"Don’t try to threaten me. It’s a childish trick if you have the strength threat." The sneer in Feng Yang’s heart immediately felt that the soul force of the viper king had faded, which meant that the viper king could lend his strength and faded. If the body would prototype Tianshan and others’ experience, some clues could be seen.

"I can’t stay any longer." The dark lining in Feng Yang’s heart looked back at Tian Shanyin and said in a low voice, "Chen Zhengren sent someone to kill a group of my brothers. I don’t care what you do. If my brother suffers any damage, I will kill everyone in Feiyun Gate, including you."
"I’ll think of some way to stop it," Tian Shan said carefully. Although it seems very spineless that the head of the group was ordered like this.
But in the face of the strength of the king of viper, the Lord of Feiyun Gate is a scum, and a fart can make him live and can’t take care of himself
The wind Yang turned to look at Han Yi’s side, and leaped into a fire dragon, which drew a long lux streamer from the arm flying out, crashing into the trapped dragon world, and suddenly there was a violent tremor and the crack spread rapidly.
The wind Yang once again waved a palm, and his arms were full of dark scales, spouting the second fire dragon.
The trapped dragon world, China and South Korea, suddenly burst into madness and strength, and the trapped dragon world burst with a bang.
The wind suddenly noticed that the scales gradually disappeared, and the flame that made him feel exhausted receded like a flood and wrapped his body gradually faded away.
Feng Yang’s face changed slightly, and he dared not stay behind him. His wings suddenly showed his body like a big fireball, and the blink of an eye had disappeared. Feiyun Gate.
Han Yi looked at it and immediately showed his figure and pursued it in the direction of the wind. However, he Wu Shen’s strength and wind elements brought the speed to the extreme and actually pursued it with great difficulty. The distance was getting farther and farther instead of getting closer.
"Brother, I think it’s a little strange that Feng Yang can let us go with the help of the strength of the viper king?" Day envy frown said
Looking around and turning into ruins, Feiyun Gate said, "Feiyun Gate can’t stand the toss anyway."
"Don’t just forget it?" Jealous and hot-tempered, "Although Feng Yang has turned into a snake king, I’m sure how long it will take to borrow the law, otherwise it won’t leave us so soon. When he turns back into a body, he can take his life and get the snake king beast spirit."
"Scorpio, you haven’t given up for decades?" Look at the day jealous Tian Shan frowned and said
"This is also a way for us to return to the glory of Feiyun Gate," Tianjealous said with his head held high.
"Let’s stop it for the time being. Rebuilding Feiyun Gate is a top priority." Tianshan looked jealous and said to the three deacons, "You go to Lian Chen Zhengzheng and go out to kill Fengyang’s companions. Those people must stop them at all costs or you will not come back."
"White" three deacons respectfully said that if they didn’t stop the mentor from killing Fengyang’s friends, Fengyang would come back and die again.
Many Feiyun brothers are stupefied, and a door owner has to obey the arrangement of a brother who was expelled from the sect. Many people envy the little red pants and can’t help but sigh that life is always so sudden and exciting.
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Hand-written novels
Chapter three hundred and sixty-one Brother Sharp
Welcome you to come.
Wu hun
Although Feiyun Gate has done a very strict job in keeping secrets about the human destruction of the people who were expelled from his legacy, the master of the gate is very kind to Xing Fei Yunmen’s brother. Anyone who leaks anything will be expelled from Feiyun Gate for a hundred years.
However, the large-scale construction of Feiyunmen still attracted the attention of many people with a heart, but they got the official reply that the old equipment of Feiyunmen building was aging and the door owners and elders went out to work together to destroy and rebuild it.
Can make people scold their mothers or treat the public as idiots? It’s understandable for you to destroy those ordinary buildings. It’s too embarrassing to destroy the training room and the six-yuan sky.
Star training room, special training room, six yuan days, these landmark buildings of Feiyun Gate, which are all good places for the great growth of the training progress of the younger brother.
These are all built by Feiyun Gate experts who have condensed a generation’s painstaking efforts. The condensed gas array method of the star-rated training room and the special training room alone made the three strong men in Wu Shen set up successfully hundreds of years ago.
Six Yuan Days was set up by the originator of flying Yunmen Mountain, that is, the martial soul strong man, and Feiyun Gate cultivated several strong men with amazing fighting capacity.
