am a village owner in front of the village, old and young? I, Wang Xiaogan, spit and nail to ensure that things will be done well! What do you have to say this time? " Brother Gan left the pie mouth and asked, "Mafia White Road has traveled all by himself and never kept his word."
"That … that if the village baby is talking about Xiao Fang, of course, why not? I won the first place in Xiao Fang!" If Wang Erbao is blocked by dry elder brother, it’s easy to recognize the unintelligent, but it’s still a hard way.
"Hum, you know that Xiao Fang has good grades!" Dry elder brother cold hum a disdain, this is the youngest son with a little conscience. It would be a pity if such a good seedling was destroyed.
Wang Erbao was choked by his elder brother and couldn’t say a word. Think about it carefully. He is really no father, and even his daughter can’t afford to learn. He is thick-skinned and embarrassed. There, Nuo Nuo is passive and doesn’t know what to say. Xiao Fang and Xiao Fang’s mother are so happy to see middle-aged women saying thank you to his elder brother, while Xiao Fang is glad to shed tears moved by her recovery.
"All right, Xiao Fang, I’m done with you. Now let’s calculate the physical examination of the second aunt. I’m trying to tell you, unless I quit this village owner, you won’t be able to have a fourth child if you want me to work for a day!" Dry elder brother primly family planning and police station * * cold days there waiting for it, it’s dragging on, and it has to be solved.
"How dare you! I also told you that this matter is not negotiable. I Wang Erbao can’t do something sorry for my ancestors and want to take your second aunt away unless I die! " When Wang Erbao heard that Brother Gan was involved in this matter again, he was very angry and shouted that he was really a filial son.
The middle-aged woman kept winking at the man to stop being impulsive, but the middle-aged man ignored her and glared at her mercilessly, scaring the middle-aged woman into saying anything. When Brother Gan was going to refute, she heard a full-fledged voice. "Come on, Xiaotian, don’t force him. I can’t afford to lose this person in front of outsiders!" Everyone turned and looked to see an old man on crutches, and everyone came along, none other than the old clan.
Dry elder brother nai nodded his head, since the old clan leaders have spoken, there is only a portion left. Therefore, dry elder brother said to Zhang Zhu and the police station instructor who have been behind him, "Zhang Zhu, I don’t think it’s late. I just heard that everyone hasn’t eaten in the village. It’s a tired day. Why don’t you go back and rest first? I promise to bring people to you."
"Ha ha, you put a heavy emphasis on the king. This is what we should do. Don’t be too hard. Things in the village are in a mess. It’s not easy to handle. We’re not in a hurry. Then we’ll go back …" Brother Gan gave a step. That master Zhang dared not go on to say that it was brother Gan’s day to send it. Even if he didn’t send it in the year of brother Gan, he dared not say anything.
"It’s our duty to have a good meal, but I didn’t come back in a hurry to prepare for another day. I will make it up for you." Brother Gan nodded and answered, "Don’t worry about how things are going."
"No, no, it’s very kind of you, Lord Wang. It’s also our duty. If there’s anything wrong, please understand and forgive me. Then we’ll go first. We’ll have a chance to talk again …" Family planning master Zhang said that he was afraid of offending dry elder brother because of this, and shook hands with dry elder brother Li Hushan and they left with people.
Li Hushan looked at the van and police car and said to the elder brother, "This little guy can do things. There is no loophole at all …"
"This thing is that it’s hard for us to do something right, and we have to be afraid of being a good official!" Brother Gan said with a wave, Naidao walked quickly to the place where he was talking about the old clan and Wang Erbao. I heard Wang Erbao complaining to the old clan from a distance.
"Old clan, you always give a comment. You said that I want a baby boy. What’s wrong with unfilial? After three times, I can’t let my generation break! Xiaotian, a rabbit cub, doesn’t think much of you since he became a village owner … "Wang Erbao scolded Brother Gan with a sad face, but it didn’t seem as if Brother Gan was really the kind of dog officer who didn’t show any respect.
"All right you! Come on, it’s because you didn’t do it right. Do you still care? ! I tell you that I am the owner of this village in Xiaotian, and I told him to come to me when he has any complaints! Besides, what’s wrong with what he did? I’m an old fogey. I don’t talk about that anymore. You also said that you planted all three boys and girls yourself. Do you want to regenerate? !” Instead of ignoring him, the old clan scolded ya.
The old clan now also wants to understand that Brother Gan spent his whole life with him before he left. As a result, he scolded Brother Gan for leaving. When this period was over, he thought at home that Brother Gan said it was quite reasonable to have so many babies and couldn’t afford education. It’s not bad, but it will also increase the burden on the society. More importantly, now he will bear the burden, so let him do it himself. If an old guy can’t help, he can’t be confused and suppressed.
"Old clan … I … ah …" After being scolded by the old clan, Wang Erbao dared not retaliate, because the old clan had Galway in the village, and Wang Erbao dared not offend even if he mixed again.
Brother Gan looked at the irate old clan leader and helped him to persuade him, "Old clan leader, you are old and calm down. It’s no wonder that my uncle can’t turn around in the countryside now. This corner always says that there must be a boy or it will be extinct. According to this truth, at least half of the families in the city don’t eat, dress and live as usual, and they are more comfortable than ours!"
"Xiaotian, what should you do? I want to see this two treasures. If he dares to hold a grudge against you, I am a bad old man!" The old clan stared at Wang Erbao with a cold hum. He knew that if he didn’t put the words to rest, he would lose the hearts of the people in the village. Then how can he show his work? Anyway, he was buried by loess. This bad guy should be himself!
