Qin Zhonghao quickly stopped and raised his hands. Although he was very upset that an open public security chief was scolded by several soldiers, there was no way. This is no joke. If you don’t believe me, you can try it. When the time comes, they will shoot you and you will die in vain!

After Qin Zhonghao stopped moving, the leading marine made a look at a player around him. The player immediately rushed to unload the gun in Qin Zhonghao’s waist holster, then took his police officer’s card and handed it back to the leading marine.
"I’m sorry We are the executive, please understand and cooperate! " The name took the lead in checking the Qin Zhonghao police officer’s card, and then gave a military-like salute to Qin Zhonghao and said.
"Understand that you are also executing orders!" Although Qin Zhonghao was full of dissatisfaction, he raised his hand and gave a military-like salute. He replied with a wry smile, thinking that even if he didn’t understand, what could he do? Even the gun was taken by you!
"Then please ask them to hand over their guns, too. There are regulations that no one is allowed to carry weapons when entering the base!" The marine pointed to Bai Zhongwu and Zhang Yang, and they were bulging and said.
"Come on, guys, hand over your guns. Don’t make it difficult for others. We have to meet people at the airport!" Qin Zhonghao turned to Bai Zhongwu, a few of them said. They turned to Hu Debiao and Yang Feng and saw that they all nodded their heads before handing over the guy in the waist. Then five marines checked five cars respectively, and five people came back to report "Ann …"
Suddenly a gallop braked, and a Toyota overbearing SUV stopped at the gate of the base. After Ke Yong got out of the base with a gun, he asked, "What’s going on?" !” He came to the airport to be on guard, but he was sent by his old man to meet Yang Feng and them.
"Report captain! A group of gunmen came and said they were coming to pick up the chief! " The marine who took the lead saw Ke Yong coming and immediately ran to attention and gave a military-like salute and replied.
"Are you? Still holding a gun, which department are they? " Ke Yong said while walking towards Yang Feng Qin Zhonghao’s side.
"Report captain! It is not clear that they have the public security bureau chief and the vice mayor of seaport city … "The soldier replied truthfully.
"All right, I know. Let’s get everyone out of here. It’s all our own people. Don’t be so greedy!" As soon as Ke Yong heard "the vice mayor of seaport city", he understood that when he came, the master specifically told him to meet the chief, that is, the old chief, Sun, or the hungry vice mayor of seaport city, Yang Feng, that they had met each other, that is, it was ten years ago, or when Ke Yong went to Beijing for a holiday with Ke Datian in June or July, he met Ke Yong and came to Yang Feng with a gun. They saw that young talent in a suit around them. If he didn’t guess wrong, it must be Yang Feng, so he laughed and said excitedly, "Hehe Xiaofeng
"You … are you Yong Ge?" Listen to "Xiao Feng" Yang Feng. Listen to this name. It is so familiar. It seems that I know that I have my own nickname. When I was a child, I came to their house to be a guest. Master Ke Saner knew it and looked at the big man who was as strong as an ox and smiled at himself with a gun. He asked carefully.
"Ha ha, I didn’t expect you to remember elder brother! It seems that when you were a child, your brother helped you fight for nothing! " Keyong a listen to Yang Feng recognized himself and replied with a laugh.
"Ha ha is really brave elder brother! I miss you so much! " Yang Feng shouted and rushed to have a bear hug with Ke Yong! Then the two of them were bored for a while. Yang Feng looked at Ke Yong’s shoulder and patted him on the shoulder with admiration. "Ok, Brother Yong just sat in the school position at the age of thirty. It seems that it is not a problem to hang a fuses iconic on his shoulder before he is forty!"
"Ha ha, there’s your little cow B. In her twenties, she went to seaport, a deputy provincial city, as a vice mayor, and then she became a provincial-level cadre! Young … "Ke Yong also patted Yang Feng shoulder with a smile and said.