For Feiyun Gate, these are non-renewable resources. Without the star-rated training room, special training room and six yuan days, these training places mainly lost Han Yi, the first strong man in the Gulai Empire, who was suspected to be a sect stronger than ordinary sects but weaker than Wan Jianzong.
Now the four disciples of Tianshan are trapped in the dragon world, which can still make some strong people fear the points. However, with the passage of time, several old people of Tianshan have to push their legs and fly to the cloud gate, even if they don’t fall to the point where they can’t afford to wear pants.
"A beautiful woman with one mouth, two steamed buns with two legs, two beautiful women with two mouths, four steamed buns with four legs, three beautiful women with three mouths, one hundred beautiful women with one hundred mouths, two hundred and fifteen steamed buns with two hundred and sixteen steamed buns. Is it two hundred and fifteen or two hundred and sixteen?" Liu Zhe walked all the way and sang all the way, swaggering from the suburbs to the city like a second-rate, and didn’t hesitate to sing all the way. * * Different colors despise others and regard it as a great enjoyment of life.
The more others despise him, the better he will feel.
Liu Zhe is really excellent, so he can’t be jealous in life, such as handsome, kind, kind, honest, smart, helpful, broad-minded, popular and kind. Liu Zheshen … After that, he can’t get away with him. This is shame, * *, fluidity, lewdness and complete hooliganism.
However, Liu Zhe’s life experience is so awesome that the Gulai Empire has never heard of it, but he has one advantage: he is more subtle and low-key, and he doesn’t like to show off his life experience. Every time he goes to a city, he only spends an hour complaining about how poor his family is.
"I’m from the distant mainland of Wu Soul, and the treatment in my family is too miserable. Every day, I have to fly with a wick incense from my bedroom away from the house. I didn’t have acrophobia, but now I’m completely out of acrophobia, and I often can’t catch up with it because of my urgency. * I have to choose the nearest toilet, that is, to solve it on the spot. There are too many servants in my house, and the minister is so beautiful that I always can’t remember who is who. It’s just that I remember Xiao Fang and Xiaowen backwards, so I didn’t let them touch my boobs for three days. Later, my parents strictly forbade me to molest my domestic servants, saying that it was a bad influence. I couldn’t stand such a miserable humanitarian life, so I chose to run away from home, but my father sent bodyguards to be so weak that I could let one. Wu Xian took a few Emperor Wudi to secretly protect me, but I just didn’t live or die. It hurt my self-esteem. Everyone said that I was miserable when I was born in such a family. I grew up lacking calcium and lacked love. My grandmother didn’t hurt my balls every day. "
He knows this passage by heart, and he can say it with his eyes closed. Imagine that if you choose the city’s crowded inn every time you arrive, you can cry about your miserable life without changing words.
However, Ji doesn’t get many letters every time, but he is often regarded as a busker who wants to please the public for some food and small money.
This makes Liu Zhe heartbroken every time.
On this day, Liu Zhe came to Fengjian City, a city within the sphere of influence of Kunshan Sword School. Liu Zhe was very prosperous when he saw the busy people in Fengjian City. He quickly asked around Fengjian City Inn. He felt that this time someone would believe that he was a very low-key person.
His goal is to let the whole world know that he is keeping a low profile.
When looking for the Fengjiancheng Grand Inn, Liu Zhe was suddenly stumbled by a savage. Liu Zhe suddenly jumped up and roared, "Damn it, don’t you dare hit me? Do you know who I am?"
Seeing that he was so arrogant, the foolish man dared Feng Jiancheng to say such arrogant words, or a relative of a big shot of Kunshan Sword Sect quickly asked with trepidation, "Who are you?"
"I won’t tell you to piss you off." Liu Zhe suddenly put away his fierce expression and winked and said, "Bite me, idiot! Bite me!"
"What a disaster it is for me to go out and meet an idiot today." The foolish man saw that idiot skipping away and almost didn’t get stimulated to carry it back in one breath.
"This guy forgot to take medicine when he went out." Passers-by threw a 30-degree slide at Liu Zhe, which was so cute. He despised his eyes one by one, and then he saw Liu Zhe’s heel trip over a stone and sit on his back. He also put on a natural and unrestrained posture and dumped his messy hair, winked at passers-by and his eyebrows kept beating like a seduction.