Wang Erbao was so guilty that he didn’t dare to look at the old clan with his head down, and he didn’t say anything. In fact, this old clan is still Uncle Wang Erbao, that is, Uncle Wang Erbao’s eldest brother. Now he has spoken. What else can he say?
"Two treasures, your father left early, and you, your eldest brother and your sister grew up watching me. Supposedly, you are satisfied now. Although they are all women, when they grow up after a good education, they are not as bad as you have a little ancestor, so they are filial to serve you both. You see when Xiao Fang learned in the town and didn’t take the first exam. Why not? I won’t say much, you can do it yourself! " The old clan earnestly persuaded a last sentence and turned to leave Chapter 548 for medical release.
"Uncle … uncle, don’t go. I dare not listen to you for so many years, but I can’t help but be cautious when it comes to our family …" Wang Erbao saw that the old clan turned around and was about to leave. He quickly stopped the village. No one could buy Wang Erbao, but he couldn’t help but listen to his father’s words. The master has been helping them with their orphans and widows. This kindness can’t be repaid by a generation.
The old clan glared at Wang Erbao with a cold hum. "Be careful, what? Aren’t three girls enough for you to raise? You still want to give birth to me to see regeneration, not to mention that even your wife has to be hungry and run away!" In recent years, Wang Erbao has been struggling to live a small life because of hiding from family planning.
"I … I … ah …" Although Wang Erbao didn’t want to promise, he was pressed by the old clan and really couldn’t say anything to say that he could hang his head and sigh there.
When Brother Gan saw that Wang Erbao had been cleaned up by the old clan leader, it was almost time for him to play, so he advised him, "Don’t worry, Uncle, our village owner, I will never do anything against you. Although you are the first one, I assure you that everyone in the village will strictly enforce the family planning law from now on and will never be allowed to live beyond life!"
"good! This is what you said, Xiaotian, I, Wang Erbao, admitted this time, but you remember for me that from now on, if anyone in the village violates the policy, then don’t blame me for turning my face and denying people! " Wang Erbao, after listening to Brother Gan’s grandiloquence, nodded and agreed for the first time. He had his own plans in his heart. He wouldn’t believe that Brother Gan could manage the extraordinary things because he killed him. Today, the old clan personally came forward, otherwise he wouldn’t buy it!
"After the trip, there will be super-life in our village, and you can give birth to me when the time comes." If you nod your head and bow, there will be no turning back. Since you are going to do a big job, don’t be afraid of offending people or break this imprisonment forever.
Wang Erbao is determined to win at this time. He firmly believes that even if he has superhuman powers, he can’t stop the determination of super-life. Anyway, he has blown out the cow force. When he has super-life, see for himself what he has to say!
"What do you think about the second uncle’s physical examination with his second aunt?" Brother Gan, strike a light while it is hot. You can’t promise not to do anything after, can you? You’re still blowing off the cow force to the family planning master. If you don’t take people there, your reputation will be destroyed.
"Ah, I Wang Erbao recognized the truth and told you that Xiao Fang was fucking pregnant with you again. Remember that if there are people in the village after Wang Tian, Wang Tian owes me a penny!" Wang Erbao glanced at his daughter-in-law’s belly and lamented that he seemed to see his son waving to him and then walked away.
Brother Gan nodded and turned to scan the onlookers. Righteousness shouted, "You heard what Uncle Wang said. I repeat, there is absolutely no super life in the village. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being unkind!" Dry elder brother say that finish the villagers twittering about.
"All scattered, cold days here to see what have what good-looking of! Since Xiaotian is the owner of the village, you must listen to what he says! " The old clan waved his hand to stop the noise in the crowd. He was really afraid that there would be no trouble.
"After breakfast, the villagers’ representatives will come to the village committee to discuss with us that it is forbidden for children in the village to learn anything beyond life. Since I said it, I will definitely do it!" Dry elder brother finally told the villagers gradually dispersed.
"Uncle, thank you for your support and understanding. Don’t worry. If Aunt really has it, I’ll arrange for her to go to the best hospital in the plain to have an abortion, and I’ll make sure she doesn’t add any pain!" After everyone left, Brother Gan looked at Wang Erbao and felt a little guilty. He replied that it is a common phenomenon to have a super-life in the countryside. It’s not Wang Erbao’s fault. It’s really cruel to be the first to take his knife, but it’s cruel to do it. Who will let him catch it? After that, he will slowly compensate.
Wang Erbao still has a long face and a reluctant face, but he can’t go back on his word when he has said it. He can stare at the dry brother coldly and say, "It’s up to you. Remember that you promised me that you can’t honor it then!" Say that finish also don’t look back turned into the house slammed the wooden door.
"Xiaotian, don’t argue with him. He is the donkey’s temper. I will go to town with you one day. You can’t repay Xiao Fang’s kindness in my life. Come on, Xiao Fang, thank you. Brother Tian, hurry up …" Compared with Wang Erbao’s anxious face, his daughter-in-law remembered the elder brother’s kindness. If there was no elder brother, his eldest daughter’s life would be ruined, so he quickly pulled up Xiao Fang’s gratitude.
"Don’t say that if you say that, I will feel even more guilty. Xiao Fang is all about how old I should be when I am fifteen or sixteen. I can’t just ruin it. It’s not easy to take an examination of the university and be filial to my parents. It’s not easy for them to raise you …" Brother Gan said and touched my little girl’s head
Xiao Fang nodded shyly and answered softly, "Thank you, brother Tian. I will make my parents live a good life after studying hard, so I won’t be so tired anymore."