"What ah is not master to do let me exercise! By the way, it’s easy for you to come. Brother Yong, my master is coming soon, right? We’re here to pick him up at the master’s command. He didn’t want to make such a big noise, but he didn’t tell the local people that I came here as a brother … "Yang Feng remembered the business and asked quickly.
"I just came to meet you! These are all Xiao Gan brothers? " Ke Yong pointed to Hu Debiao behind Yang Feng, Qin Zhonghao, Bai Zhongwu and others said that when they saw Qin Zhonghao, they quickly stepped forward and said, "Uncle Qin, why are you here?"
"Why can’t I come? It’s because I saved my daughter that I was so seriously injured, and I also wiped out that group of drug dealers. I should have come …" Qin Zhonghao went to shake hands with Ke Yong and replied.
"To save your daughter?" Ke Yong thought that his brother-in-law had too many romantic debts after listening to it. Why did he save beautiful women with one hand? This woman has never seen him save the old lady or anything! Ke Yong chanted while cursing the elder brother who was lying in the hospital bed and fighting the imp.
Yang Feng knows about women, but don’t talk about women. If we talk, we don’t know how many people are looking for us! So Yang Feng hurriedly dozen circle field way "line yong elder brother Qin Shu za now or go to the airport, can’t let master waiting for us! Otherwise, I’ll be scolded again if I’m late! "
"Yeah, let’s hurry Qin Shu! Otherwise, my old man will spare me if I go late! " Be Yang Feng so awake Ke Yong to react quickly said
"What about this gun?" Qin Zhonghao pointed to the pistol confiscated by the Marines and asked
"Ha ha Qin Shu, don’t make it difficult for me. There are regulations in the army that outsiders are not allowed to carry weapons into the military restricted zone. Worse, they are still in a state of first-level alert. But don’t worry, I’ll give you the gun and return it to you later …" Ke Yong replied with a wry smile.
Qin Zhonghao and Hu Debiao Yang Feng looked at each other and nodded and said, "Well, I can’t get in anyway, so let’s go in quickly …" After that, they all got out of the car with Hu Debiao Yang Feng as Ke Yong’s Toyota overbearing army pulled into the West Sea fleet base.
"When I get to the airport for a while, be smart and have a gun, that is, a piece of scrap metal! It’s just a bluff. There’s nothing practical about it! The bodyguard’s duty is to protect the protected person, not to kill people! Without guns, you should perform better and give loyalty hall a long face! " Hu Debiao blunt car Bai Zhongwu Zhang Yang two loyalty hall specially trained players said.
"Don’t worry, my close protection is our brother’s strength, but playing with guns may not be someone else’s opponent!" Zhang Yang replied that Hu Debiao nodded slightly after listening to it, because he saw a medium-sized plane landing at the military airport ahead. If he didn’t guess wrong, it must be the old chief’s turn …
Ke Yong stopped the car at the entrance of the airport and got off. Yang Feng Hu Debiao, Qin Zhonghao and others also stopped the car and came outside the airport to wait. They all watched the galloping runway slowly and slowly. Chapter 35 Good guy!
Good boy!
Ten minutes later, Yang Zhongren’s special plane stopped firmly, and the night searchlight on the apron of the Western Sea Fleet Military Base was particularly artistic. Seeing that the silver-gray medium-sized plane slowly opened the hatch and lowered the red carpet ladder, and then listened to the high-power searchlights on both sides of the apron, the whole apron was illuminated by mercury lights, which was like the light reflected by the aircraft fuselage during the day. This late autumn night added a bit of chill for no reason.
At this time, I have been waiting in the waiting hall, accompanied by Koda Tian Yemi and the officers of the guard military base, and came out to the entrance of the apron. I saw that all the people who greeted me were strange faces except Qin Zhonghao and Yang Feng. His face was angry and arrogant. Everyone looked at Qin Zhonghao and saw that Koda Tian had arrived. He quickly greeted him and said, "Hello, chief!"
"Ha ha, you little Qin, it’s good to talk so powerfully!" Dressed in a uniform, Koda Tian was straight and firm, patted Qin Zhonghao on the shoulder and said with a smile